Harry Styles Hopes Fine Line Sounds Like 'Freedom'

He opens up about the songwriting process, being vulnerable, and the icons who inspire his music


.Harry_Styles learned a lot about the songwriting process– and himself– while working on FineLine: “It’s accepting to be vulnerable”

He opens up about the songwriting process, being vulnerable, and the icons who inspire his music

singer said before explaining the often unpredictable journey of creating a hit song."You can train as much as you want to get on the board, but sometimes the wave comes and sometimes it doesn't." And although the singer has previously spoken at length about using psychedelic drugs to aid in the process, he maintains that songwriting"takes a lot of hard work.""We still need to train to become better," he said."You can't just sit down and decide to write a song and think you've written the best song of your life."

come with a manual. "I learn to sort out what I like, what I don't like, what I'm willing to give in my songs, and what I'm not inclined to share," he added."We have to find a balance."

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xobrooklynhomie Harry_Styles Harry_Styles Love Harry very much and love the taste of freedom his releases from Fine Line offer so far. Hugs to you Harry.

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