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6/14/2021 9:00:00 PM

You can reduce age-related bone loss by starting an exercise program designed to bolster your bone strength. But what are the ideal exercises for bone health? HarvardHealth exercise osteoporosis

Exercises for Bone StrengthENROLL NOWAre your bones strong enough? End the wonder. And end the worry!This new course from Publishing will show you to how build greater bone strength, add bone density, and enjoy the security that vibrant bone health brings!

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ENROLL NOWAs kids, we didn’t fear a broken bone. In fact, it might have meant a day off school, extra ice cream and friends eager to sign our cast.As adults, our broken bones are more serious. Recovery can be slow. A hip fracture can jeopardize both your mobility and longevity.

The good news is you can prevent bone loss, osteoporosis, and the likelihood of a broken bone. This course can help you make that happen.Here’s why. And, here’s how!Why exercise? Despite their appearance, your bones are living tissue. Bone is constantly being constructed and replaced. And just as with your heart or your muscles, your bones can be strengthened and fortified with exercise. headtopics.com

In this instructive and informative new course, Harvard doctors and top fitness trainers share 60 exercises that will help men and women achieve greater bone strength. These exercises will build essential skeletal fitness, halt bone loss, and increase your bones’ resilience and resistance to a fracture.

Effective exercises for bone strength have one or more of six attributes: they offer resistance, are weight-bearing, provide impact, are higher-velocity, offer change of direction, and help improve balance.So what are the ideal exercises for bone? That’s what you’ll learn, master, and most of all, benefit from in this new course!

Exercises for Bone Strength is designed foryourENROLL NOWIn this course, experienced instructors demonstrate each exercise. They illustrate the proper form, posture, tempo, and movement to assure that you get the most from each exercise. Want to see it again? Just click. One more time? Click again. How about tomorrow? Ready and waiting!

You’ll find it’s easy to maintain your motivation and commitment. The exercises will never be a bore or a chore. Our 60 exercises are incorporated into seven different workouts. Each workout will take no more than 30 minutes of your time. And you don’t need gyms, groups, or fancy gear. headtopics.com

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You’ll be introduced to two crafted and dynamic full-body strength workouts. You’ll find three cardio routines that reinforce bones and amp up fitness. You’ll discover five exercises that actually shock bones into becoming stronger...yoga poses for balance...8 bonus stretches...and more.

You’ll learn from the best and you’ll put your worries about your bones to rest!Here’s what makes this course so special. These exercises have proven their effectiveness. Developed by Harvard physicians trained in musculo-skeletal medicine and taught by Certified Fitness Instructors, these exercises will maximize bone strengthening while minimizing the risk of injury.

The workouts will not only reinforce your bones’ strength, they will contribute to a measurable increase in bone density in as little as six weeks. Innovative resistance exercises will challenge your muscles and enhance the stability which can reduce fractures by cutting down on falls.

ENROLL NOWYou’ll learn the best sports for stronger bones...the benefits of tai chi...when to have a bone scan...and 5 osteoporosis risk factors you can control.The consequences of a broken bone or fractured hip can be lasting and life-altering. Today, half of all women older than 50, and up to one in four men, will break a bone because of osteoporosis. headtopics.com

You don’t have to be one of them.You can have a future unclouded with the prospect of bone loss and osteoporosis. You can achieve and maintain vital bone density and vibrant bone strength.Give your bones the care they need to be their healthiest. You can make the right moves. This course will show you how!

Enjoy the peace-of-mind great bone health brings! Enroll inExercises for Bone StrengthFrom Harvard Medical School,Exercises for Bone Strengthis filled with authoritative guidance you can trust — and can use. It is quite literally, instruction with impact! It is direction that will make a lasting difference.

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This course is an “action-packed” opportunity for you to have the sturdy, strong, and healthy bones you want and deserve. It is an engaging, multi-faceted learning package that will hold your interest and reward your time. Invest in yourself! Enroll in

Exercises for Bone StrengthA course that will fit your schedule and exceed your expectations!Get information you can use from a source you can trustLearn from leading orthopedic doctors and fitness experts where and when it’s convenient for youWatch, work out, and watch and work out again as often as you want

Share the learning experience with your spouse and loved onesIncludes downloadable charts informative slide presentations, video demonstrations, a resource library, and more!ENROLL NOWTake the steps that will put bone loss behind you. Gain the “inner strength” of sound bone health with this empowering new course!

This course will show you how to have the strong bones you need for a lifetime of active living. Sections include...Bone Basics...two types of bone tissue...life cycle of bone...three essential ways to strengthen bonesExercise and bones...The muscle-bone connection...power of gravity...halting fractures...best exercises.

Designing Your Program...injury prevention...gearing up...posture and alignment...bone density tests...warm-up/cool-down...stretches. Read more: Harvard Health »

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