'Handmaid's Tale' Stars React to Season 3 Finale: 'How Do You Come Back From That?'

Stars of #HandmaidsTale react to season 3 finale: 'How do you come back from that?'


Stars of HandmaidsTale react to season 3 finale: 'How do you come back from that?'

Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Ann Dowd and Amanda Brugel weigh in on the Hulu drama's future.

ended its third season with an unlikely victory for June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss), who successfully liberated several children from Gilead. The fallout for a fourth season may not be quite as happy an occasion, based on

"It's nuclear," she says about the impact on Lydia's life. "The failure to get to the bottom of it before it happened. I'm sure [Gilead] will blame Lydia. I would not be surprised, not a little bit. After she was pushed down the stairs by Emily last season, I think the commanders are watching: 'Is she up to it?' They're always looking to place blame. And I think she's going to blame herself for that matter."

Imprisoned in Canada, Fred and Serena are left without much in the way of allies. They may experience an unlikely friendly face in the form of their former Martha, Amanda Brugel's Rita, one of the many newcomers in Canada thanks to June's escape plan. One can easily see the scenario in which Rita eviscerates her former commander, if not quite literally — but that's not the one Brugel has in mind.

"We have six regulars in Canada now," says Moss. "We spent the whole season three with June in a new house with Bradley Whitford as Commander Lawrence. Obviously, June's going to need to find a new fucking place to live. I don't think she's going back to that house! It's an opportunity for a new location, a new world, a new part of the world to show, and new characters."

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This show would've been best served as a mini-series. People still care about this Democrat bogeyman.

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