Harsh book about Trump family by president's niece, Mary Trump, can be published, judge rules

Mary Trump's book about her uncle, 'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man,' is set to hit shelves July 28.

7/2/2020 5:11:00 AM

A New York state appellate judge says a book by President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, which paints a harsh portrait of her uncle and the family’s history can be published.

Mary Trump's book about her uncle, 'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man,' is set to hit shelves July 28.

"We support Mary L. Trump's right to tell her story in 'Too Much and Never Enough,' a work of great interest and importance to the national discourse that fully deserves to be published for the benefit of the American public," said Adam Rothberg, a spokesman for the company."As all know, there are well-established precedents against prior restraint and pre-publication injunctions, and we remain confident that the preliminary injunction will be denied."

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Robert Trump, the president's younger brother,filed a suitin late June in Queens County Surrogate's Court, where the estate of their father, Fred Trump Sr., who died in 1999, was settled. However, the judge tossed the case out because it was not the proper venue.

Lawyers for Robert Trump quickly refiled a claim in state court in Dutchess County in upstate New York, where he lives. Robert Trump has argued that Mary Trump is not allowed to publish anything about her family as part of a settlement agreement in Fred Trump Sr.'s inheritance case.

Judge Hal B. Greenwald initially issued a temporary injunction after Robert Trump refiled.The publisher, Simon & Schuster, said in a filing Tuesday that it had already printed 75,000 copies and that more copies are being made.Simon & Schuster said in court documents that it would be unconstitutional to stop publication and that it was unaware that Mary Trump had signed a nondisclosure agreement. The company also said it believes it is not liable if she breached the agreement.

"We did not learn anything about Ms. Trump signing any agreement concerning her ability to speak about her litigation with her family until shortly after press broke concerning Ms. Trump's Book about two weeks ago, well after the Book had been accepted, put into production, and printing had begun," CEO Jonathan Karp said in an affidavit."And we never saw any purported agreement until this action was filed against Ms. Trump and Simon & Schuster."

Download theNBC News appfor breaking news and politicsKarp said in his affidavit that Mary Trump revealed to the company that she leaked the president's tax returns to The New York Times for a 2018 investigation, which won the Pulitzer Prince. Karp argued that because"no litigation" was taken after the tax returns were leaked, the company was"entirely confident in Ms. Trump's ability to tell her story regarding her own family."

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President Trump's niece has a Ph.D? Those Trumps all seem pretty smart to me. so a scathing account of donald by a member of his own family has been blocked from release. I know all I need to know. I've been right. Donald is a bum like his old man. If that matter has been pushed further, maybe she could’ve taken it to Canada and published there.

TheRickWilson Can’t WAIT TheRickWilson Trump keeps losing and losing. LoserInChief Many are exited to learn how a Munster was created and how his family kept hush hush to allow him to destroy our democracy. I’ll be measuring both when reading the book ohiomail Don't want her book because obviously her motive is just 2 destroy Trump.Why didn't she write book before he became president?Trump her uncle long before he became president,why D sudden motivation 2 write a negative book? She can use D paper in her book & clean her ass with it.

This won't stop Trump supporters from voting for him in November. Nothing like the betrayal of family, it pays the largest amounts of money. They will love her until the new wears off, then they will turn on her. She betrayed the entire family, not just her famous uncle. Her soul is void of any form of integrity or honor.

Ordered. What is the Trump family so afraid of? It must be extreme. I wonder if excerpts and teasers will be released ahead of July 28? Too Much and Never Enough | Book by Mary L. Trump | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster - CarlyleBlkwl18 This book is not going to shed any light on Donald nothing is going to shock us anymore......we know he is vile

🍿☕️ and Justice in time. T rump reads now. TheRickWilson I think I'll buy this okrapickles Remember that time Obama tried to desperately and incriminatingly block a tell all book about himself? Oh, right... Yawn Wish it was available in ebook. I’m thinking of buying one for every Republican in Congress.

i pre-ordered the book realDonaldTrump You go gal, tell them what he’s really like from the inside out. And the rest of crap 💩 you’re sadly ☹️ related to!! TheRickWilson Americans have EVERY right to know about the President. I applaud this decision. TheRickWilson I'll read it TheRickWilson Can’t wait to see what she has to say! All I can think of is this song...

TheRickWilson You all make your living off this guy. TheRickWilson One tiny final adjustment to the cover and she’s ready for distribution. TheRickWilson 😎😎😎😎😎 TheRickWilson Cue Trump's next Twitter shit storm in 3... 2 ... 1.... TheRickWilson i mean, my shock factor maxed out years ago, I honestly don't know what could be in there that would really shake me further

Ordered Ordered This will be a textbook for psychiatry. 'Examples of a malignant family with personality disorders.' Learn to Read For Dummies NBC fake news NBC = NOTHING BUT CRAP. Just pre-ordered it. 45 taking L's all over the place from these judges. I don't think they like him, very much. 😀 Seems like such a lovely family. 🤣

See i new the NDA would not be an issue. But this gives NY a chance to go deeper into the trump family now. Headlines TRUMP NIECE LOCKS UP FAMILY!! trumpinprison I hope the book does not confirm my suspicions: that the president of the United States has Russian origin and deep-rooted interest in white supremacy.

Oh shitums If that doesn’t give you a good idea of how NY feels about Trump... GREAT...USA WILL OUT NBCNewYork Fuck .. now I have to buy this ? Ordered. I love this. ❤️😆 Well whatever way it was it will be sold now, hooray. Now I'm waiting to find more about the judge's ruling DudekLinda Democrats are warmongers.... now, back to your Orange Man Bad cult.

Freedom of Speech Suck this one too realDonaldTrump morgfair She’ll prob end up dead charles_gaba What we know already about the Trump family is pretty sick. Fake News Have any of the Trumps mentioned Mary yet? Curious to hear what they have to say about her. Fantastic! Did you read this? Really who cares what some nobody that probably knows nothing or very little is writing a book. Don't buy the book that's how you make your voice heard

😂😂😂 Biden needs to jail Trump I just got Bolton's book. I'll have to get this one also. Awwww poor TraitorTrump He’s having a really bad day realDonaldTrump Ooops!! A judge being a judge and not a politician, thank you sir. Now if we can just get a look at trump's taxes... Just preordered! Angry little niece writes tell all. Just another tabloid author.

I’ll alert the media 📺 🎥 colbertlateshow Book her! Ready to sit down and read about bunker boy. Is this a marketing ploy? Because now I want to get the book and get copies to the Trumpers I know I want to read it. I’ve always been interested in the childhood of a sociopath and wonder how he got to be so rapey and sadistic. Like, what were his parents like? Did he mutilate animals when he was a kid? truecrime donthecon trumpisasociopath

History ? History doesn't matter anymore. That's why you tearing down STATUES So......YAWN this dude holds the American arsenal in his fingers. IBoughtMarysBook Actually that's a good thing because my local store is still having a tough time stocking toilet paper. Who cares Glad to hear book by Mary trump is going forward. Can’t wait to read it, trump obviously has things to hide or he wouldn’t object to its printing.he knows there’s no praise for him but that shouldn’t surprise any of us after his conduct in office.

I’m reading it...as soon as it drops 🙌🏾 I can guess already why Donny got no friends. I have my copy ordered. I'm trying to figure out a way to get the Donald to autograph it. There you go America, freedom of speech is still ours. This one might answer many questions about this CORRUPTED FAMILY. Any person who backbites a family member is not to be trusted ! How much was she paid to write this book ?

YES!!!!!!!! Ought oh....it’s going to be awkward thanksgiving at the Trump residence, right realDonaldTrump let the truth be told! Can’t wait to read it! Biden2020 BlueWave2020 Biden2020Landslide oh please, let them release it today!!! Good news! Yeah, his own family thinks same way all 8.7 billion think of him. TrumpKnewAndDidNothing

Ouch! It sounds like it will be tied up in court for sometime still. Honestly...SO? What could she possibly share that hasn't been shown to us - AT us - for the last 3.5 years. I'm sure it'll be a fun read (and will be leaked for free) - but y'all, if 'grab them by the pussy' thing wasn't a deal-breaker.....

Don’t pop bottles until you get a copy in your hands. Can we pre-order? Awesome DonaldTrump shall be so exposed as his niece called him the most dangerous Man and criminal in America. Sad group of lifetimers not getting their way anymore because Trumps about the people and not politics and they hate him for it..

Some times the back sheep in the family is the smart one. Black 🐑 rock! This is gonna be good. 👍🤪 Book him! I’ll wait until it’s made into a movie. The timing is perfect. Imagine what the movie will be like I was going wait for the free excerpts but now I will purchase. Lol. someone is about to have a temper tantrum.

I hope she will be giving interviews Well, while in quarantine.... Can we get a pre election release date ? I’ll buy this one Womp womp womp... current employees, former employees, both parties and family members. I mean who the hell likes trump realDonaldTrump ? I just ordered my copy. He’s on his way to get the book!

Finally finally Alright!!! Lovin it!! I never pre-order books, until now. I pre-ordered Mary Trump’s Book. It’s got to be good if the Trump family is trying to prevent it this much. Oh well, they lost, it’s still being released. I have this feeling Mary Trump doesn’t care if they sue her for the proceeds. 😂

To preorder or not to preorder 🤔 Yay!!! I pre-ordered mine yesterday!!! The title shall include the word PIG! Mary Trump... He’s just lost the Election!!!! Best news so far this week, hope the Supreme Court allows the release of his financials, that will make it a great week. He must be ready to explode,or be certified, or both. His people will turn on him, should stand down forthwith.

She might 'suicide' like his best mate Epstein..Only 1 reason he is trying so hard to block it... This should be interesting!

Harsh book about Trump family by president's niece, Mary Trump, can be published, judge rulesMary Trump’s explosive book about her uncle, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man," is set to hit shelves on July 28. Get lost !!! Fake news liberal media !! She is irrelevant!!! Trump has our vote . No one will buy her crappy book!!! Leave him alone, foolish families I don’t care if his momma had two babies with his daddy’s uncle as long as he fights for law and order and our economy, borders, judges, and foreign negotiations.

Judge orders Mary Trump to explain why her tell-all shouldn't be barred from publicationA New York judge on Tuesday ordered attorneys for President Donald Trump's niece to respond to a lawsuit filed by Robert Trump, the president's brother, seeking to halt the publication of her forthcoming tell-all memoir. Free speech? Cause of free speech huh The First Amendment.

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Simon & Schuster Already Printed And Shipped ‘Thousands’ Of Copies Of Mary Trump’s Book Before Judge’s BlockThough a judge temporarily blocked its publication, Simon & Schuster says it may be too late to stop the release of Mary Trump's 'harrowing' memoir about the president. oh shit.. when that ebook hits the internet she's not gonna make a dime 😂🖕all trumps Whoops 😏 Whelp. She didn’t tell her publisher about an NDA. That’s so trumplike but hey simon & Schuester why didn’t your legal team ask? During job interviews it’s the first thing HR asks. Do you have a noncompete or NDA.