HBO Max Subscriber Update: AT&T

HBO Max now reaches 37.665 million total subscribers, including 17.2 million activated users. Details:

1/27/2021 3:01:00 PM

HBO Max now reaches 37.665 million total subscribers, including 17.2 million activated users. Details:

WarnerMedia's HBO Max streaming service has provided an updated on its activated users and total subscribers.

In early December,AT&T CEO John Stankeythat the streamer was nearing 12.6 million activated users. He also argued that WarnerMedia's decision to bring its 2021 Warner Bros. film slate to the streaming service and cinemas could"accelerate that further" and allow the firm to"penetrate the market faster."

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For HBO Max, AT&T breaks out activations, because consumers can not only get the streaming service directly from WarnerMedia, but also as an upgrade to their existing HBO subscriptions via their pay TV providers. That, however, requires them to download the HBO Max app on their smart TVs or other devices. The same is true for customers on AT&T's Unlimited wireless and fiber broadband plans."Activations" count the people who download, or"activate," the HBO Max app.

On the earnings call, analysts will look out for color commentary from management. One AT&T executive earlier in January said"we are pleased with what’s going on with engagement" by HBO Max users and"the response from our customers."

Bernstein analyst Peter Supino in his earnings preview also discussed HBO Max."Investors reacted well to the announcement that the company would be releasing its 2021 movie slate direct to consumers via their HBO Max platform," he wrote."This should drive incremental subs to the platform, but we are still concerned about HBO Max's scale relative to streaming's leaders."

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Blockbuster.. And hbomax is the game changer giant A whole army of subscribers quit HBO when Thrones ended. Now that viewers saw WW and didn't like it, they're going to lose more. That's why Warner is freaking out and bringing back Potter and the Sopranos, and retooling Thrones again. 😎 😎 😎 😎 👍👍👍

BleakSolo Ok HboMax InsideHBOMax quality content InsideHBOMax What the heck is an “activated” subscriber?… WW84 drove HBO Max up 5 million subscribers apparently. GraceRandolph was this forecast before or after they moved all their upcoming feature films onto that online platform? Not bad. Will continue to grow with their release strat this year.

HBO is great! too bad the movie was shit Not gone lie HBO max is a good streaming service better than Netflix if u ask me Yep they're ahead of there plans and that is Enough 👏👏👏👏❤️ minha dona carregando esse streaming nas costas 20 million people can simply log-in and start streaming but for some reason aren’t? It an awareness issue or an interest issue? Maybe a little of both?

COME IN EUROPE PLS hbomax Yeah these are terrible numbers compared to what other streamers like Disney+ gained in less than a year and what Netflix has been gaining for the past few months. This is why WB has a hybrid release strategy for their upcoming films; it's out of desperation for more subscribers.

Can we stop with the '37m subs but 17m have activated' crap? It has 17.2m subs, just call it what it is. So it only jumped from 12m to 17.2m even with Roku, Firestick, WW84, and the WB slate announcement. Definitely thought it would have at least surpassed 20m by now. They reached 37 million from the 28 million they received back in September. Not a huge jump considering the numbers Disney+ has and what Netflix continues to get; HBO Max needs to do alot better if it wants to stay relevant in the streaming wars.

ZackSnydersJusticeLeage will bring in million more, calling it Awww that's cute. Half activations is so bad! my gosh it is so fortunate for Disney that they don't have to force their users to activate their Disney plus subscriptions! I'm very glad that Disney doesn't have a pay cable to get in the way? But I guess we have hulu in our way...

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