Guatemalan Boy Who Died İn Federal Custody Was On The Floor For Hours Before Anyone Found Him, Video Shows - Cnn

Guatemalan Boy Who Died İn Federal Custody Was On The Floor For Hours Before Anyone Found Him, Video Shows - Cnn

Guatemalan boy who died in federal custody was on the floor for hours before anyone found him, video shows

A sick Guatemalan boy who died in government custody was lying on the floor for hours before someone found him dead, a video first obtained by ProPublica shows


A sick Guatemalan boy who died in government custody was lying on the floor for hours before someone found him dead, a video first obtained by ProPublica shows

A sick Guatemalan boy who died in government custody was lying on the floor for hours before someone found him dead, a video first obtained by ProPublica shows.

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IS THIS WHO WE ARE IN CONGRESS? IS THIS THE PEOPLE YOU VOTED FOR TO ALLOW SUCH A THING TO HAPPEN, THESE ARE HUMAN BEINGS MY GOD!!!!!!!! Shouldn't of came here illegaly Came into our country sick and illegal and everyone is surprised that he died? MAGA Carlos Vasquez, a sick 16 year old boy who died in government custody was lying on the floor for hours before someone realized he was dead, a video first obtained by ProPublica shows

If this Adminstration isnt careful the UN will come in and demand access. Hope it does happen to be fair, to hold them accountable. God forbid Barrons name used to highlight he cant be a baron, but 16 year olds can die in captivity. CNN: there's no crisis at the border We can’t even keep Epstein alive Maybe his parents should have taken better care of him

Shameful That poor child

Aniah Blanchard Murder Suspect Erupts In Court, 'Y'all Have No Proof!''Y'all have no video, no audio of me shooting anyone!' that photo... omg 😂 seriously!

Completely unacceptable!! So sad 😞 Joshua boxing Just why is this displayed as being the only time in history that this has happened when ILLEGAL take the hazard on? This is why the GOP has warned other nations to keep their people at home or come LEGALLY TO THE USA. The flu is horrible. I can’t imagine my last few hours dying of the flu with a Mylar blanket on cold concrete. 😢

Guards make rounds once an hour so yes this makes sense that if someone dies they’d be on the floor for 1-2 hours. says checks should be increased to every 30 minutes, that way when someone dies they won’t be on the floor longer than 30 minutes? Leftwing shocks me daily La Palestinización de los latinoamericanos.

Tragic. This news was reported/happened last May after months of CNN telling us there was no crisis at the border. Also during this time over 57,000 Americans died of the same flu: US flu still elevated but dropping; deaths as high as 57,000 Hey Guatemalans, it’s too dangerous to bring your children to the US illegally. Spread the word.

He probably had Obama care Aa asa

Migrant Teen Lay for Hours in His Cell Before He Was Found DeadU.S. border officials said they conducted regular checks on 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, a migrant who died in government custody. But a video appears to contradict their account. “Appears to”. Good God Shocker. Nazis are not known for their integrity or honesty. Abolish ICEgov and prosecute every nazi who chose to torture innocent refugees for a living.

Because their are crappy people in the world evil can be done. How is that a Trump supporter thing? presidentpinocchio & GOP just tweeted that he s no longer sick since he s dead & no longer needs medical attention. Not LOL. It's CNN. No way I'd believe anything they post. Wait for the real footage. The family should Sue the Guatemala government

If ANYTHING shows how cruel Trump is, it's him warring on children seeking asylum. GET EVERY REPUBLICAN OUT OF OFFICE IN 2020 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 How many children would Democrats allow to die if it guaranteed Trumps removal from office? 6? 66? 666? Trump should be tried for murder.

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Why is this okay with people? We can vote for some one who wouldn’t create these kinds of situations. I’m so sorry for this young man and his family... he just wanted a better life with opportunity. Don’t break the law then. This is heartbreaking. An investigation needs to happen to prevent future children from suffering this fate.

From now on every detainee must be under direct surveillance by a guard! Oh, don't like that either never Drumfers? 😅👍 He was probably sick when he got here. HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG HE LAID ON THE FLOOR? Why in the hell are they coming here? When you lefties say 'SOCIALISM'is the way to go, they should be running to a socialist country not ours. QUIT TRYING TO MAKE TRUMPS ADM. look bad.

I hate us. maybe they thought he was sleeping, why bother disturbing him. Good job Police

George Conway blasts Trump after video surfaces of world leaders appearing to mock president: 'Laughingstock of the planet'Conway claimed the video showed the world thinks Trump is a 'deranged buffoon.' What the hell is a George Conway Deranged ORANGE Buffoon Correction. Everybody jokes about him.... why wouldnt they 🤣

illegal plagued aliens deserve no life in the greatest country on Planet Earth aka the land of the free. Americans, this is YOUR government! That YOU voted for. That is supposed to represent YOUR values and morals. How can you collectively allow this to continue? Shame in you, President (?) Trump! Horrible

Poor boy. And can we really not do better? Where is our Christian love? Or love in general regardless of religion. Uh.... factually speaking there ere/were more immigrant deaths during Obama’s administration. An early look at Medicare for All? Just a sad situation all the way around. LOL! How many times will this propaganda outlet scrub the comments and repost?

murder....does trump take responsibility? of course not!

Couple Dies 33 Hours Apart After Being Married for 68 Years: 'He Waited for Mother to Go First'Couple dies 33 hours apart after being married for 68 years: 'He waited for mother to go first'

Why would any parent risk their child's well being and safety while illegally crossing into another country? I have heard the flu is going to be bad this year. What kind of human being can let an innocent child die? The Hague awaits Thousands of people die every day. Always a tragedy. Where precisely does Crimes Against Humanity fall under the Constitution and Impeachment?💀

That’s why I say FUCK TRUMP Why do this people come here illegally We cant maintain them And where were the adults in the room? This is horrible. CNN must have missed this story. PLENTY of others.

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senseless...put trump there Such irresponsible parents. Yeah a certain amount of people die every day no matter where they are Another one of Trump’s caged babies dies - shame! I’m looking at the callus comments from some on this feed who blame his parents or dismiss his death as another “oh well”, and all I can think is that this is the carnage trump spoke of at his inauguration, only he didn’t know he was talking about himself and all of you.

AND MSOST LIKELY WONT BE LOOKED AT ERIOUSLY OR SOLVED BECAUSE ITS A GUATEMALIAN BOY ! I bet Don Lemon had something to do with this. He should be investigated. Every Trump voter should have that young man’s face haunt them every waking hour. America’s shame. Now whats the true story ?

We can do better than this. Sick children need care. TrumpIsADisgrace to humanity. Vote straight ticket! Vote Democrats all the way! straight ticket and bring back our democracy, bring back our respect, bring back the truth and honesty to our presidency and house of representatives and senate. which was stolen from crooks and our enemies . Vote for a change!

Poor baby. That's horrible Great parents to put him in that spot Seems like his awful parents should be blamed for putting their child at risk. Still coming her illegally and follow the legal process that alllows 1.5M people annually to become citizens, more than all other countries on the planer combined. Stop blaming ICE, parents to blame

Shame on Trump The video was edited and the guy was originally alone in the room then the recording was stopped for a long period ....who stopped the recording and why then somebody was shown inside the same room and the we are told the guy is dead What's your point? Blame his parents Wickedness! No regard for human life. Rest in peace boy.

Announced today-lowest unemployment in a half century. CNN Tweets last 24 hours: 12 negative Trump articles 2 repeat Starbucks cup articles 3 repeat Guatemalan boy dying in prison Mistreated Guantanamo Bay prisoner (terrorist) This is why you’re the enemy. FakeNewsCNN Hopefully everyone involved was quarantined until the cause of death is determined!

The blood is on your hands, Mr president realDonaldTrump is an embarrassment to all Americans, not only should he be ImpeachAndRemove he should face criminal charges for turning the WhiteHouse into a criminal enterprise. Using the name of the President’s son to make a point is not shameful. This is!

This is NOT the American way Starting with Dump all nvolved need to be held accountable We live in a country where ethnic cleansing is official policy. Never forget that. that is so sad 😢 Well, that's too bad. The blame should be placed on his parents for trying to enter another country illegally. There are impoverished American children dying every day. We are not responsible for the world's problems.

I heard a lot about not criticizing minor children this week. I hope it will apply to this minor as well.

Trump when he hears about this Just don’t talk about trumps kids. Border pigs What wrong with these parents? Sick people This is sickening! What type of heartless people do we have in charge? It’s not right. Stop being led by the evil one. We seen 👀 😐 JennRollins1002 Still no bedding? These kids are in prison. My God! We finally see what they are doing!

To every republican.. put your kids on the floor with a foil blanket, sick ... no one to check on your child.... no one with him to ease his suffering in his last minutes of life!! REPUBLICANS YOU ARE AS GUILTY AS TRUMP! Humanitarian crimes!! Where’s the outrage about this child FLOTUS? BeBest FLOTUS ChildrenInCages

Wow America. How low can you go.

It's fine because the US Catholic Bishops are good with this. Alliance with Trump cruelty and murder of caged brown children is just fine. USCCB AmericaMag SistersOfMercy TheJesuits ABishopGustavo NCRonline IGsolidarityNET EJDionne FLOTUS propublica THIS is the realDonaldTrump Administration. THIS is the GOP HouseGOP SenateGOP THIS is negligent homicide You vote for them, you vote for THIS NeverAgainIsNow DontLookAway

TrueFactsStated This regime is going straight to hell propublica Where is your outrage, FLOTUS? Or do you equate this with the horror of someone speaking your son's name? Is this your idea of BeBest? TrueFactsStated Call melania! 😢😢😢How many children still in government custody? With the holidays Christmas coming, will they be reunited with their parent, families? Sickening

FLOTUS outrage? When is this gonna stop? When are people going to be held accountable? Where is the outrage and the protests?! The death of this child rests on those in office . You can work on the impeachment and this at the same time . Come back to this and do something !

Horrible parents. His family brought him there sick instead of having him treated prior. He died while he was asleep. A tragic incident but shoulda been treated prior to entering The military is trained to kill whomever is attempting to kill them when at war, be it children, adults, & elders. Even that is hard to fathom. 😏But this right here is outright sickening. Meanwhile, we, THE USA, pleads “one nation under GOD...”. What god are they referring to?

😢 This child resembles my son, making my ire even stronger. realDonaldTrump VP FLOTUS IvankaTrump DonaldJTrumpJr KellyannePolls SenSusanCollins senatemajldr SHAME! I'm done with, 'They brought this on themselves.' These are living people. You exhaust us, and we're done! This is the problem with the reporting. He was sick when he came here from the 1000 mike trek. Doctors can’t just fix him. So if dies on the floor or medical area, is there a difference?

Hmmmm more illegals died in custody under Obama! While this is sad, reality is, this is something that can happen when you come here illegally! This may not have happened had they come here the legal way!! you can't come crawling over the border to the US with life threatening illness and expect to be cured on arrival thats not how it works .

💔 lol

Obama Sucks No one has, in 244 years, died while LEGALLY ENTERING THE USA. He died in may, why are just finding out? Has Melania Trump made any comment yet? She was quick to advocate for the protection of children the other day. Or, is it a question of other animals being more equal than others? FLOTUS any comment? This is your husbands handywork. He literally kills children

A child died all alone, without his parents there noone to help him. I will never look at America the same. Shame on you Where was his parents? ABOLISH ICE AND DETENTION CENTERS 美国是个“自由国度”。 THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO HUMANITY, PURE EVIL.

But what about baron graciegrace80 😢😢😢wtf America Each passing day; humans are showing reason why we are no good to the planet, not even to ourselves. Little power turn our head on its own. Animals and Dinosaurs would've done better Country is spending millions of $ to process.. house and feed the immigrants.. in squalor conditions.. with no solution in sight..continuing to separate kids and parents. This is now who we have become

Disgraceful and heartbreaking What immune system disorder did he have? And Melania trump has the fucking nerve to berate Pamela Karlan for her completely innocent comment about Barron!!! What about this young boy who only wanted a chance at a better life?!? And he died so alone. I despise all the trumps!

Can you put at least rugs down if you don't want to spend money on beds!! Poor government. And they cried foul when the professor brought up Barons name. They said don’t bring minors into politics. That is exactly whAt you’re doing with these children. They’re pawns in your political moves.

The word 'ProPublica' makes me highly skeptical about the legitimacy of this claim. It goes without saying that any death, regardless of who has custody someone, is tragic. ProPublica is just a prime source of leftwing propaganda. Dems invite the invasion. Trump says we have a crisis, dems say it's manufactured, deny funding to Trump administration. Invaders overwhelm CBP facilities, bad things happen. Dems own this tragedy 100%. Nobody else is responsible.

Just another reason I want Trump out of office. He's TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE for his cruelty to immigrants & to Dreamers. Just how many innocent children have to die just because we have an ignorant fool in the White House? realDonaldTrump graciegrace80 I'm glad the FBI is investigating...Someone needs to be held Criminally accountable.

Literal actual concentration camps. In the head line you forgot to say an illegal migrant trying to illegally cross our borders while sick with dissease tried and got caught, then died while in custody. Lol If you put your children in dangerous circumstance like traveling thousands of miles with no proper medical help and food this is a possibility. America is not to blame.

This is just disgusting. Americans can no longer claim they live in the greatest country in the world. They have fallen so far. Bless this boy’s soul. Angel. FLOTUS 😡

Democrats need to stop encouraging them to come here. He obviously got sick from his long journey. Dirty water. Wait until they do an autopsy Health Advisory: Don't take your kids on a 2,000 mile hike to break into another country without a Visa. God help us...Please🙏 I think the key to this news is also that the kid's actual death doesn't match up with the officials report.

Stephen Miller’s proud moment. He needs to be thrown in jail... along with the rest of the racist GOP. Sickening. Just because his name is not barron! So does it make sense to push for endless immigration that we can't process now or maybe, just maybe it's a terrible idea to push for mass immigration?🤦

Perhaps if people entered the country in an orderly, legal, fashion, it would be easier to provide them with better care. Or, just keep sneaking in and creating chaos. 💔

Someone who is 'pro-life' will come and justify this, just give it a sec. 😭😭😭 Is America great again yet? Blame Trump. Hey FLOTUS how about these kids? First prostitute of the United States. No words. 😥😢😥😢😥😢😥😢😥😢😢😥

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