Gun violence in America: Do something

Across the country there is a long list of ideas on how to reduce gun violence.

8/1/2021 7:17:00 AM

Across the country there is a long list of ideas on how to reduce gun violence.

Across the country there is a long list of ideas on how to best reduce gun violence during this nationwide surge.

Michael M. Santiago/Getty ImagesNEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 19: A person holds a"Stop the Violence" sign during the"Stand Up Against Gun Violence" press conference and rally at Bronx Borough Hall on July 19, 2021 in South Bronx in New York City. Families who have been affected by gun violence were joined by violence interrupter groups, community leaders and elected officials for a press conference and rally calling for an end to gun violence in their communities.

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The money from the higher taxes would go toward gun violence prevention programs and is designed, like taxes on cigarettes, to maybe also deter some from buying guns and ammunition if they cost more money.Levine said the amount of money raised through the gun tax would be substantial and would be put to good use."These are proven programs to reduce gun violence in our communities. It would raise $100 million annually."

But critics of Levine's bill say it would not stop street crime in California cities because much of it is being done with stolen or so-called ghost guns that have been manufactured by an individual rather than a commercial gun manufacturer. Or, critics say, if somebody does want to buy a gun through a store or dealer they will just go to Nevada or Arizona to buy what they want through dealers that are willing to sell.

MORE: Chicago unveils gun violence plan after another violent weekendSam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, believes such taxes and other laws punish legal gun owners."We have 400 million guns in private possession in America," Paredes said."Any focus you put on reducing the number of guns in public is just not going to work. That horse has left the barn."

Police point out most of the guns they come in contact with are illegally obtained and harsher gun laws likely would not impact how they are bought and sold on the streets. Paredes argues the crime surge the U.S. is experiencing is a result of not enough police on the streets, lenient prosecutors and courts, and mental health issues.

"As long as they continue to look for solutions by controlling guns through laws only affecting law-abiding citizens, because they are the only ones who obey the laws, we are going to see an increase in the violent crime rate and use of firearms in commission of crimes," Paredes said.

Police say the increasing problem is homemade ghost guns, which are made using parts that can be purchased online or in stores and assembled in a home. They are primarily unregulated, unregistered and untraceable by typical means, police said.MORE: Gun maker offers $33M to settle suit by Sandy Hook families

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Paredes counters that ghost guns aren't the problem police and the media make them seem to be and that ghost guns arguments are a way to ignore the bigger mental health problem suffered by those committing violence."The whole issue of ghost guns are a red herring," Paredes said."I believe it's elected officials deflecting."

Officer Hutchins in Fresno feels differently, though, as he is racing from call to call."Lately, it's been the ghost guns that are the problem," said Hutchins.Limiting access to guns being made in secret or illegal guns being passed around under the radar has proven to be tough to fix. Few seem to agree on the problem, let alone a solid solution. Marcel Woodruff at Advance Peace said gun laws won't fix the street crime problem. He believes it has to be a longer term solution by showing gang members how to live more fulfilling lives so they don't turn toward shootings to get what they want.

"So if we deal with the violence at the systemic and structural levels that are denying people access to things they need to move through life healthy, then we consequently reduce them using a firearm to make a way for themselves," said Woodruff.

For now Fresno police remain busy moving from shooting call to shooting call. Read more: ABC News »

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Spend money on technology equipment for police to patrol the area and to be able to detect a illegal gun walking on the street or in a car or even and they 🏡. The founders of the constitution Gave the right to bare arms to form A well armed military. Wisconsin has a national guard so does every Other state. In those times they Mostly used miscast and single Shot pistols. Not , AR 74s. Or simi automatic weapons.

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