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Health experts question Pence campaigning as essential work

Is campaigning for vice president essential work? Public health experts say no.

10/26/2020 3:07:00 AM

Is campaigning for vice president essential work? Public health experts say no.

Health policy specialists questioned White House officials' claim that federal rules on essential workers allow Vice President Mike Pence to continue to campaign and not quarantine himself after...

October 25, 2020 GMTFILE - Vice President Mike Pence listens during the vice presidential debate Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, at Kingsbury Hall on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Health policy specialists are questioning Pence’s claim that federal rules on essential workers allow him to continue to campaign and not quarantine himself after exposure to multiple close staffers with COVID-19. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, file)

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FILE - Vice President Mike Pence listens during the vice presidential debate Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, at Kingsbury Hall on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Health policy specialists are questioning Pence’s claim that federal rules on essential workers allow him to continue to campaign and not quarantine himself after exposure to multiple close staffers with COVID-19. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, file)

Health policy specialists questioned White House officials’ claim that federal rules on essential workers allow Vice President Mike Pence to continue to campaign and not quarantine himself after being exposed to the coronavirus.Campaigning is not an official duty that might fall under the guidelines meant to ensure that police, first responders and key transportation and food workers can still perform jobs that cannot be done remotely, the health experts said.

A Pence aide said Sunday that the vice president would continue to work and travel, including for campaigning, after his chief of staff and some other close contacts tested positive. Penceon Sunday and decided to keep traveling after consulting White House medical personnel, his aides said.

ADVERTISEMENTsaid early Sundaythat Short was quarantining.That usually means isolating oneself for 14 days after exposure in case an infection is developing, to prevent spreading the virus to others.Pence was holding a rally Sunday in North Carolina, events in Minnesota and Pennsylvania on Monday and more events in North Carolina and South Carolina on Tuesday. The most recent numbers show COVID-19 cases are rising in 75% of the country.

On Sunday, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien told reporters that Pence “is following all the rules” from federal health officials. He called Pence “an essential worker” and said, “essential workers going out and campaigning and voting are about as essential as things we can do as Americans.”

However, thefrom the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are aimed at folks like police, first responders and key transportation and food workers.The Department of Homeland Security spells out16 categoriesof critical infrastructure workers, including those at military bases, nuclear power sites, courthouses and public works facilities like dams and water plants.

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“I don’t see campaigning on the list,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, vice dean for public health practice at Johns Hopkins University and former Maryland state health department chief. “Anything that does not have to be done in person and anything not related to his job as vice president would not be considered essential.”

ADVERTISEMENTDr. Thomas Tsai, a health policy specialist at Harvard University, agreed.Helping to maintain the function of the executive branch of government could be considered critical work, but “we’ve always historically separated campaigning from official duties,” he said.

Pence also serves as president of the Senate, a largely ceremonial role outlined in the Constitution but one that stands to come into focus Monday.The Senate was expected to vote Monday evening to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Pence’s vote is unlikely to be needed to break a tie, but his presence was expected for the vote.

If Pence’s official work as vice president was considered essential, the CDC guidelines say he should be closely monitored for COVID-19 symptoms, stay at least 6 feet from others and wear a mask “at all times while in the workplace.”Lawrence Gostin, a public health expert at Georgetown University school of law, said Pence’s intention to continue campaigning flouts the spirit of the CDC guidelines.

Sharfstein said Pence “could be putting people at risk” because he’s at high risk of becoming infected.“He should quarantine in order to protect other people,” Sharfstein said.___Associated Press writers Lisa Mascaro and Aamer Madhani contributed from Washington.

___The Associated Press Health and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Science Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content.___This story has been corrected to show that Trump said Short, not Pence, was quarantining.

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Wow, so let's see. We need to test everyone, but when we are testing everyone. OMG we have more positive tests. Goofy logic. The Republican party has 1 priority & it is not this country or everyday Americans. Its serving the top 10% while keeping the other 90% of America tearing each other apart for the scraps. 220,000 dead, millions out of work & 4 yrs of lies. Vote them out.

America Trump & Gop knew Covid19 danger- And Lied- at every Public appearance, Rally, Debate, News conference, Interview, Tweets & Facebook post, About masks, Discredited Doctors, CDC & WHO. 225,000 of us have died Because they lied Life & death is nothing to lie about. Essential pandering and executive ego stroking, not a VP job but Puppet Pence's only purpose.

SethAbramson It's essential to keep Trump out of prison. Buuuutttttt Obama can campaign for an office for which he isn’t even running? no and he's a serial killer - maskless audience(s) infecting/ spreading - he's the grim reaper The least he could have done is self-quarantine for 3 days. He has reckless disregard for his staff and the American family. So much for love one another.

Time to stop looking up to America as a beacon of democracy. That just isn’t the case at the moment. realDonaldTrump; ME MiCHEL J MAiLLET Thinks iT iS Essence CiEL B CACE ME Cert ME FLiGHTS OR ARMY Jets AT ME Boeing & BoeingDefense & ME embraer cert times HAVE 2 FuEL UP iN AiR. The WORK That ME Does; iRVRY BiTTY BiT OV iT 2 ME iS Essential B CACE CiEL iS SKY RAHLawFirm

Not that he is essential, but essential workers have to quarantine after exposure just like everyone else. 'Experts' Liberal CDC That's just stupid, 'public health experts' aren't fighting for their jobs. 226,000 deaths and climbing. Trump lied. People died. Draft dodger. Tax dodger. TRUTH DODGER. Super Spreader. VOTE HIM OUT! 787,000 more file jobless claims this week. 25m unemployed. Don’t live in a cocoon of falsehoods. Trump is a Fear Monger.

“Public Health Experts” 🤣👍🏻 Obviously !!!✔ I’m a federal essential worker who was exposed to someone and cannot return to work for two weeks; even though I tested negative. I am actually needed where I work. If I am or allowed to go to work, then Pence shouldn’t be “working” either Word should spread on this.. ProjectLincoln gtconway3d TheRickWilson reedgalen RadioFreeTom BillKristol MichaelSteele AmbJohnBolton Schwarzenegger

The ones who predicted 2 million deaths? Especially not on the taxpayers dime. But if he doesn't campaign, they can't win. That's why he and the president aren't working...they're campaigning. The swamp comes to dinner! But protesting was clearly essential lmao Hell no. The Vice President is only essential if there is no President. He could stay home and watch TV for all the constitutional duties he owns. PenceSpreadsTheVirus

I'm hoping you don't think you'll ever be president with Trump's stink all over you. Stick a fork in ya, you're done. Criminally negligent comes to mind jpaceDC They do not get to make this decision. Haha! Your partisan slip is showing 🤣 Hell no It really doesn't matter to them. That administration is going to continue doing whatever is in THEIR best interest. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Obey the law and order SethAbramson It is non-essential work. Campaigning during an election is a little late. He should have been doing his job serving the American people for the past 3 & 3/4 years. Momofsmi You know who else says VP is not essential work? The Constitution. And every dude who held the job until Gore.

But protesting is? pro life? going across the country exposing yourself to them? Dumb 💩 So called public health experts are scientists not candidates. On Jan 20 VP will be no longer an essential worker He’s only good for damage control.... He’s a trumpie which means he doesn’t care. Pence will do what his master tells him

Essential work to keep TrumpCrimeFamily out of PRISON!!! Campaigning is freedom of speech. You can’t put a limit on speech Quite possibility the most ridiculous story of the last six months. How do you even imagine this? Wow! dandrezner I'll go one further: is *being* Vice President essential work? Not really.

KimRHolmes2 Pence is suppose to be the one in charge that’s suppose to understand! Pence has to Quarantine! His Boss is spreading the Virus enough! Winning the news cycle! Any way needed! You mean Democrat health people. The same people who said BLM protesters were ok but conservative protests were bad

Oh FFS ... If Biden is elected it’ll be a year before he is in elder care. Get a grip. So Kamala is even less essential, because she’s not even that. Layers of Botox don't make the claim to essential work any more honest either. VPOTUS spreading virus & trumpfiction🐂💩💩 That picture is why Mike Pence isn’t allowed to be alone with a woman he doesn’t call mother.

Is reporting essential work? but it's fine if KamalaHarris is campaigning? Holy crap AP....😂....the reach Well JoeBiden spends so much time in his basement, he’s proving campaigning for president is not an essential job. But protesting, that’s essential work They are part of the package. Not sure it really matters. There presence should be for their candidate.

my fear is that VP Joe Biden will get elected President and he’ll lockdown the country causing more businesses to fail, more people’s livelihoods to be ruined and depression. That’s my fear dandrezner I question Pence as essential anything!!! dandrezner Rules for thee but not for me. PestilencePence 🐎

SethAbramson Okay but since when is this administration known for following health experts? dandrezner Pro life my ass. FakeChristian Believe all scientists Wow. 🤡 nahaltoosi Since when does the chairman of the pandemic task force listen to the health experts? Agreed. He should be quarantining for everyone’s safety.

That’s right! Everyone go home and make the poor people bring you stuff. SethAbramson His other *essential* work. Harris was campaigning outside a polling station. Isn't that illegal? Your a sick propagandist for George Soros He is a big joke neither is the reporting you all do - we can ALL definitely do without it - but they still let you do it

lmao Well I guess Kamala will have to stop campaigning as well then. SethAbramson No no no 😡 Let’s admit it. There is nothing essential about Pence. Definitely Not LoL out here running a smokescreen for Kamala America is in real danger. The deep state is real. Can we trust the puppet (Biden)? Why do we vote the governors and local officials? The vice president did a wonderful job.

terilg Very debatable whether VP is even an essential job itself outside of breaking a tie in the Senate The question is, who would you vote for if you knew the winner of this presidential election would not finish out his term in office? That is exactly what is on my mind. He is as essential as he is moral, VOTE HIM OUT!

uhhhh. is he not trying to get his job?. sounds essential to me What about Harris? I bet they are fine with her. WOW He is not purplesgem This is a big. Super-spreader NO on essential status. SethAbramson NO NO NO NO NO NO VP SUPER SPREADER AND realDonaldTrump TrumpSurrendersToCovid SethAbramson Essential in trying to keep Trump’s presidential-non-indictment privilege.

SethAbramson VP campaigning is not EssentialWork. Him being VP isn’t essential either. Of course not No Lol you guys have lost your minds Didn’t Kamala just go around campaigning after her aides tested positive? Knaves... Stupidest tweet of the year. Must’ve been the 4 yr liberal arts degree that gave you all the critical thinking skills.

No but the Trump Admin’s just going to claim Pence heads the Covid19 task force making him an essential worker! You know the non existent Covid19 task force made up of mostly inexperienced volunteers! The task force that threw out Obama’s pandemic handbook in order to wing it🤦‍♂️😡 He's reckless just like the rest of them

What a shit show this entire administration is. He’s trying to keep his job for four mor years. Kind of like applying for a job but it requires him to be interviewed by the public Worthless news! AP is no longer for the people. Bye. SethAbramson There is nothing essential about Pence. TrumpIsLosing HE IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, NEXT TO NOTHING!!!

I think we're all pretty aware that this administration doesn't care about norms, rules, or laws if they are inconvenient to their needs. SethAbramson Aaaaaaaa It is to make essential workers sick- that’s the connection. SethAbramson Nothing this guy does is essential. Hey, Kamala Harris isolated for 4 days. It is further proof of the obvious, one ticket is ready to lead, the other ticket is ready to be sent home.

Just consider it a protest and then he can’t give it or catch it, works for the left🤷🏻‍♂️ Lol Nope PenceSpreadsTheVirus COVID19 'National Security' can be used to justify any action no matter how ridiculous or immoral. Jesus will protect him Journalisming Vice presidents have ceremonial posts and they are generally not essential, which would make their work and campaign non-essential.

There is literally nothing essential about this man. He needs to pay more attention to Covid-19. It probably is when you and your boss are facing many many years in prison if you lose! Every job is essential He reminds of Dan Quayle. Remember him? Dems DESPERATE to slow down the Trump train! I think he misunderstands what being leader of the pandemic means.

His body his choice. It’s to better future of our country. I say yes, essential work for sure! All read the follow up of Kamala Harris’ essential campaigning outside a polling station Only on Opposite Day. onthefence11 No! When POTUS concluded he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, he decided to take it to another order of magnitude by killing hundreds of thousands on streets all over the United States of America!

AP needs to figure out that we don't believe a word AP says. Hell no! This is incompetence at the highest level!!! They do not care about the American people or all the health care workers saving lives. It is sickening 😪 It doesn't matter as the Pubs have not followed the rules for anything from the get-go so why should we ever expect the reverse?

I say no. As yourself, Can I get by with hearing from the VP? My answer is yes, so there fore he is not essential. Can I get by without a RN or Doc? No they are essential It’s essential to expose how ridiculous the media is. BREAKING: According to sources in the administration that wish to remain unnamed, Vice President Pence’s fly has been transported to Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Bethesda , MD. DEVELOPING

Is a total offense to essential Healthcare and Food sector workers from Pence, to consider that going to super spreaders events to push misinformation is 'essential'. Trump and Pence are the same type of shameless. Did Something Happen to Joe Biden? via YouTube When they come out with crap like this. You know Pence is doing some harm to the democrats

Public Health 'Experts' are wrong...

Health experts raise concerns about Pence events after aides test positive for CovidOne expert said Pence 'could be putting people at risk' because he’s at high risk of becoming infected. Tell the health experts the VP is tested daily. Lessons not learned? an he kept it quiet, didn't want anyone to know at election time pence is so weird

Promoting equity and community health in the COVID-19 pandemic - Harvard Health BlogAt one Boston health care system a range of initiatives aimed at improving health care equity were launched as the pandemic swept forward last spring, taking a disproportionate toll on communities of color. Building on this could prove key as the virus resurges this winter.

CNN's Jake Tapper presses White House chief of staff after top Pence aides test positive for coronavirusCNN anchor Jake Tapper grilled White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Sunday, hours after it was revealed that top aides to Vice President Mike Pence tested positive for the coronavirus. Czar Trumpski desperate for someone or something to BLAME after American citizens voting to DTHRONE FAKE Royal family The White House is now a cesspool of infection in addition to their lack of ethics and morals. You shouldn’t take your children there.

Pence aide tests positive for coronavirus, spokesman saysMarc Short, the chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, a spokesman for the vice president said on Saturday. Also extremely ugly. Big question is are they sick/have symptoms? Recently had 3 friends test positive at work as they had had exposure to a positive co-worker. All 3 remained asymptotic for 14 days and are back at work.

Several Pence aides, including chief of staff Marc Short, test positive for coronavirusAnother aide to Vice President Pence has been diagnosed with Covid-19, marking at least three in his orbit to test positive in recent days GOOD The leader of the national task force and he does not intend to quarantine or even wear a mask. And the WH wanted to conceal this. That’s the mark of the poor leadership from this Admin. Vote like your life depends on it on Defeat Day. It's pretty bad when the head cheese of the Coronavirus Task force cant even keep the virus under control and stop from spreading within his orbit... Turning that corner is a real Biootch

Mike Pence will not quarantine after four aides test positive for coronavirusVice President Mike Pence will not quarantine himself despite two of his top aides testing positive for Covid-19, his office said. Super Spreader Junior Can this lying administration be any more Orwellian?