Group endorses Latino Democratic candidates who may make history, boost Hispanic turnout

The Latino Victory Fund endorses Latino Democrats who could make historic firsts and galvanize Latino voters in the 2020 election - @NBCLatino

5/30/2020 1:20:00 AM

The Latino Victory Fund endorses Latino Democrats who could make historic firsts and galvanize Latino voters in the 2020 election - NBCLatino

The Latino Victory Fund endorsed candidates such as Ricky Hurtado, who grew up in rural North Carolina and could be the first Latino elected to the state's House.

Latino Victory Fund’s endorsement of Del Valle and two other Pennsylvania Latino candidates marks the first time the group has gotten involved in racesat the legislative level in the state, Macias said.Del Valle, running in a Philadelphia district that is 11 percent Latino, is the son of a father who emigrated from Cuba and mother who emigrated from Colombia. He grew up with many cousins and other relatives who were also immigrants.

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Andre Del Valle, 27, is a candidate for Pennsylvania state House District 175 in Tuesday's primary.Andre Del Valle CampaignDel Valle is a former aide to the only Latino member of the Philadelphia City Council, Maria Quiñones Sanchez, and helped her draft anti-poverty policies, including a landmark domestic workers’ rights bill.

But as the coronavirus spread in the U.S., Del Valle said it's been difficult to make his calls to potential voters about turning out for him or contributing to his campaign.It is not uncommon to call a potential supporter and be told: “Now is not the right time. I just lost my job. I’m trying to figure out how to get my unemployment checks," Del Valle said.

Seeing the need in his community, which has a mix of incomes but includes an area of high poverty, Del Valle decided that rather than campaign, he would distribute food, help residents navigate the unemployment benefit system and get out more information about coronavirus prevention, including in Spanish.

“It would be incredibly selfish of me to continue (asking for votes) and talk about what I want to accomplish, while people around me are suffering and wondering where their next meal is going to come from,” he said.He still believes he and other Latino candidates can have an impact, even if the current coronavirus pandemic has diluted other issues his campaign is advocating, such as tackling the district’s opioid crisis and advocating for immigrant and workers’ rights.

“My race has the opportunity to bring out the Latino vote here in Philadelphia. I hope people are engaged and understand the importance of the election,” he said, adding he thinks his campaign will have"ripple effects."In addition to Del Valle, the Latino Victory Fund endorsed Rep. Danilo Burgos, the first Dominican American elected to Pennsylvania’s state House, who is running for re-election in state House District 197. It also endorsed Manny Guzman, who if elected, would be the first Latino elected in the state's District 127. Guzman is in a five-way primary that includes other Latino candidates.

The other candidates the Latino Victory Fund is endorsing for election or re-election are: Read more: NBC News »

NBCLatino Why is NBC pushing a Democratic political group? Oh yeah, they are advocates, not news reporters. NBCLatino how about make good decisions instead of making history..obama made history and was ineffective

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