Health, He Was Shot And Paralyzed. Now He İs Living His Best Life İn A Wheelchair. - Cnn

Health, He Was Shot And Paralyzed. Now He İs Living His Best Life İn A Wheelchair. - Cnn

He was shot and paralyzed. Now he is living his best life.

He was shot and paralyzed. Now he's living his best life in a wheelchair.

9/12/2019 6:50:00 PM

He was shot and paralyzed. Now he's living his best life in a wheelchair.

Wesley Hamilton says his life changed for the better after he was shot and paralyzed. Today, he is a community activist and adaptive athlete who founded the non-profit organization, Disabled But Not Really

Wesley Hamilton remembers every moment of what happened on January 14, 2012. Two bullets tore into his abdomen. Panic rushed through his veins; regret flooded his mind."I had literally just got sole custody of my daughter. So, at this point, I wanted to be a better man," says Hamilton."As I dropped to the ground, I was thinking, 'This is how life is gonna end, when I'm trying to do more for my little girl. Now I have no opportunity to do it.'"New fatherWesley Hamilton spent his early years hanging out on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.When Hamilton was younger, he spent most of his time hanging out on the block, making bad choices and blending with the crowds.Read MoreBut at 22, with the birth of his child Navaeh, he turned his life around. The new father got a full-time job and walked away from toxic relationships. "I changed my lifestyle for the better to be the best parent I thought I could be," Hamilton recalls. Two years later, outside an apartment building in Grandview, Missouri, those two gunshots changed everything. "I started to step up to do something different. And this (being shot) was the reward I get for trying to do the right thing," says Hamilton.Darkest moments Dr. Sanjay Gupta introduces you to people who have overcome medical challenges and, by following their passions, have made bold changes in their lives.

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bobbyberk DISABLED BUT NOT REALLY WE STAN WES! I like how they fixed his beard on QueerEye to make it less scraggly and more uniform and strong. He seemed very genuine about rebuilding his life. The moment where he and his shooter meet and talk is super powerful. Go man go. You got this. Touching story... I have learnt something from reading this...thanks

ChrisCuomo Uh I’m pretty sure his best life involved not being paralyzed u fuckin jerkoffs

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