'Hamilton' Cast Reunites For Emily Blunt, John Krasinski And One Lucky 9-Year-Old

Strap in for a 17-minute explosion of goodhearted joy, courtesy of the stars of A Quiet Place and the entire (socially distanced) original cast of Hamilton.

4/6/2020 9:44:00 PM

A 9-year-old named Aubrey had to cancel her much-anticipated trip to see Hamilton on Broadway due to the coronavirus shutdown. So Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast reunited to surprise Aubrey with a live performance.

Strap in for a 17-minute explosion of goodhearted joy, courtesy of the stars of A Quiet Place and the entire (socially distanced) original cast of Hamilton.

YouTubeIn the era of social distancing, few celebrities have carved out a social-media presence as appealing as those of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. They're married, so they get to share their isolation — and they've been filling the time with a kindhearted weekly YouTube show they call

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Some Good News.As the title suggests, it's a roundup — anchored by Krasinski, with input from special guests — of day-brightening stories about people doing good in the world. The show's second episode, which posted late Sunday, rolls along amiably enough until about midway through, when Krasinski welcomes a 9-year-old named Aubrey.

Inspired by a tweet expressing sadness that Aubrey would have to miss her much-anticipated trip to seeHamiltonon Broadway, Krasinski and Blunt informed a starstruck Aubrey that they'd be flying her to see the show once Broadway reopens. But then, given that Blunt starred in

Mary Poppins Returnswith one Lin-Manuel Miranda, they decided to top themselves.The moment you can secure a quick break, be sure to strap in for this 17-minute explosion of goodhearted joy, courtesy of the stars ofA Quiet Place --and the entire (socially distanced) original cast of

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Nobody cares about dumb celebrities anymore you awful cat ladies. worldproblems 🤦🏽‍♀️ this is a great reminder - that Hamilton looks horrible This was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Corny. Who gives a shit about some stupid girl? That was amazing, I am crying. Happy tears. What an amazing cast to do that. amfjelde AMaZiNg!!

magsg Best. Thing. Ever. There are no limits for the wealthy in this country This was AWESOME!! What a WONDERFUL thing to do! I smiled all the way through!! My 9 year old granddaughter had a box seat with her mom at HAMILTON on Broadway. When she realized that she wasn’t seeing the original cast, she started crying. I think she got over it.

That was awesome. Thank you all. This is awesome! I’m heading to bed with a smile. Thank you! Ebonyteach 🥰✌️ Love it! This is so amazing! What an amazing group of people, thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ sweetcaroklein Coolest surprise EVER! Yep, SGN somegoodnews is the best network anywhere at this point Wait for it! positivenews

colleen_mcadams!! I don’t care what anyone below says, I loved it. Yes, terrible things are happening, but it’s important to smile once in a while. It’s good for your mental health. I didn’t know any of the songs, still I’m here: 😭 😊 That was really good. I'm sure it will put a smile on a lot of faces.

That is some amazing love Hamilton!! Keep up the good news! johnkrasinski I’m not crying you’re crying CarmarSuperstar This is the best thing I've seen all day!!! Nice to see that even as a pandemic kills tens of thousands we can still expose young people to terrible theater. Too bad about the ventilators though.

SGN show is really good. I wish I could express how much I dont give a fuck but the amount of fucks that I do not give, physically unable to give mixed with the sheer emotion of 'I really dont give a shit' is so strong that i cannot fathom to describe it. VeryGoodKerry 😍 Other Zoom meetings wish they were this cool.

Who gives a shit Hamilton is leftist propaganda and so is NPR. This here is an example of emotional terrorism to get you to empathize with these psychopaths 💯 Publicity stunt and of course npr takes the bait ❤️❤️❤️❤️ HELL YEAH So sad she can’t go to Hamilton, Some kids parents can’t pay rent tho... people should check their privilege.

people are dying

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