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Gun Ownership Soars in Brazil Under Bolsonaro

A year into his presidency, Jair Bolsonaro and his sons have helped fuel a gun rights movement that had little popular support, or political clout, in the country before he took office.

4/1/2020 3:40:00 PM

President Jair Bolsonaro has galvanized gun culture in Brazil . He and his sons have helped fuel a gun rights movement that had little popular support, or political clout, in the country before he took office.

A year into his presidency, Jair Bolsonaro and his sons have helped fuel a gun rights movement that had little popular support, or political clout, in the country before he took office.

BRASÍLIA — President Jair Bolsonaro has galvanized gun culture in Brazil.His trademark campaign sign was a hand folded into the shape of a gun. One of his first moves in office was to ease gun ownership rules. His three oldest sons, politicians themselves, have been fierce proponents of expanding gun ownership through policy proposals and social media posts.

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With their actions, Mr. Bolsonaro and his sons have done more than make it easier for Brazilians to legally get a gun. They have fueled a political and cultural debate over guns that was new to Brazil, but that in many ways mirrors the discussion in the United States, where critics say more guns means more deaths and supporters say guns are necessary for self-defense.

“With disarmament laws, who gives up access to firearms, the decent citizen who only wants to protect himself, or the criminal, who by definition doesn’t follow laws?” Mr. Bolsonarowrote on Twitter. “The right to legitimate self-defense cannot continue to be violated!”

In Brazil, a country of more than 209 million that has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, the right to bear arms is not a constitutional guarantee, as it is in the United States. The gun rights movement has long been on the losing side of policy debates.

About two in three Brazilians are opposed to gun ownership, and an even greater portion of the population is against making it easier to get a gun permit,according to a 2019 survey by Datafolha, a leading Brazilian research group.But attitudes toward guns may be changing under Mr. Bolsonaro. Since he eased gun ownership rules in his first weeks in office, the number of applications for permits has gone up sharply.

“In the long run, this could be disastrous,” said Natália Pollachi, the projects coordinator forSou da Paz Institute,a public policy group that supports stringent gun laws.During Mr. Bolsonaro’s first year in office, the government issued more than 200,000 licenses to gun owners. The federal police, which issues licenses for self-defense, approved 54,300 permits in 2019, a 98 percent increase from the previous year. The army, which grants permits to hunters and collectors, issued more than 147,800 new licenses in 2019, a 68 percent increase.

Sou da Paz Instituteobtained those figures through freedom of information requests and shared them with The Times.The flood of new guns in Brazilian homes stands to make domestic violence more lethal, turn ordinary confrontations fatal and turbocharge a black market that is already thriving, Ms. Pollachi warned.

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Congress is currently considering a handful of bills that would further ease regulations. And the most high-profile champions of the gun rights movement are the president’s three older sons. Read more: The New York Times »

He won the election because is judge friend put in jail the favorite candidate, maybe he is planning on having the opposition gunned down by far-right extremist... Fake news Are the gun owners afraid of a revolution. ? Future home of the NRA and mass shootings everywhere Oh, like in the US? Good Im Brazilian and you até FakeNews

Bolsonaro voters are proud of his policies. More guns more safety👍🏻 This family is a real NIGHTMARE to Brazil!!!! ForaBolsonaro So who is cutting him a side check The New York Times: It creates shame in the face and stops lying about my country !!! Little popular support? 😂😂😂 In referring to 2005 the people won the arms proposal but the president of the time the current corrupt convict who walks around the world Lula 'the thief' ignored and democratic

Fake News!!! In 2005 the Brazilian people said 'no' to Disarmament in a national referendum. 'Little popular suport' my ass!!!! teucu fake news BolsonaroTemRazãoSim Fake News. Pesquise o plebiscito popular feito em 2005. A grande maioria dos Brasileiros votou por ter o direito de ter armas. O governo da época que não respeitou a vontade da maioria, mentirosos. MÍDIA LIXO. Comunistas/Socialistas covardes.

Fake news! Fake News!!! 🤮🤢 In Brazil everybody in good mental health love guns I really can't understand how a journalist can write such a nonsense. Gun rights was on Bolsonaro's top 5 list and he talked about it all the time. We voted for him exactly because we want guns. Gun rights movement is huge in Brazil.

Psychopaths lack complete sense of reality Psychopaths do not own conscience that ability is completely lacking in psychopaths Meu pav no seu cv. Fake news... Brazilians decided to make gun sales legal in a referendum that took place in 2005. We still waiting that referendum to be respected... Bolsonaro just got elected. Who the hell gets elected with little popular support? Stop lying...

By little popular support, you mean pro-gun referendum result in 2005 and his election? Thats why you should be ashamed of yourselves. You can say whatever anti-gun sentence you want, but to say that pro-gun has little popular support in Brazil is just a big lie. Teu cú You say only what interests you and all these demented leftists, that is, LIES! Regardless of jairbolsonaro BolsonaroSP, most citizens in Brazil appreciate and WANT the right to own weapons. Be kind enough not to lie to Americans about what we want. Take care of your yard.

The fake news of brazilian journalists is enough, now comes one journalist from hell , who doesn’t know anything about Brazil, doing a newspaper article of this type. It was once a respected newspaper. Wrong! That was one of the REASONS that he was elected. This issue matters to most people that hopes for freedom and a safe life.

Remember folks: journalism/press is a bussiness like any other. They tell stories, some, maybe, have any truth inside. Another Trump! mentiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa O que vocês ganham mentindo assim? That's not true . The number of people here in Brazil looking for Shooting Ranges por practicing and learning about guns is growing exponentially in the last 18 months.

The deduction that the reduction of crimes is related to the number of armed people. It is the same ignorance of JairBolsonaro that only old people have to stay home in the face of a Pandemic COVID19 FAKE NEWS!!!! FakeNews Shame of you Se informem: TINHA E TEM AMPLO APOIO POPULAR. E traduzam essa merda por conta própria. Filhos da puta.

Fake news FormerNewspaper “Little popular support”. What? You do realize in ‘05 there was a referendum where brazilians voted NO to strict gun laws, right? And that Bolsonaro’s presidential run was focused on economic reforms, less bureaucracy, gun rights for civilians, harsher punishment for criminals?

Fake News! Fake News! THE CRASY. In Brazil, the socialists disarmed the people of good! Consequently, kidnappings, thefts from cars, homes, banks and use people as a shield. etc. Taxpayers live trapped in their homes and bandits on the streets. You have the second amendment! Disarm America and leave us alone.

I lived to see the New York Times go to waste. It looks like fictional film Fake News below to civil disarmament in Brazil and the world Bolsonaro2022 Bolsonaro38 BolsonaroTemRazaoSim BolsoMITO . Nyt is fake news FAKE NEWS '...que tinha pouco apoio popular...' Se informem sobre o referendo do desarmamento de 2005.

I love Bolsonaro and FoxNewsChannel, the channel of big audience in the United States. That is a HUGE LIE. In 2005, the BRAZILIAN PEOPLE said NO to a Disarmament Referendum. This result was not respected by the politicians who later prohibited guns anyway. I myself cast a vote. I was 18. And President Bolsonaro was elected President only in 2018.

fakenews Un mercenario.. Liars. Fake news. The Old Fake News Times. The true: Since year 2005, we have popular support for guns rights. It's 64% who rejected the restrictions. What kind of journalist you have here in Brazil? If had little political support BEFORE he was elected, how was he ELECTED in the first place? Gun rights was one of his main topics.

Fake news! Has the President of our country declared that gun shops and manufacturers are 'essential services' and should remain open. Ewwweweewwww Fake News! Lixo! That is a HUGE LIE. You're fake news as PR realDonaldTrump said many times. In 2005, the BRAZILIAN PEOPLE said NO to a Disarmament Referendum. This result was not respected by the politicians who later prohibited guns anyway. Bolsonaro was elected President only in 2018.

More fake shit news. Bolsonaro tried to arm the people before CHINESE COMMUNISTS bought all the corrupt Brazilian governors to implant COMMUNISM in Brazil. Fake news!!!! What a load of crap... LIES, I still don't have a gunshop in my city, how is that gun culture? I want weapons NOW That's a lie. We VOTE YES for guns. But, unfortunelly, the left wing political party that rule Brazil back then, dont care for vote, or democracy. They are corrupt.

Hi ! We in Brazil already know you are all about fake news, so.. STAY THE FREAKING OUT of my country, we already have many Socialists/Comunists 'Journalists' producing 24/7 Fake news over here. Have a nice day and remember, stay out! We don´t wanna more comunists here. You guys keep misrepresenting facts about the US. It's no surprise that you would that about Brazil too.

I wish this were true. O apoio popular é grande. O problema que no último plebicito que foi totalmente favorável ao porte e posse de armas o presidente Lula, vulgo LulaDrão, corrupto, deu um jeitinho que desconsiderar esse plebicito. YOU LIER! that's not what the 2005 referendum says 63% the Brazilian people said 'NO' to Disarmament in a national referendum.

Bolsonaro Trump Yeah 🇧🇷🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸🇧🇷 little popular support my ass seus idiotas!!! wtf, pouco? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 'He and his sons have helped fuel a gun rights movement that had little popular support' - another blatant lie - there was even a national referendum in 2005 in which the vast majority of the ppl voted against the disarmament proposed by the leftist government. FakeNews

LIES!! This is not TRUE!!! DiaDaExtremaImprensa Lier! trump II He is a constant target of attack from leftists journalists. Yes he is imperfect. Yet the oppressive far left leaders in Latin America get a pass daily. The Leader of the gun killers! That's a blatant lie. There is, and has been, HUGE public support for individual gun rights. More lies and fake news.

You lie about things from your country everyday. You know nothing about here, just shut up Gun rights are human rights. Anyone who disagrees is a bootlicker. There is no grey area here; If you want the government to have more guns than the people then you are an authoritarian. Maybe because law abiding citizens were tired of only the criminals having guns? But, sure, let's go with your 'gun nut' narrative.

Stop calling him a president, he's a dictator. STOPFASCISM No popular support but gun sales soaring seems contradictory NYT. Are you sure? RedeGlobo Oh it was there, its just that the corrupt leftists politicians wanted to keep the peasents disarmed while the looted and burned the country doen Que chamada é essa? Mudou o que? Me falem, passou alguma lei sobre porte de arma Meu Deus.

Brazil is a country that already has a lot of weapons and a lot of crime. In 2005, we voted for disarmament. In 2019, he assumes a crazy, irresponsible person who wants to kill his population with COVID19, in favor of weapons. Like, we Brazilians are very badly governed. When you are faced with stupidly dangerous right-wingers . . .

Check out my Gig on Fiverr: design a modern flat minimalist corporate business logo design He is crazy Good! Kind of like...Obama. what a duck Nosso presidente é um genocida. PagaLogoBolsonaro Well Bolsonaro keeps shooting himself in the foot. Maybe he'll have better aim next time. This man is a psychopath. That's all I'm gonna say, 'cause I can even stand reading anything about him anymore.

Does the gun-owning Brazilian think it was his/her own idea? congrats ! Alas, a man who is so obssessed with destruction(of forests) has intense passion for assault weapons. Brazilians should remove such a nefarious figure from office. Trump jr... BolsoNero is fascist 👹 Bolsonaro is a disease Sick. LIke 45, undoing decades of progress.

Trying to turn Brazil into rural America. How sad. He is a danger yeah, if there is one thing brazil need's more of, it's definitely guns. 🤦‍♀️ This damned left-wing journalism forgets that the United States has the 'Second Amendment' that guarantees the American citizen to own weapons. You Americans can have a gun at home, can't we Brazilians? Hypocrites! Fuck it !! BolsonaroTemRazaoSim 😎

NYT are wrong about popular support to new guns policies in Brazil. Communist governments from PSDB and PT has prohibited weapons against a popular plebiscite with 63,94% majority in 2005. Pouco apoio popular é teu cu. Teve um pebliscito em 2005 onde a população não quis se desarmar, e não foi cumprido pelo governo do PT.

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Trump administration rules gun shops 'essential' amid virusThe Trump administration has issued an advisory ruling calling gun shops “essential” businesses that should remain open during stay-at-home directives. Priorities are weird in the USA !! Essential for what exactly? Do you think that the NRA is lining his pockets?🤔