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6/10/2021 11:00:00 PM

Positive emotions are linked with better health, longer life, and greater well-being. The Positive Psychology Course from HarvardHealth will teach you strategies to help boost your long-term happiness and inner strength:

But simply choosing happiness doesn’t always make it so.Many times, you can’t simply force a smile and make believe that everything is coming up roses.Thankfully, there are much more effective ways, based squarely on research-proven Positive Psychology strategies and concrete techniques that can help you deal effectively with life’s challenges and attain long-term happiness.

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That’s why the health experts at Harvard Medical School have created the all-newPositive Psychology Course— the exclusive interactive resource that helps you apply the same tools that are widely used by mental health professionals to help treat a variety of condition, from stress, anxiety and anger to coping with grief and loss.

Step-by-step, Harvard’swill give you strategies to build happier, more positive lifestyle.Enroll todayENROLL NOWGet into the happiness “flow”— that happy zone where you’re super engaged and absorbed both at work and in your leisure time.Keep the burden of “too many choices” from robbing you of pleasure. headtopics.com

Discover the powerful impact of a stress-relieving “choice diet.”Let go of resentment, envy and grudges— emotions that hurt you more than they hurt people who may have wronged you.Develop the resilience to handle difficultiesmore easily and bounce back more rapidly after dramatic or unpleasant events.

Stop procrastinationor beating yourself up when things go wrong with powerful “self-compassion” techniques.Develop an unshakable attitude of gratitudewith specific techniques that help lead to more positive emotions, stronger relationships and a greater ability to deal with adversity.

Increase your focus and alertnesswith two simple stress-relieving “mindfulness” techniques you can use today.Short-circuit the anxiety caused by Facebook envy, Twitter rage and other social media hazards with three simple strategies.Savor more pleasure in your life

with specific “enjoy the moment” activities — and why multitasking is the enemy of savoring.Experience the “warm glow” of happinessby re-discovering a universal trait of a life well-lived.Enjoy happier, more resilient relationshipswith the help of surprisingly simple activities. headtopics.com

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And morepowerful techniques from the mental health experts at Harvard Medical School.Put the power of Positive Psychology to work for you now. Enroll in the HarvardPositive Psychology Coursenow and see how you can gain a happier, more contented outlook on life!

The interactivePositive Psychology Coursemakes it easy to understand and apply the how-to steps to help boost your long-term happiness and well-being.Reliable.Top Harvard Medical School experts bring you the latest research in an easy-to-use online format.

Stimulating.Clear audio/visual presentation makes it easy to understand and apply the latest Positive Psychology strategies and techniques.Convenient.Easy-to-navigate course makes it easy to learn anywhere and any time on your tablet, phone or computer.

Engaging.Quick-reference charts and tables plus penetrating quizzes make learning easy.Flexible.Search and find the topics you care about most with a simple click or tap.Adaptable.Learn at your own pace thanks to your ability to pause or watch topics of interest again—as often as you like! headtopics.com

Easy to personalize.Capture your “aha” moments and happiness-boosting plans with the course’s easy built-in note-taking feature.Permanent.Your online course is always available to you for future reference. It never expires!Powerful interactive tools help pave the way to greater emotional and physical health

Don’t wait. Enroll inPositive Psychologytodayand save 25% OFF the regular price.The entire online course is yours for just $29.95 — that’s 25% OFF the regular priceand you can watch the course as often as you want from any device. It never expires.Harvard Medical School was again ranked as the country's #1 Medical School for Research by US News & World Report.

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No medicine like happiness, genuine happiness. Remember the story about the terminal cancer patient whose last wish was to see the cherry blossoms for the last time? He survived. There is a 0% chance that you are associated with Harvard at this point. Yikes.

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