Handful of Trump White House documents to be released to Jan. 6 committee unless Supreme Court intervenes

Handful of Trump White House documents to be released to Jan. 6 committee unless Supreme Court intervenes

1/19/2022 11:20:00 PM

Handful of Trump White House documents to be released to Jan. 6 committee unless Supreme Court intervenes

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot is set to receive a limited number of Trump White House documents later Wednesday, unless the Supreme Court makes a last-minute intervention.

makes a last-minute intervention.The National Archives had indicated in a court filing it was prepared to give the House panel four pages of material at 6 p.m. ET Wednesday, absent any court order.A federal appeals court had earlier allowed a larger batch of executive documents to be turned over to the House panel, but that was put on hold pending a Supreme Court appeal for an injunction on immediate release filed by Trump’s legal team. The four pages in the possession of the Archives are separate from the broader set of documents that was reviewed by the appeals court. 

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Jan. 6 committee set to receive a handful of Trump White House papersUnless there’s an “intervening court order, the archivist intends to release records' Wednesday evening, a senior Department of Justice official said. Seditious conspiracy is the Russian nesting doll of crime & Donald is the little doll in the very center. Remember that for the political tornado in our near future. NoOneUnscripted warnings about it began weeks before the insurrection. TrumpCrimeFamily CHRİSTİAN BrothersHELP !!!!! I Need 50 Dollar i'm missing emergency aid help PayPal hollandfrance33hotmail.com skymoon emmanuel denmark usa china germany ENGLAND instagram god BillieEilish Faith Jesus spain football France HelloWorld Austria Christian

White House moves to guard data after Trump census pressureThe Biden White House this month pushed to protect scientific and statistical agencies like the U. S. Census Bureau from political interference in a report issued just days before newly disclosed documents showed the 'unprecedented' extent of the Trump administration's efforts to gain politically from the 2020 headcount.

Jan. 6 House committee subpoenas Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, 2 othersThe House select committee investigating the Capitol riot announced Tuesday it had subpoenaed former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani for documents and testimony. R I guess there’s nothing to do in Washington. Truly pathetic Nothing's gonna come of this💀

Jan 6 Committee Hesitant Over Subpoenas Fearing Retaliation If GOP Retakes HouseSome members of the January 6 committee are privately hesitant to carry through with the plans because of GOP lawmakers’ threats to retaliate. They've been retaliating for decades. They're going to do it REGARDLESS of what Dems do. The only way to stop it is to STOP THEM. No quarter. If you bring safety scissors to a knife fight maybe they’ll just pity you This is Trumpism. VENGEANCE is everything to Trump It's his way of getting everyone to FEAR him, thereby getting others to do WHATEVER HE WANTS. So now ALL Republicans in Congress are doing this... because it works for them.

How to order free at-home Covid tests: White House website goes liveThe US government's website for Americans to order at-home rapid Covid testing kits has launched. Here's how to order your tests for free. What for. It’s a hoax! Who knows what’s really in these things Fuck those tests Thanks Joe! ThanksJoeBiden

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Rudy Giuliani, obtains phone records for Eric Trump, Kimberly GuilfoyleThe House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack subpoenaed Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Elllis, among others. BS Guilfoyle's number started 1-900 . That's a shame