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Hannah Berner Announces She’s Leaving 'Summer House'

Hannah Berner is saying goodbye to #SummerHouse.

5/15/2021 4:47:00 AM

Hannah Berner is saying goodbye to SummerHouse.

The reality star shared her announcement on her Instagram on Friday.

Summer Houseseason 5 after her co-stars repeatedly called out her authenticity. A season 6 has yet to be officially picked up, but it's safe to say it could return next summer.-- who is still part of Bravo as a co-host onChat Room-- back in March where she shared how she was feeling about continuing on the show. While her fiancé said he was"not pitching for being on

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Summer House," Berner said it was up in the air."I think what's helped me in my reality TV career thus far is just being very open, very vulnerable, wearing all my emotions on my sleeve, and I just have to keep living my life," she explained."And then if people want to see it, great, and if they don't, I'll be onto the next thing. So I think I just have to keep doing me and seeing if it entertains people or not."

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