At&T, Fourth Quarter Earnings, Hbo Max, Streaming, Wonder Woman 1984

At&T, Fourth Quarter Earnings

HBO Max Activations Double In Q4 To 17.2M, Driven By ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

HBO Max Activations Double In Q4 To 17.2M, Driven By ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

1/27/2021 3:07:00 PM

HBO Max Activations Double In Q4 To 17.2M, Driven By ‘ Wonder Woman 1984

AT&T said the number of activated HBO Max accounts doubled in the fourth quarter to 17.2 million compared with the third quarter, partly due to the release of Wonder Woman 1984 . The number of o…

.The number of overall domestic subscriptions to both regular HBO and HBO Max reached 41 million, which the company said was two years ahead of its initial forecasts. Ahead of the May 2020 debut of HBO Max, AT&T said its five-year goal was to get 50 million total U.S. subscribers, 75 million to 90 million globally.

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While HBO Max costs $15 a month for direct retail subscribers, existing HBO subscribers are entitled to activate their subscriptions at no extra cost. AT&T struggled in the early going with those conversions, but went all-in on theservice by putting Warner Bros movie releases on the platform at the same time they reach theaters.

The streaming news highlighted quarterly results that exceeded Wall Street forecasts, though they declined from year-earlier levels.Earnings per share came in at 75 cents, compared with 89 cents in the same period in 2019, with revenue of $45.7 billion falling from $46.8 billion.

Revenue at WarnerMedia dropped almost 10% from a year ago to $8.6 billion. AT&T estimated its TV and film revenue took a $1.6 billion hit in the quarter.Pay-TV subscriptions continued to slide, with 617,000 video customers lost in the quarter, though broadband growth offset the declines, as it has done in recent years.

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People saying this is bad are dumb I would love to know how studios account for streaming revenues pertaining to specific projects. How do they weed out the activations that would have occurred without big ticket movies? I will pirate every wbpictures movie but i will not pay for HBOMax Bet they were disappointed

wig now vote They'll enjoy it for this year that's for sure, but currently their only solid win in 2022 is House of the Dragon. For every of these 17 releases (including WW84), they're intentionally putting them on the service for 31 days so everyone will have to subscribe for the whole year. was it possibly from HBO max finally getting on Roku?

considering the incredible amount of content they have and how many subscribers D+ managed to get in a similar period of time - it's not a lot. Wonder Woman was atrocious .. Good for HBO Max and AT&T, Not Good for Warner Bros