Harris comes out swinging. Trump can't seem to land a punch.

On her first full day as Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris hit Trump hard saying he's 'not up to the job.' The Republican response has been scattered.

8/13/2020 10:21:00 PM

'The incompetency of the Trump campaign that they can't figure out how to go after Kamala Harris. They can't land a punch ... They go back and forth. She's too far left, she's too far right. She hates cops, she loves cops,' clairecmc says.

On her first full day as Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris hit Trump hard saying he's 'not up to the job.' The Republican response has been scattered.

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clairecmc Republican'ts running scared stupid lying shit running out of their mouths clairecmc Boxing metaphors. Sports metaphors. Try to pretend something important is going on. Republicans are beating us to death with your disinterested observer games. If Trump wins again this won’t be just another day at the office it may well be your last day at the office.

clairecmc START TAKING QUESTIONS clairecmc clairecmc They are both full of 💩! clairecmc There are so many to choose from . Debates are going to be EPIC ! Pence is going to be AMAZING ! Let’s not forget she slept with a married man to be where she is today . She is a home wrecking hagg clairecmc clairecmc So one question, Is Kamala Harris going address being descendants of Jamaican Salve owners? Asking for a friend.

clairecmc clairecmc Just wait for the debates. He is going to knock out Joe and Kamela at the same time. clairecmc clairecmc Why did they walk out without taking questions from the press?

Kamala Harris Wins VP Spot As Joe Biden’s Running Mate Against Donald Trump & Mike PenceKamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s running mate against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The presumptive nominee made it official just now online: Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked close… DeadlineDominic tedstew DeadlineDominic tedstew The Evil Within 2 DeadlineDominic tedstew Let’s go red

Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as the running mate to defeat a Trump-Pence ticketApparent Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s historic selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice president is being met with celebration by many in the Democratic Party. She is seen as someone who can go toe-to-toe with Vice President Mike Pence in debates, and who will raise enthusiasm among women and voters of color. JoyAnnReid Harris is 1/4 black, 1/4 white and 2/4 Eastern Indian. So where does she get the balls to call herself black? What happened to the Eastern Indian 2/4 of her? JoyAnnReid Its OVER for 45...stick a fork in him. JoyAnnReid the important part is she is 'up to the job and competent'

Trump says Kamala Harris 'nasty' and 'disrespectful' to Joe Biden, surprised by VP pickPresident Trump criticized Sen. Harris on Tuesday, for past comments she made about Joe Biden shortly after she was announced as Biden's running mate. “I was a little surprised that he picked her.' If Kamala Harris is such a terrible candidate why did he donate to her campaign in 2011 and 2012? Because he can be a bigger man when someone criticized him.

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for VP: Here’s how Trump and other politicians are reactingHow Trump, Obama, Sarah Palin and other politicians and pundits are reacting to BidenHarris2020: Phony kamala The best pick What a sexist idiot, picking someone because of their gender and color is the ultimate incompetence

Trump Can't Be Racist Because He Donated Money To Kamala Harris, Says Trump CampaignPresident Trump has already gleefully taken to calling Sen. Kamala Harris—Joe Biden’s official 2020 running mate— “nasty” and “mean,” but he must not have thought she was so bad when he donated $6,000 to her re-election campaign.\n And he’s friends with Kanye. You can be racist if you have acknowledged that someone is black. Noticing someone is black is the pinnacle of anti-racism

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Make First Joint Appearance as Running MatesJoe Biden and Kamala Harris appeared together for the first time in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Losers To 90 people