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Gunman kills two in livestreamed attack at German synagogue

A gunman who denounced Jews opened fire outside a German synagogue on Yom Kippur...


Two suspects are being sought after shooting attacks on a synagogue and an eatery in Germany on Yom Kippur

A gunman who denounced Jews opened fire outside a German synagogue on Yom Kippur...

Several German media outlets said the perpetrator acted alone on Wednesday in the eastern German city of Halle. He fatally shot a woman outside the synagogue and a man inside a nearby kebab shop.

Video broadcast on Amazon’s gaming subsidiary Twitch showed a young man with a shaven head first reciting a short statement in broken English while sitting in a parked car.

Shooting in Germany was anti-Semitic attack: interior minister

“We saw via the camera system at our synagogue that a heavily armed perpetrator with a steel helmet and a gun tried to shoot open our doors,” Max Privorozki, Halle’s Jewish community chairman, told the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government voiced outrage over the attack on Yom Kippur and urged tougher action against anti-Semitic violence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent condolences to the victims’ families and said in a Twitter post: “The terrorist attack against the community in Halle in Germany on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of our nation, is yet another expression that anti-Semitism is growing in Europe.”

Despite comprehensive de-Nazification in the post-war era, fears of resurgent anti-Semitic hatred have never completely gone away, whether from fringe, far-right neo-Nazis or more recently from Muslim immigrants.

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ify_i lagostalks913 ify_i This tragedy sponsored by the Advertising Counsel For Growth at Twitch. Your source for violent content, twenty four hours per day, every day. Twitch, and the Ad Counsel, giving you what you want, when you want it. Don't air the videos. Don't give these people the satisfaction of notoriety. Don't name them when reporting. Take everything they need away from them. I wish comfort to the grieving.

We Muslims everywhere denounces the act of violence that took place in Germany . Violence against civilians is act of aggression that ought not to happen . ❤❤ sahdamhussln Ingat tak peperangan yom kippur that we studied togetherrr? Spineless bastard... LaEternalSphere JewishFestivals 2019 – from YomKippur to Shavuot and Purim, here are all the significant dates for the H

Hatred is bad Imagine that? Germans shooting Jews. Who would have ever thought? I refuse to watch the video. Very sad.

German shooter who killed 2 on Yom Kippur livestreamed killingsWithin minutes after the video was posted, it had spread to at least 10 white-supremacist Telegram channels, where many users hailed the shooter as a hero and a saint. go ahead nbc. blame a movie germans are all nazis

kondekturbus_ Islamic terrorist? Deplatform Twitch. 幸福美利坚,枪击每一天! So long, dead guy. Please STOP sharing the video, wtf is wrong with you Did no one at Reuters go to actual journalism school? Sick. jack How many more people need to be killed before you start removing white supremacy and Neo-Nazi propaganda from Twitter?

NOTHING in this world should be allowed to be ‘live streamed’ ..appeasing crazies😣Things used to be delayed to stop people cursing on tv. I’m no prude by any means ..but stop this instantaneous crap 👎🏻 FYI/ICYMI: He tried entering into the synagogue, unsuccessfully firing at the doors, while a prayer was taking place there

nevsinmengu Ne olacak simdi o kişinin hakları? PYD PKK DAES ne yaptıysa o da aynısını yaptı. dwnews acilen bir avukat atasin.

2 dead in shooting at German synagogue and nearby kebab shop on Yom Kippur“It hits us in the heart that shots are fired at a synagogue on the day of reconciliation,' Germany 's foreign minister tweeted. Gee, Germans don't allow guns, liberals----guess terrorists, criminals, mentally insane don't follow laws (eye roll). Will news media point out nationality/religion of shooters---they've not been Germans in last few years. Hmm Why is this world so wicked..the more we understand each other, the easier to know that we have a lot in common that others think My prayers are with you all. 💔

😫😫😫😫😫🕊😫😫😫😫😫😫 Bad ¡Qué horror! Pure evil. More right wing extremism. They streamed it on twitch and ranted about Jews and immigrants.

2 dead in attack targeting German synagogue on Yom KippurA heavily armed assailant ranting about Jews tried to force his way into a synagogue in Germany on Yom Kippur before shooting two people to death outside the building, police say. The attack was livestreamed on a popular gaming site. Who watched without notifying? Can we tracks them Twitch What is wrong with ppl? We don't have to agree on everything to get along, we just need to respect each others. Heavily armed in Germany? No...

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2 people killed in shooting outside German synagogue on holiest day in JudaismTwo people have been killed in a shooting in the east German city of Halle on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. Don’t blame Islam... Right? Do you think German media will tell us if the perpetrators are Muslims? Only two? May be a slow news day in gun-luvin 'Merca'

Shooting Outside German Synagogue Leaves at Least 2 DeadBreaking News: At least 2 people were fatally shot in the German city of Halle, local police said. Local news outlets reported that the shooting took place outside a synagogue, but it was not immediately clear if it was intended as a target. sorry for those who faced with that diserters Suuuuure. Just happened to be AT THAT PLACE during THESE HOLIDAYS. Total coincidence. You guys are pathetic. Think its highly likely it was the target. And on Yom Kipur too.

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