'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett Claims She Was Chased Off Campus by 'Rioting' Students

Kaitlin Bennett claims she had hot coffee poured on her and vows to return with an 'army of gun owners.'


Chants of 'where's your diaper?' could be heard in various clips posted online as toilet paper was tossed in the air (via toofab)

Kaitlin Bennett claims she had hot coffee poured on her and vows to return with an 'army of gun owners.'

February 17, 2020 The incident led to Bennett trending on Twitter on Tuesday, as some came to her defense while others slammed her. "Violence against conservatives is NOT OKAY just because it's socially acceptable You can't assault someone just because they voted for@realDonaldTrump," wrote Blaze correspondent Elijah Schaffer. Actor James Woods posted, "#Democrats embrace the mob mentality at an early age." "Ms. Bennett, you have a right to your opinion, and a right to voice it. These college students do as well," the Libertarian Party tweeted. "Calling them 'terrorists' because they utilized their right to assembly and speech is both dishonest and shameful." I will absolutely be returning to 's campus again, and next time I'll bring an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through campus. You can't keep us away and you can't keep us silent. Just like Donald Trump, we will always win. — Kaitlin Bennett (@KaitMarieox) February 18, 2020 I've been contacted by the FBI 4 times for credible threats against my life. I've received millions of death threats the last two years. I've been assaulted numerous times and rioted against twice. But nothing the left does will make me go away. Their hatred makes me stronger. — Kaitlin Bennett (@KaitMarieox) February 18, 2020 "Oh, the irony of a 2nd Amendment advocate screaming for the government to take retribution against those expressing themselves," shared voice actor Neil Kaplan. Back in 2018, Bennett shared photos of herself carrying a semi-automatic rifle across her back with a graduation cap that read "come and get it." As a student at Kent State, she was prohibited from carrying firearms on campus, but after graduating, she was allowed to as a visitor. Since then she has become a correspondent for Infowars and a regular contributor to conservative media outlets. OU students getting gun girl kicked off campus? Iconic. Read more: TMZ

TooFab buckeyebobcat10 TooFab TooFab you cant shoot someone because they poured hot coffee on you. TooFab I thought she was big and bad with that gun. Meanwhile she’s over here crying because people were being mean to her. Waaaahhhh. TooFab Fucking snowflakes TooFab Some of y'alls moms never taught you two wrongs don't make a right.

TooFab TooFab Wait wat? She went to her graduation with a gun? Did I read that right? Where's her parents? TooFab I've never even heard of this person. Why give her the time of day? It's obviously what she wants. TooFab This is what happens when the left doesn’t want to be asked tough questions by tough people. Straight hatred. Who were the first three presidents of the United States triggered them? 😂

TooFab Fascist left

These Students Want The Kent State Gun Girl Off Their CampusStudents at Ohio University are protesting the arrival of the 'Kent State Gun Girl' & she is not happy about it. It’s called protesting... The Ohio University Police disagree. They said there was no riot. When did THEY buy the campus which they claim is THEIRS

TooFab I guess you gotta be of color and do a“Smollett” of Violence to be one of cool kids realDonaldTrump Is bad? You ask why is he bad and when you get truthed it becomes name calling almost like a child repeatedly asking why to mom/dad then start a hissy fit. TooFab Conservatives are getting mad triggered by people making fun of her, it’s harmless first amendment use guys, chill 🤷‍♀️

TooFab She's horrible but that kind of mob activity is a disgrace. That's what college is like, unfortunately. If they were good people they would have taken her to the lab to see why she's so dopey. She has a dopey look, too, like there was radiation damage to her DNA. TooFab Why is she still relevant?

TooFab TooFab The irony of being terrified of “snowflakes” when u dat bad ass biish lol TooFab She deserves an apology from the school. What ever happened to free speech? Or is it only free speech when you are part of the majority, and hate speech when you are part of the minority. This is bullying plain and simple. Shame on those students.

TooFab TooFab Omg. So lame. TooFab She absolutely 100% deserves every bit of harassment she is getting and she can make it stop just as fast. Basically just stop being a stuck up bitch and find some other real job.

Ohio University Police deny gun rights advocate Kaitlin Bennett's claims that her visit 'started a riot'The controversial gun rights advocate visited the campus in Athens, Ohio, accompanied by a bodyguard to film a video asking students about Presidents Day. A trump supporter peddling BS I’m shocked. Of course Attention whore... I believe that's the correct description.

TooFab Seems to me that saying “You’re going to come back with friends and bring guns” would be a credible threat FBI don’t you think? Kind of like a terroristic threat? TooFab What a snowflake! 😂😂😂 TooFab Obviously can’t discuss issues civilly. This looks bad for the party of “tolerance”. TooFab KARMA IS A BITCH

TooFab realDonaldTrump is still your president and HillaryClinton will never be. TDSisReal TooFab Can someone explain the toilet paper thing? I don’t know who this chick is but she’s already annoying me TooFab If Emma Gonzalez were treated like this or that skinny little boy from Parkland, the outrage from the Left would be extreme. Y'all r the biggest buffoons & hypocrites. Where's women lib organizations sticking up for this WOMAN? Oh, they aren't real females unless they are Libs.

TooFab Quit posting the same 5 posts multiple times a day TooFab Lol. This is your America. You voted. TooFab Maybe if she never shit herself at a Kent State frat party then people wouldn't ask her where diaper is or give her toilet paper?

Kent State 'gun girl' who walked campus with AR confronted by protesters at Ohio University"This is what happens when a Trump supporter goes to a college campus," gun rights activist and Kent State grad Kaitlin Bennett wrote on Twitter. This is wrong. This should not be allowed on a school campus. Fun fact: she shit her pants at a frat party while at Kent State. Idiot

TooFab They should never allow anyone born in October to carry a gun........ And then they get the biggest guns, TI had a desert Eagle bigger than him........ Read the reports people they will use those weapons quick. TooFab How the ppl running after her were: TooFab She got what she wanted, attention.

TooFab TooFab The Left is the absolute worst. TooFab Does she have a family member she needs pardoned? That truck is so obnoxious. TooFab This shit should have happened year ago. TooFab 💀💩 TooFab TooFab Ol' Gun Girl COMPLETELY DOMINATED their mentalities. That's a 'BIG WIN' for Gun Girl!

‘Gun Girl’ Chased Off College Campus by Hundreds of StudentsOhio University students splashed water on 'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett, chanted insults involving an embarrassing campus rumor about her — and filmed the whole thing on TikTok You absolutely love to see it. She pooped like a pound of shit on herself in public. BrettRedacted

TooFab We must never forget why they were asking her about her diaper. TooFab TooFab your time must be about to end because I'm a grown up little bish. TooFab TooFab LMFAOOOOO is she the girl from the video? We all know the video 💩 and if this is her I am calling the cops 🚓 TooFab Whether one agrees with this girl, or not, isn’t free speech one of the rights guaranteed by American Constitution? People should learn to agree to disagree. This amounts to assault towards a female. Not cool

TooFab I don't know her and anything about her 'tude', but mobs are dangerous. She could have got hurt, killed or anyone of them too. No need for this. TooFab To those who say, “ I’ve never seen her harass people“ ..... why is she harassing a little girl? TooFab Let’s see how tough that mob is when the odds are even.

TooFab Just 'tolerant and open minded' liberals doing what they do.

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TooFab 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂 🐖💩 TooFab The question still remains, where was her diaper? TooFab Thanks . Intellect noted. TooFab 'Claims'? There's video 😂 TooFab TooFab When you go looking for problems and then get problems and then cry about problems you went looking for. That’s some clown 🤡 shit TooFab

TooFab 'claims' lol It's on video but k TooFab While it's a lil f*cked up, conservatives gunna make sure she stays famous and gunna be working for Fox TooFab The Democrat party at it again. Party of violence

Ashley Tisdale Credits Her Clear Complexion to Being Dairy-Free for 5 Years: 'Skin Never Looked So Good''Skin never looked so good,' the star said as she showed off her skin on Instagram 😫😫😫😫😫

TooFab She TRIES to get a rise out of people, well ... she got it. 🗣👏😂 TooFab Someone catch me up- who the hell is this girl? TooFab This is giving me life TooFab She deserves everything that happens to her. Shes a trash can TooFab Idk why ppl keep acting like she had any violence committed against her. She was literally harassed like she harasses people on the daily.

TooFab Exactly what she wanted. TooFab You can’t go somewhere to start shit and then get mad when shit starts. 🤷🏼‍♀️ TooFab Colleges are controlled by fascists. Against free speech. Against the second amendment. Against diversity of thought. TooFab Mature debate TooFab She is extremely confrontational against people with opposite views. She knows the exact effect of visiting a college campus and asking very biased questions. She may want to become the next “catch me outside” person.

TooFab TooFab Well if she never shit herself at a Kent State frat party then people wouldn't ask her that or give her toilet paper. TooFab Well, don't go where you're not wanted. I'm guessing this was a publicity stunt. TooFab TooFab She was! They were throwing stuff on them & everything! Acting like such children!!!!

TooFab 🤣🤣🤣🤣 TooFab The hate Kaitlin gets is ridiculous. How can anyone be so triggered over questions. She ask students questions and they flip out. That is beyond crazy. TooFab Tough girl ain’t so tough after all huh 😂😂 TooFab I love how mad she gets people 😂😂 TooFab Shut up, Angie! And take your guns with ya

TooFab Finally gets a taste of her own medicine TooFab Was this at a College or a Daycare for The Mentally ill !!!!! TooFab So cool! TooFab They just making her more famous. She's the winner here TooFab Awesome! TooFab Surprised this hasn’t happened sooner ... she deserves all the attention she gets.

TooFab Okey and ? TooFab TooFab They throwing water girl calm down.... now unless she Gizmo off gremlins then we should be worried!!! She don’t need to have kids! TooFab Yeah, because she sucks.

TooFab 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 TooFab Another fine example of the kind and tolerant left!! TooFab Bobcats having none of it! TooFab Mob mentality at it's finest. Sick. TooFab Lmao they got her good TooFab She knew this would happen. She wanted it to happen to play victim and be relevant. Why else go? It equates to the divisiveness in our Country and someone trying to cash in. Shame on the students for acting like dummies and shame on this woman for her moronic publicity stunt.

TooFab I have never laughed so hard, wish someone had thrown shit in her face and not just toilet paper! TooFab Why do they hate her? Because she likes guns America would absolutely DESPISE IDAHO!! Everyone and their grandma has s gun. 🤷🏻‍♀️ TooFab TooFab Bish got lucky she got away with just toilet paper thrown at her.

ellagrant08 TooFab AHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TooFab God help those morons when they have to meet resistance in the job market

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