Hackers Are Spreading Trump Propaganda Through ‘Roblox’

7/6/2020 2:04:00 AM

Hackers are apparently spreading pro-Trump Propaganda through Roblox accounts.

. It advises players to reset their password, clear third-party browser extensions, and enable two-factor authentication. In this instance, it appears that hackers are making changes to people’s accounts and characters, however, so that may not be enough. In that instance, you’ll have to contact customer service to try to get them to reverse some of the damage. It’s not clear, at this moment, how hackers are gaining access to accounts, but they also appear to be spamming friend requests and friend lists to send out pro-trump messages far beyond the single hacked account.

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Security problems are always big issues for online games, but they’re particularly keen in a game targeted at such a young audience.The game prominently advertises parental controls, chat filters and reporting systems designed to make the game safer for children, which makes the threat of hackers a big deal beyond simple political messaging. It’s unclear who is responsible for the hacks at this time, but there are plenty of possible culprits in the murky world of pro-Trump online communities.

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So what ? new ways to spread during the covid season!! Glad it’s being acknowledged as propaganda, which means lies. Call K pop Does SteveForbesCEO have any clue what a rag his magazine has become? Damn Forbes, I’m a democrat and this IS NOT propaganda, it’s called support ur candidate. Wtf is wrong with u people

If you call it propaganda, what should we call yours? Time to delete off my pc Lmfao you’re going to be fired tomorrow for lying about Trump🇺🇸👏 OMG! CALL A SOCIAL WORKER!!!! Putin marshalling his puppet to convert children to the Marxist cause seems kinda redundant now that it's come out that 'higher learning centres' are promulgating the ideology with aplomb.


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