Movies, A-Slate-İnvestigation

Movies, A-Slate-İnvestigation

Has Chris Pratt Even Played Super Mario Bros.?: A Slate Investigation

He’s never said he owns a Nintendo console … but he’s never said he hasn’t.

9/26/2021 10:11:00 AM

He’s never said he owns a Nintendo console … but he’s never said he hasn’t.

The evidence includes a wishing well in Washington state and a photo from 2004.

Super Mario Bros., the original arcade game,” he says. “Oh, I loved that game.” He shifts his eyes upward, miming a look of nostalgia. He goes on to say that, despite loving that game, “I never had a quarter” to play it. He then goes on to recall stealing money from a wishing well to play the game (at which point this investigation may have well called it quits, but we’ll continue).

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AdvertisementHe ends his video by saying: “I’m really excited to announce that I’m gonna be the voice of that video game that I dreamed about playing as a kid. Dreamscometrue.” Hold up, Pratt. In this slightly mangled bit of syntax, does dreaming about playing the game mean you … didn’t actually play it? Except maybe once with a stolen quarter? Did you otherwise look longingly at people who did play it and perhaps refused to let you join in as Luigi in two-player mode? The arcade version of

Super Mario Bros., it turns out, existed for a few short years leading up to 1990. Is it possible there was one in a laundromat in Lake Stevens, Washington? Sure! But given the strangeness of his phrasing, the shiftiness of the way he looks up, it all smells a little

.AdvertisementSo I then turned to trying to find out what, if any, relationship Pratt has to video games in general. In the plus column, he’s provided the voice for characters in a handful of games, notably those based onThe Lego Movie. Check. Way back in 2012, he was featured in a commercial for the Xbox 360 game

Kinect Star Wars, when he was known as the dopey dude fromParks and Recreation. Check. (For the record, that motion-tracking game was super goofy.)AdvertisementOnce, in a red carpet interview, Pratt was asked what kind of video game hisParks and Reccharacter, Andy Dwyer, would create. His answer was a

Guitar Herothat gets you drunk, which does make sense for Andy, but adds little to Pratt’s gaming bona fides. Everyone knows Read more: Slate »

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Too many double negatives. Is this poorly written on purpose?

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