Harris: Our children will ask us 'where were you' at this moment?

WATCH: Sen. Harris reflects on how election will be remembered by future generations during Texas rally.

10/31/2020 6:30:00 AM

WATCH: Sen. Harris reflects on how election will be remembered by future generations during Texas rally.

At a campaign rally in Fort Worth, Texas, Kamala Harris aimed to energize voters on the last day of early voting in the state by reflecting on what their grandchildren would ask them about their actions during this election years from now.

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She’s so freaking creepy. To think she’ll could be our next President. So far left.. scary stuff that NBC’s is supporting Yeah, they'll be asking why were you were supporting a dodgy lawyer and an old man supported by a foreign power who has been hiding money through his relatives? Love ur guns TEXAS READ the HARRIS/Joey plan on there website every gun owner should have by now! Despicable

Kamaltoe doesn’t have kids. She will never know the White House ... she dreams ... How did that idiot become a politician. In the real world, she’s unemployable. How will the innocent people in prison be remembered because she wouldn’t look at DNA results? Hello, Harris... I was there and I voted for TRUMP! Bye, bye... Harris!

Listening to JoeBiden list of names Republicans are being called now that he’s running! HillaryClinton called us Deplorables now according you Joe we are Chumps & ugly? No one could make out the 3nd part! But you are suppose to be for all Americans! Hypocrite!! I’ll say I was trying to find what the word “truaninonashufodopressure” meant.

Harris tells Tucson voters 'Trump failed,' as Pence campaigns in WisconsinUS Vice President encourages people to take advantage of early voting and cast their ballot immediately. California Senator Kamala Harris slammed President Donald Trump for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hillary Clinton Backs Up Kamala Harris After Critic's Column: 'Give Me A Break'She slammed Peggy Noonan's sexist take on the vice presidential candidate, but said it was encouraging to see how much backlash it created.

N.J. GOP Official Quits After Posting Offensive Images Of Kamala Harris, Then BacktracksFormer Upper Township Committeeman Hobart Young says he didn't really resign and he'll go to court to get his seat back. GOP showing their ass every chance they can get PunchNazis This is not a game he wants to play.

A Stationary Bike and Water Bottle Weights: How Kamala Harris Works Out in 2020Kamala Harris works out every day, and in 2020, that means cardio on a stationary bike, using water bottles as weights, and going on long walks. KamalaHarris No surprise there! Hope to see you in class soon KamalaHarris 💻📲 KamalaHarris Maybe she could lead a class 🙃! Fuck her but some of y'alls videos are fun❤

Kamala Harris Targeted With More Misinformation Than Mike Pence, Data ShowsThe Democratic vice presidential nominee is four times more likely to be the victim of disinformation posts on Twitter than her Republican counterpart. It’s because she’s a girl She kinda is open for hard disinformation Well let’s even things up a little, shall we?! I heard Pence prefers to eat his shrimp whole-veined!

Maya Rudolph On Her 'SNL' Kamala Harris Impression: I Love 'Being Aligned With Her''It feels like being on the side of the good guys,' the actor/comedian said. Wronnnnngggg When it comes to Republicans and Democrats neither of them are 'the good guys'. Right 🤔; anything you say 'Cool Aunt' ... keep mocking the soon also-ran Harris