Ground zero heroes gain some pandemic 'insurance'

In other coronavirus news: Big Ten football will resume in October and the New York City mayor says he will share some of the city's fiscal pain.

9/17/2020 7:40:00 AM

The police officers, firefighters and construction workers who risked their lives and compromised their health toiling at ground zero have won what could be called coronavirus insurance.

In other coronavirus news: Big Ten football will resume in October and the New York City mayor says he will share some of the city's fiscal pain.

to"produce a vaccine in record time.""I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump," Biden said during a speech in his home state of Delaware.With New York City bracing for billions of dollars in budget shortfalls because of the pandemic, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he and 400 members of his City Hall staff would take an unpaid, week-long furlough in the coming months. And it’s not just a gesture of solidarity with the rest of the beleaguered city. The move would reduce the city’s budget by 12 percent. “It’s painful for them and their families, but it’s the right thing to do," de Blasio said Wednesday. The de Blasio administration “has been in secretive talks with labor leaders for weeks to identify other savings as well,” The

Florida's governor clears restaurants and bars to fully open Vietnamese Condom Factory Accused Of Recycling Used Prophylactics The US just topped more than 7 million coronavirus cases as 23 states report rising numbers

New York Daily Newsreported. Among the ideas being considered is offering incentives for city workers to retire early. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the state’s new coronavirus infection rate had dipped below 1 percent but urged New Yorkers to remain vigilant. “There is no margin for error,” Cuomo said. “It's going to take all of us to keep wearing our masks, washing our hands and remaining socially distant." Back in March and April, New York was the nation’s hot spot and thousands died while public health officials tried to figure out how to contain the crisis. New York still leads the nation with 33,903 deaths — most of them from the start of the pandemic.

The Big Tencalled an audibleand announced it will play football this fall after all. The league, which includes college football powerhouses like Ohio State, Penn State and the University of Michigan, will be back on the field starting Oct. 23. Just a month ago, the schools agreed to push back the 2020 season because of the pandemic. Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren said the development of rapid testing technology has made it possible to resume play without endangering players."This is a fluid situation, and we always wanted to make sure we put the health and safety of our student athletes at the forefront," he said. Trump, who was furious when the Big Ten canceled play, applauded the league’s 180-degree turn and took some credit for the decision. “President Trump had nothing to do with our decision and did not impact the deliberations," a

Big Ten university president told NBC News."In fact, when his name came up, it was a negative because no one wanted this to be political.”The presidents of two historically Black colleges are leading the charge to get African-Americans, long suspicious of the medical establishment, to

take part in the Covid-19 vaccinationtrials. Walter M. Kimbrough of Dillard University and C. Reynold Verret of Xavier University of Louisiana announced they have already walked the walk. “We’re protecting our communities,” Verret told NBC News. “It is important to have people like us in these trials. We all know someone who has passed or been hit with Covid-19. When a vaccine comes, we want it to be available and to work on our community." But they immediately got pushback from critics."Our children should not be used as Guinea pigs,” one Tweeted.

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Trump's ABC town hall: President faces tough questions on coronavirus response, health care, racial injustice

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Remember this is all based on a flawed testing method that produces false positive results! Deaths that have been reclassified as covid regardless of the actual cause, and a 99.9% recovery rate! Plandemic Agenda21 ID2020 Operationlockstep Quantumtattoo Coronavirus Covid19

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