Hammer-wielding woman arrested after screaming racist tirade at Latino couple

A woman in Texas is facing charges after being seen using a hammer to threaten Dr. Lia Franco, a medical resident treating COVID-19 patients, and her husband during a profanity-laced rant in Houston.

5/30/2020 3:21:00 AM

A woman in Texas is facing charges after being seen using a hammer to threaten Dr. Lia Franco, a medical resident treating COVID-19 patients, and her husband during a profanity-laced rant in Houston.

Dr. Lia Francoand and her husband, Arturo Cordovez, recorded a terrifying encounter with a woman yelling a racist tirade at them, telling them to 'go back to your (expletive) country!' KPRC's Phil Archer reports.

Share this -copiedDr. Lia Francoand and her husband, Arturo Cordovez, recorded a terrifying encounter with a woman yelling a racist tirade at them, telling them to "go back to your (expletive) country!" KPRC's Phil Archer reports. Read more: NBC News »

She's angry. Welcome to the era of trump she is just fighting for her freedom Sorry this happened to her. My first thought was, why go to Houston? Was that City part of the big breakout of Covid-19 How many days in a row for re-upping this story, ? Too bad there’s nothing more timely to report on. Reminds me of the person they should have arrested who was black and screaming white people need to die.

Unbelievable. Slapping these morons on the wrist isn't going to cut it anymore. These people are criminals, THUGS, and should be treated accordingly. No justice, no peace. Ya tried this a few days ago. Got drug and shelved it. Until such time as the streets are clearing via curfew. “Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the incident” 🤔

How long did it take to arrest this woman? Another Trump supporter heard from. Meanwhile its people like her now saying violence doesnt solve anything Instead of cancelling a lot of other stuff because they don’t fit 2020 standards, why not cancel Karens. Whoa. Crazies abound. Ah, Irish Americans. Stay classy.

Nice to see justice against a racist. It might be only one, but if we keep heading this direction, more examples will hopefully deter others. Keep your racism in the closet. We have no time for your ignorance. Good. I hope she’s convicted and pays for her racist acts. 肏你妈 I want to know WHY she did what she did. You cannot tell by looking at Dr. Franco that she is Mexican. Looks like pearly white Euro trash.

George Zimmerman a darker Hispanic made out to be a white man to push false narrative of racism when Zimmerman has Black Panamanian grandfather. Now those guys & Chaco Dist in Colombia are black as coal. The consequences of Democrat Party speech of hate bully and disrespect of an elected President ! Demo- rats

Ignorance into evil souls.bad combination ..no matter the skin color So glad. Welcome to Donald Trump's America. He dug up all the closet radical racist and told them that they had a right to act like the animals that they have always been! If you wanna shot somebody maybe it should be this stupid redneck?!? Dontcha think! texasstupidty

Lock her up I wonder what the circumstances are that we do not know such as the treatment of her husband and his state of health. Wow sad to see And you think continuously posting this woman’s face on Twitter is a good idea right now? A true trump supporter, the GOP must be so proud right now ! Karen Alert

The woman is wearing a Mexico 🇲🇽 flag on her t-shirt...there’s obviously more to this story than is being told. All while wearing a tshirt decked with the flag of Ireland! Good I hope she goes to jail! POS OliviaMesser No knee on her neck? Not shot to death. Not black I conclude. selectedwisdom I bet she a had a smart, decent father 👍

selectedwisdom So much winning. selectedwisdom Meet a mother of Trump’s movement. selectedwisdom JFC the irony of this idiot wearing a shirt with an Irish flag - does she have any idea that we were once the outcast immigrants? Uneducated America, disgusting. selectedwisdom 👍👏👍👏👍👏 good ol NBC....taking one isolated story and tryn make it out like this is happening everywhere. in other words... the usual fear mongering


At this point I'm not even gonna wait, I'll kick somebody in the chest if they wanna Tiny Thor my way scaryhouston Thank you donald for your leadership? kenklippenstein USA is a mess While wearing the flag of another country. Man White folks have really lost the plot in America haven’t they! chick_in_kiev Can white women **please** take a day off? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Naked(?!?!) protests for having to use a face mask, phoning police on a black man for asking them to leash a dog, ‘rehoming’ (🤮) a child they adopted then exploited on YouTube, threatening health workers with hammers 😐 Jesus Christ

Texas is an open carry state? kenklippenstein Charge her with crimes against humanity and hate crimes. Awe man I thought we were cool with the Irish. White people give zero fucks in this country 😆 kenklippenstein TomiLahren do you love doctors with your whole heart? Do you condemn it?nope. You sympathize with the sociopath.

kenklippenstein Murderous Karen that is some Get Out shit Man, Jane Foster looks worse than I remember... chick_in_kiev Say it you cowards - Irish woman! kenklippenstein old boy karen kenklippenstein hammer karen is not one I expected Racism needs to stop. We are one race the human race. Bet she didn't ask for the color of the skin of the person who made the shirt she is wearing as it was not from the USA. Or the car she is driving. Hypocrisy NOH8

HEAD OF THE LOCAL KAREN KAREN KAREN CHAPTER Wonders shall never end in the US.. I think she needs to be checked mentally The middle-aged white women with the bleach blonde Ric Flair hair be the worst ones. *profanity-laced racial rant, as stated in the title of the article. No one tell her the Republic of Ireland is very progressive though.

How about al those rioters who destroyed black communities? DartDClark Fox News superfan Andrea_51544005 is that an ireland shirt? ireland, y'all want her back? All the karens have a certain look. LOCK HER UP!, LOCK HER UP!, LOCK HER UP! - just saying what realDonaldTrump says.... Go figure 😂 Let me guess, she’s a Trump supporter....

Meanwhile liberals are burning down every city in America but let's continue to obsess over this unimportant story. Trump's people. Deplorables Is it just me or are we seeing mostly white poeple are initiating/leading these trashings? Riots Karen thinks she’s Thor! The woman is psychotic. Leave her alone. Stop looking for clicks at the expense of obviously sick people.

White supremacists . White supremacists emboldened by a racist president everywhere. Karen Hi karen, you come at us and we will eat you alive. Da south Lots of psychos out there 🥴 Is that Karen's mom? Karen put that hammer down. geeze Another Karen they’re all coming out. Racist bitch 'Very nice people ' of America! Times are changing, and they better get used to it!

At least put your mask on right. Just saying. She seems nice I wonder how this woman votes. Charge her ass! The msm media is responsible for the riots with their constant hate mongering. I wonder who she votes for? I wonder if she’s single?

‘You Mexicans, get out': Hammer-wielding woman accused of racist rant against Latina doctor, husband'As soon as she heard our accent, she immediately said 'you f---ing Mexicans go back to your f---ing country,' Arturo Cordovez, whose wife is finishing her medical residency, said. NBCLatino Is it normal for people to practice xenophobia while wearing foreign flags on their shirts? NBCLatino Racism: alive and well in America NBCLatino Damn, that one's old enough to know better.

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Could Provide Lessons For Biden Latino OutreachLatinos are set to be the largest minority voting group in November, as well as crucial electorates in battleground states. So if Joe Biden wants to spur these key votes, he may want to learn a thing or two from Bernie Sander's campaign, experts say. Why does the Delaware flag display 2 white men with weapons and an ox, but no people of color? Because I said so...shut your piehole!! Or how about we should have just had Bernie instead. I thought you guys had articles saying it was.only BernieBros voting for him?

Opinion | Scrapping the SAT Won’t Help Black and Latino StudentsFrom WSJopinion: Scrapping the SAT will only obscure how low-income minority students are doing, not change the discomfiting reality, writes jasonrileywsj opinion jasonrileywsj Low income straight white male students not on the radar of WSJ - again? opinion jasonrileywsj All you have to do is study. There are more than enough resources for free. opinion jasonrileywsj All these tests have done is help to maintain a system that favors the haves and have nots..my kid is a sophomore in high school he has already taken several practice exams and working with a tutor on his weak areas..he still has about 6/7 months before he takes the actual test

Group endorses Latino Democratic candidates who may make history, boost Hispanic turnoutThe Latino Victory Fund endorsed candidates such as Ricky Hurtado, who grew up in rural North Carolina and could be the first Latino elected to the state's House. NBCLatino how about make good decisions instead of making history..obama made history and was ineffective NBCLatino Why is NBC pushing a Democratic political group? Oh yeah, they are advocates, not news reporters.

'We don't have law and order': Black and Latino business owners face destruction in MinneapolisBlack and Latino shop keepers, already outraged by George Floyd's death, feel victimized again as city officials fail to stop looting and fires. Minority-owned businesses were left unharmed. Stop with the nonsense LA times. Democrats don’t care about minorities As long as it's not the looters and arsonists fault.....

Afro-Latino CNN Reporter Arrested by Minnesota State Patrol While Broadcasting Live On-AirCNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested by Minnesota State Patrol Friday morning in the middle of a live broadcast, stunning the anchors reporting from CNN’s studio. The arrest occurred while Jimenez was reporting on the aftermath of another night of protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday. His crime? Looking black, brown, poor, without white privilege. Every day in this country. Every. Fucking. Day. and yet some wonder why there are riots? LOOK!!! I sore I saw a video clip of the entire crew get arrested..producer and camera man. I mean the cop even picked up the camera WolfeReports Cops performing for Trump.