Gun rights group sues L.A. over closure of firearms stores during coronavirus

Gun rights group sues L.A. over closure of firearms stores during coronavirus

4/4/2020 8:48:00 PM

Gun rights group sues L.A. over closure of firearms stores during coronavirus

A gun rights group claims that L.A.'s order that shuttered stores that sell firearms during the coronavirus pandemic violates the 2nd Amendment.

A gun rights group is suing the city of Los Angeles, arguing that an order that shuttered stores that sell firearms during the COVID-19 pandemic is unconstitutional and preempted by state law.The lawsuit, whose plaintiffs include the California Rifle & Pistol Assn. and stores selling firearms in the San Fernando Valley, states that although Mayor Eric Garcetti did not expressly name gun stores in his written order, both Garcetti and City Atty. Mike Feuer have stated that they must close and the police department has ordered them to shut down.

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The rifle group argues that the move defies a state order allowing workers from “critical infrastructure sectors” to continue working.In addition, the plaintiffs contend that the L.A. order violates the California state constitution by depriving licensed dealers of the ability to operate without “due process of law” and keeping buyers from their “lawfully purchased property.”

The plaintiffs want the courts to force Los Angeles to immediately stop enforcing the order.Advertisement“Firearm stores provide essential and desperately needed services for police, first responders, private security, and concerned citizens -- including those who want to be prepared for potential civil unrest,” said Chuck Michel, an attorney representing the plaintiffs.

“The vast majority of jurisdictions in California recognize this. But the city is stubbornly clinging to its dogmatic opposition to allowing people to choose for themselves how best to be prepared,” Michel said.California Rifle & Pistol Association lawsuit

California Rifle & Pistol Association lawsuit against the City of Los AngelesMichel added that such stores are “going above and beyond” to ensure social distancing by keeping people at least 6 feet apart and getting cellphone numbers for customers so they can wait in their cars until being allowed inside.

AdvertisementA Garcetti spokesman referred a request for comment to the City Attorney’s Office, which did not immediately provide comment Saturday morning.Another set of gun owner groups alreadysuedthe Los Angeles County Sheriff, Gov. Gavin Newsom and other officials over the closure of gun stores across the county to anyone but police and licensed security company employees. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, characterized the closure as a violation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

After getting a federal advisory, Sheriff Alex Villanueva changed course and allowed such stores to remain open.The city of Los Angeles, which has continued to order the closure of gun shops, was later added as a defendant in the federal case.Feuer and other city attorneys argued in the federal case that “all kinds of businesses have been temporarily shuttered to address a dire public health need” and that gun stores should not be exempt from the order, which was imposed to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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“Any measure that averts unnecessary person-to-person contact slows the spread of infection, and so buys the county’s healthcare system time to address the COVID-19 crisis before the number of sick patients overwhelms its capacity to care for them,” city attorneys wrote in their filing.

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It’s about time!!!! And look at those two clowns 🤡 Good. They'll win too. Guns kill Ten times as many as what Covid 19 ever will - Americans are blind to killing - Trump And MAGA included Law suit dismissed Courts are closed see you later Freedom of assembly 1st amendment has been taken from you, 2nd Amendment has been taken from you, 21st amendment has been taken from you... Garcetti & Newsom are the real fascists/authoritarians!

No way in hell gun shops should be open to the general public at this time. However, essential workers like security personnel should have access to what they need. Oh good grief !! If only GovAbbott would close Texas gun stores Hope the sewers sic lose. F those idiots. He did the right thing. So helpful

It must be a joke 😜 Because that's more important right now.....😒🤦 Maybe gun people are in the wrong city. Byyyyeeee And knowing the city of Los Angeles they’ll settle this for millions before taking it to court. Poor babies. I have no sympathy for gun fanaticism Awesome, good luck Ridiculous. Take them all out back and kick the shit out of them? Oh, I thought it was a pop quiz.

QueromosoFundãoparaaSaude ForaRodrigoMaia Perhaps they thought it as the World War Z or 'Train to Busan' scenario let's sue over businesses being shut down illegally Omg really I don't know how to feel about this. As a staunch 2A guy I don't know if essential businesses work here since it's not food, utility, or medical need.

I hear the sound of the world’s tiniest violin These guys equate this to being told to walking 6 feet apart... how dare they? Scary nonsense. 미국이 망하는 길엔 이들이... Give it a rest will ya, there’s a pandemic going on Congrats to LA! No different than a shoe store, a dress store.... does NOT belong open at this time.

These guys are sexually attracted to bullets. I swear. Guns are NOT essential goods! WTF? Next they'll ban hunting in L.A. ! 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Asshole! Lame.

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California lags in reducing number of felons with firearms as gun sales pick up amid coronavirusThe news comes as a record number of Americans are purchasing guns amid the coronavirus pandemic. Felons aren’t legally buying firearms 'Felons with Firearms'; I think I donated to that NGO, along with my contribution to 'Jews for Jesus'.. - California lags in reducing number of felons with firearms as gun sales pick up amid coronavirus

Gun Background Checks Hit Record in March, Sparked by Coronavirus FearsThe Federal Bureau of Investigation performed an estimated 2.375 million background checks for gun sales, the record for a single month since the modern background check system was instituted in 1998, according to a new analysis. White people specifically White men have issues. And a real discussion needs to be had. Scientists are working round the clock to find a rifle that can only hit the Corona Virus at 12 paces. Scary. The reasons for the purchases. Why aren't gun shops closed? No way they are essential businesses.

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NRA suing New York for deeming gun stores non-essential businesses during coronavirus pandemicThe National Rifle Association of America sued New York state's governor and economic development arm in federal court on Thursday for closing gun stores during the coronavirus epidemic by deeming them non-essential businesses. Thank you NRA, fighting for American's rights! Keep up the good work! Where did the NRA get the money to sue anyone? Didn’t that corrupted non-profit give all their money to Trump and Republicans and lay off their staff? They can’t call Russia for more laundered money, huh? You know the virus can't be SHOT right? Idk what shotgun shells will do against it anyways... NRA Are Fucking Dumbasses