Harry Styles Had Fans Sing 'Happy Birthday' to His Mom at a Recent Concert

the absolute CUTEST! 😍🥰

Harry Styles, Music

10/22/2021 9:05:00 PM

the absolute CUTEST! 😍🥰

Talk about a birthday dream.

Harry, who’s currently on tour for his second albumFine Line,took a moment to ask the crowd in Uncasville, Connecticut on October 21 to sing “Happy Birthday” to one very special person: His mom, Anne Twist.Anne wasn’t in the audience that night, but Harry said that was just fine. "If it's okay with you, would you mind please singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my mother?" he asked the crowd. “I hope that maybe she will hear it … she will because I will show her." The crowd happily obliged, filling the arena with birthday wishes for Harry’s mom. Seriously, can he get more adorable? Talk about a great birthday greeting!

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You’ll Adore This Video of Harry Styles Getting Fans to Sing Happy Birthday to His Mom - E! OnlineSafe to say that having an arena full of fans sing “Happy Birthday” might be one of the greatest gifts of all time. See the cute moment Harry Styles did just that in honor of his mom. Nice 😜🤪😘

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