H.E.R. Performs New Song at Concert for America

.@HERMusicx broke out some new music during the #iHeartConcertonFOX 🎶

3/30/2020 6:08:00 AM

.HERMusicx broke out some new music during the iHeartConcertonFOX 🎶

Concert For America featured two-time Grammy winning R&B virtuoso H.E.R. breaking out some new music.

H.E.R. performs during the IHeart Living Room Concert for America.One of the more unexpected moments of Sunday (March 29) night's nationally-aired Concert For America featured two-time Grammy-winning R&B virtuosoH.E.R.breaking out some new music. Performing from a couch in New York City, the 22-year old singer-songwriter didn't let the coronavirus quarantine prevent her from sharing"Keep Holding On," a so-far-unreleased track.

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Performing with just an acoustic guitar, the artist born Gabriella Wilson let the new track speak for itself. Filled with passionate, soulful vocals, the lyrics of the new track appeared to chronicle the desperate moments of a relationship on the brink of breaking.

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HERMusicx Sounded Great! HERMusicx Love HER, so talented, great voice HERMusicx ❤️❤️❤️ incredible! ❤️❤️❤️ HERMusicx Such an amazing voice! What a tremendous talent! Thanks for sharing another beautiful song with us and supporting a great cause. 💕

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