Josh Hawley Defends Opposition To Every Biden Cabinet Nominee: 'I Take Them One At A Time' - Cnnpol

Josh Hawley Defends Opposition To Every Biden Cabinet Nominee: 'I Take Them One At A Time' - Cnnpol

Hawley defends opposition to every Biden Cabinet nominee: 'I take them one at a time'

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3/2/2021 6:10:00 AM

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley defended being the only US senator to oppose every one of President Biden's Cabinet nominees, insisting that he evaluates each pick individually

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History will not be kind to you No. He's trying to make points. But he'll never be president. It's for nothing. I will donate to his next political opponents campaign. It’s best for cnn to boycott any type of media coverage about this guy and right him off Fakenewsmedia DJT opened out eye y'all dem 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Estupido Keep that picture posted. It shows the real size of Donald Trump dick, permanently emboldened on Hawley's lips. Loser🤡 He is no good for the country. He has to go. First class dick. Get rid of him Yeah right!!!! Pwe!!!! This guy is a good example of a populist politician. Nothing sticks.Nothing is worth resigning for. Funny how it actually works. No scandal will be remembered for more that 2 weeks

Организации в которые могли бы обращатся граждане имеющие 1 и более высших образований, которые были что ли репресированы в наше демократическое время, те кто стал 'гоем', на своей родине, и желает покинуть страну, работать по квалификации или др. новой специальности и т.д. Изучением человеческих возможностей, (что что нацисты делали в одном из проектов со своими подготовленными людьми, сказал что фсб и мвд, и др. не предали огласки т.к. их исследование было не для судей, вот так сказал он., вы бывыщли с инициативой в белый дом создать организации

Стал втянут в шпионские дела; вероятно наруку, один врач мне рассказал историю похожую с тем одна группа сошедших с ума хозяев-владельцев домов на Невском пр., возомнила что они создатели обществ, усыпляли людей постояльцев, и вводили в гипнотическое состояние, занимались map map, beo beo............xau nhung bit phan dau^^

Опасатся РЦП как то что к жизни и человеку имеют отдаленное отношение, и как и др. озадачены панелью людей там, где нет природы, есть то что Вас ломает и строит под себя, панель их задача, сказав вам что вы не оканчивали высшее уч.,учреждение, предоставив вам выбор специальностей (грузчика, оператора,кладовщика),просто даже и не думать о стране которая порадила в Вас мину,изнасиловав и унизив,после переезда не давать ментальным ключам выстраивать тропы резедентуру

Транс корпорациями и их дочерними предприятиями,я Убежден что Всех или большую часть стран которые когда либо созидали, умело, профессионально проапирировали, изменили Пол на измененный носитель и спокойно как ОнкоБольной гражданин Британии создали 50 колоний в мире,примерно так A hole Congratulations! You may actually have out-assholed Cruz!

He’s an idiot! I bet he has a Q on shirt. Dum as a post ! Little man, little mind, little .... This guys an idiot Oh sure, follower of the cult idiot Hawley is worthless to any American who value America, our Constitution & Democracy. He thinks his powerful senate position is guaranteed. We will never forget 01/06/21 and Hawley’s part in his attempt to change our democracy & the disrespect he has for voter’s rights.

Just another Republican politician with hate in his mind Air between his ears ! (D) (R) That’s it. That’s how he evaluates. Hey America! Are you embarrassed yet? Out with Josh... FUCK Senator Hawley!!! He is a White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Racist vile sack of SHIT! Pathetic man child!! Pfffff... You are what you are

Josh should go check if the chickens are peeing! Not anything to be proud of !! Another traitor of America and her people. Ask for his criteria if he’s ‘evaluating each ndividially’ Tên nô sn 98 đang đi học tại tp.đẵng , gương mặt điển trai, da trắng I'm sure he's telling the truth; he evaluated each one individually, by how much Cheeto would approve.

He’s not for unity anytime soon. Can he b pulled off Senate? Trouble... Charlatan. Take a look in the mirror first This guys needs to be voted out.. First item on the evaluation list: Does the individual support treasonous seditious attacks on the Capitol to subvert the constitutional order and keep the LOSING president in power against the majority’s will?

How is this confederate still hold a seat He should be in Gitmo How do these fools exist Considering his voting record, I believe the correct term is obstructionalist. Lies like a dog, how is this helping bipartisanship, just another loser we need to vote out riiight We have to change how we see mental illness.. mental illness is white supremacy.. to deny human rights to the same as one has.. is mental illness

From the man who go 0% support in the CPAC Survey He's such an ugly boy Too bad no one evaluated HIM for having NOTHING between his ears!!! Where your so called reporting on Governor Cuomo , no special report by Chris in his basement. He’s just opposing them to be an obstruction in any way he can be they are garbage picks....

This seems like a good time to remind everyone about the 14th amendment for section 3 Seditionist He is the poster child for all racists. He also throws a tantrum like they do because they want to be relevant we don't pay you to be an idiot, do your job! or resign HawleyResign HawleyHatesAmerica GOPCowards GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPSeditiousTraitors hawleyisadisgrace

He taking a page out of the Donald Trump play book. Lie,lie,lie and more lies. He wanna know who your dog is! what’s the name of your cat, how long you had your furniture in your house! what kind of car you drive nhahhshshshshdhshshs Republican and democrat need to stop that back and forth nonsense and deliver to the American people that voted them in. This getting ridiculous especially this moron hawley.

hawley is such a liar You mean asked him 1 million questions Capricorn !get the fuck out of here.........Don’t make his job easier for him don’t say anything to that Capricorn !don’t say anything! Count it his vote and let him become another footnote in history. When opposition to something is really important his name on the list will be meaningless. Sort of like crying wolf.

He’s grandstanding for attention, and everyone is giving it to him. Surely his state can do better than this POS. Karma will get him 😉 it ALWAYS does 💪🇺🇸 As we will evaluate him if the time comes... 14th Amendment section 3 Hawley!!! Toxic Republican ! Bullshit He needs to evaluate his dam self first hawley is a joke with no credibility.......

If he was really concerned about his constituents he would resign. All I keep hearing is his constituents are sorry they voted for him. Yawn we got the numbers No and even its former teacher who taught him and cruz at Harvard saud these guys are n embarrassment and still didn't learn congressional history correctly

Petty little boy! This guy sucks. A lot. That is ur job if u feel insecure with the nominees If only the GQP's base understood that their elected officials think they're morons. What kind of clown is he ? This guy actually got voted in. You should feel very ashamed. Assjack. White privileged at its best, never held accountable for laying about voter fraud or inciting Capitol insurrection. 🤔Is it really equal justice system for all in America?

The look at me look at me defense? Likelihood of this being a true statement? Zero LiarHawley And you bet he would have voted for every Trump cabinet nominee. Political hack. He’s right to oppose them all. The same dude that has ambition for President? C'mon, how are you going to get people crossover to your camp if you keep acting this way?

This is the guy who opposed Bidens certification, fist pumped the baying crowd on January 6th, and the list is endless. Why are we not surprised by this right wing fascist. Ha, ha, maybe he think being against all Biden’s cabinets , policies and governance will make him a better senator for MO.HawleyMO .wrong!

Keep disgracing yourself Josh. Get rid of this asshole! JUST AN IDIOT 😄 Well, you know you can't fix stupid right😳😄 What’s the problem? This is democracy isn’t it? Remember the last 4 years? FuckCNN Lock him up. He is ugly Biden promised bi partisanship and he’s not putting up any white supremacists for Hawley to vote for.

SalzenBart Josh kid Hitler Hawley is a hateful little 💩 SenSchumer Hawley attempted to overthrow the results of the election. He should not be seated in the Senate. Scummy BenedictHawley CATERVAFULERAalo PATRIARCA PROSIGUE DEPREDACIÓN DEL ERARIO E INSTITUCIONALIDAD MEXICANA INCITA A ALCALDE JUSTINIANI A ROMPER ESTABILIDAD EMPRESARIAL ¡JUICIO y CASTIGO!.¡FUERA CATERVA E IMPRESENTABLES SUDAMERICANOS DEL PAÍS! BBCAP DW LeFigaroBourse Canada WorldBank

This guy is high on his own supply Jesus Christ himself could be nominated for a cabinet position and Hawley would still vote against him. Damn...he finally looks right in this a monkey... Hawley is proof that a person can actually be born an Asshole! Shame He is truly a sick man and should be recalled. The tragedy is he is taking up space, a place where a constructive, thinking person could be a benefit to constituates.

If Biden proposed jesus Hawley would oppose him.🇬🇧 Why? There are 99 other Senators, why does he get to do the special custom evaluation? If he wants to ask questions, there's a hearing for that. If he wants background info, that's available. He's like a child who wants extra time on the test because he slept through the start.

Really? Probably he evaluation like this: They obviously don't rise to his standards of fascism. Maybe he’s just being a whiny b. howappealing 'Can I help it if everyone he's put forward so far is a Democrat?' Very ignorant without responsibility to his job’ Hawley is anti everything. No chance for future advances as cpac poll had Hawley at only 3% approval. He thinks by voting against he will stand out. Lol he will stand alone as his constituents have started picking his replacement

He is a loser! Which Q is he? Yeah... I think he is just being a douche So... Hawley is the only republican to act like a Democrat... Can't expect anything less from a racist, bigot, chauvinist and an overall nazi like HawleyMO Democracy works when there's an elected party and there's an opposition party to provide robust checks & balances to keep a government in line. In the US there's an elected party, but instead of an opposition party they've got a rough & tumble melee just looking for a fight.

🙏 He wants to show his presence & planning for next elections as President candidate 😎🙏 Smart ass and brown-noser 🤑 Why Missouri is the capitol of bigotry. recallhawley Drama Queen Josh Defended? Excused. GOPSeditiousTraitors GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPCorruptionOverCountry SeditionHasConsequences He’s opposed all of them.

How about just 'Senator Josh Hawley'? Hmm? Has ANYONE NOTICED that republican hasn't played by ANY, RULES, LAWS, PRECEDENT, TRADITION, CONSTITUTION........, in years, if ever, unless you include, LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, SUPPRESS....... In other words they must be white men, preferably with a little conservative tendencies.

And his raised clinched fist 🤛🏼 That dude is beyond petty I swear Republicans wake up thinking how they can be an even bigger piece of shit today than they were yesterday....... Emotionally immature and unfit to be American senator behavior mimics childish behavior. Bullshit Attention seeking nobody. Believes in nothing but self promotion.

Lie. This Senator's an obstructionist. Hawley it's not relevant and will never ever be president I wonder what his parents did to raise such a miserable human. SenHawleyPress I am born and raised in Missouri. I have NEVER been more disgusted with a politician in my life. 100% PURE DOUCHE BAG!! LOL HawleyMO UR A NOBODY, DICK🖕

What a scream. Sure he does, of course he does... his evaluation includes one, single question.... are they a democrat? If yes, vote against them. If no, vote for them. Bias Now that the people in his state know they voted in an asshole, what are they going to do? Hmmm... I wonder I see why he lost his book contract

How to fuck up your career 101 Sad person to be on the Senate. You can tell that he and those are from the 'Show me' state as he is REALLY showing you all what an ass he is, part of the GOPWeenie movement. Why hasn’t Hawley been arrested yet for treason and sedition? Pull the other one, Josh. UNSEAT HIM!

His own professor is ashamed on what is he doing. He already sold his soul to You know who. Racist Yes most reps end up blocking every thing for the people thats just there way but we ok with it just knot your self out 😂 And what does that tell you ? He’s spiteful and revengeful! Hawley's a dope. What he means is that he individually hates America, individually refuses to do his job and should therefore individually resign.

Hey SenHawleyPress you are the laughing stock of America I wonder if he’s trying to compete with me on who loves Trump more. I hope I don’t have competition.... I don't think even a psychiatrist could help Hawley's twisted mind! His words and actions mimic Trump, who's actions are delusional!! He evaluates the President’s Cabinet nominees, politically.

I see cancel Culture exist in the republican party too He wants approval from his daddy trump. whatanass 😂😂😂😂 And from a centrist Democratic President. I think he's too young and dumb to understand the purpose of the Senate and how a President needs to operate. Frankly, the whole Senate confirmation process for the Cabinet is pretty silly. This has never been as evident because Trump

He needs to borrow Trumps self tanner, not his playbook. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 He's an idiot. Sorry can't form a more intelligent reply. Every time I see or hear his name, my IQ drops. And he's polling at zero. Nice work, josh. ExpelJoshHawley the only thing HawleyMO “evaluates” closely is his hair Asshole Anonymous are he

He is obviously kissing tRumps rump instead of what is best for the people of the state he was elected from but doesn’t live in🤣 Hawley is a very immature man. He is play-acting as a Senator. Maybe his grandstanding approach to duty as a sincere evaluator of cabinet candidates indicates his incapacity for the job or maybe it takes too much time from mirror-gazing.

Hawley's just jealous. Now he draws attention with his 'look at me, look at me' nonsense. Well he's a liar so... I gotta picture of his face on my poodles hump pillow. Who did Seditionist Ted Cruz approve? Hawley is setting himself up to be part of the Fascist government, he wants the part of personal entertainment to amuse trump, till trump throws him under the bus for not being funny enough.

He's the newest far right toddler. he is part of a group of GOP senators who are clearly auditioning for trump VP slot 2024 spoiler: no he doesn't. He's a seditionist who inspired an insurrection. Hahaha oh I’m sure he really “studies” their resumes as he surfs QAnon and white supremacy websites! 😆😆😆 This guy needs to be gone. He is one of the enablers of insurrection of the Capitol on January 6th.

Sue him lads.. Seriously why has he not been thrown out of the Senate? Lmao We oppose his existence in the Senate donkey face terrorist Hahahaha, another clown's joke LMFAOOOOO individually?! Who does this guy really think he is? It’s true. He determines what will make him the biggest asshole and votes accordingly.

And this guy was elected. You all must be so proud I'm afraid the state he comes from has some awlful morons to vote for him. In fact the state is MO... howappealing He doesn’t even care to live in Mo but has an office here? How’s that work? A$$HOLE HawleyMO Hard to see anything clearly when your head is up an ex President’s ass!

HawleyMO is a bitch This dude is such an ahole. And then decides “Biden picked him, no” 😩 HawleyMO The NO man except for insurrectionist where he supports the killers at the Capitol. Someone should tell CNN another woman came forward accusing Cuomo... He’s grandstanding instead of serving our country. He needs to be voted out as soon as possible.

I see this guy having charges brought against him for a past “situation “!?!?! Hawley was raised by blind wolves.🇵🇷 He's a fucking whack job. So not surprised. A flat out TOOL! The media needs to stop giving this guy free exposure! He is trying to make a name off of other’s coattails! LIAR He and ass. He still believes Trump won election.

I TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY believe that HawleyMO, if you didn’t think the election was “stolen”, why did you keep Congress up all night to object to other states EC votes? Also, you don’t know the people of Missouri. You are just showboating and being obstinate on the well qualified nominees. No to Merrick Garland?

what that man could achieve the last time I saw that achieved that was world war II we all got pulled into but it also is what made this country what it is today we band together and we helped where is that style of banding together with both parties and helping to save thepeople He can't evaluate, that he is making a supreme ass of himself, as usual. Crying to be noticed.... so weak, and insecure.

Shame on all Republicans that think that that is the right to do we have been put down and we are the people and we stood and spoke and you still didn't give Justice you didn't give nothing you became cowards just to kiss the Ring shame on all of you Republicans should learn from He is terribly cocky for someone still wet behind the ears. He’s unseasoned wood, putting out a lot of smoke. Can’t wait until someone burns his inexperienced behind

No you want to make this President turn around and not exceed so that you can prove to a man who was evil despicable and reminded me of an evil man that we had to put up with in world war II people died for that it would never happen again but would rather have Mr Trump shame u Yep...sure he does. Unless there is an R by their name.

Senator Hawley your reputation and integrity is already in jeopardy if you keep riding on the back of Trump He is such a 🤡. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥. Bull chips. Of Course Hawley Voted Against The New Cabinet.......HE IS A RACIST.....JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY........ I think Josh is clueless and is just trying to emulate the worse of Republicans.

This dude is trash Proud of Senator Hawley 🇺🇸 And I’m assuming he voted yes on all of 45’s nominees?... at least the ones who were actually nominated and not just ‘acting’ Retaliatory strike better known as tantrum. This is why Hawleys is always full of Sh_t. So....who pays his salary? Right, all tax payers... All of them.

They don’t like him, either. He is not even good for Missouri let alone the senate. This guy is a douche. Just sayin... Republican Sen. Josh Hawley can't squat 405. These headlines are hilarious. All that work for 3% of the CPAC vote . HawleyMO SenHawleyPress so every single nomination has not been qualified? What would it take for you to vote yes? Is there some special qualification they have to have or is it your loyalty to Donald Trump the reason. ACB got confirmed with ease because it's what DJT wanted.

Ironically he’s the only Senate Republican to support the $15 minimum wage hike Let me think... Who would be stupid enough to believe that? 🤔🤔🤔 (Insert Jeopardy theme music) I'VE GOT IT!!! This guy thinks Trump won the election... his thinking has a few flaws🤡 Don’t care. Josh howley, f*** this piece of s***

Radical racist insurrectionist, should be tossed out. Future looking bleak on his own doing Not only does Josh LOOK like a long-faced ass, but he performs like one, too. Hey Fraud Boy, why do you live in Virginia but vote from your sister's house in Missouri? Josh only supports liars, sexual predators and insurrectionists! An elitist, he’s Ivy League grad who pretends he’s fighting for the little guy while he protects the rich and big business. JoshHawleyisafraud

Expel Cruz and Hawley So lucky I’m not a senator. I’d be petty as fuck. So.... about this “unity” thing? Yeah.... right! pest