Grocery Workers Keep America Fed, While Fearing For Their Own Safety

Many low-wage workers with essential jobs — like grocery store cashiers and stockers — can't stay home to protect themselves and their families. The protections they receive vary widely.

4/2/2020 7:04:00 PM

'It's definitely eye-opening,' says a Kroger cashier in West Virginia. 'Because people are now saying: 'Oh, my God, these people [working at grocery stores] deserve hazard pay.' But these are the same people who say we don't deserve $15 an hour.'

Many low-wage workers with essential jobs — like grocery store cashiers and stockers — can't stay home to protect themselves and their families. The protections they receive vary widely.

to push for basic safety measures.In other cases, nonunion companies have voluntarily implemented changes. Food Lion President Meg Ham says her company's top priority is customer and employee safety, and that extra sanitizing and plexiglass shields protect both groups.

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"We know that our customers count on our 68,000 associates to be there for them," she says."And we have continued to remind them of the importance of being diligent and caring for themselves."COVID-19 Threatens Food Supply Chain As Farms Worry About Workers Falling Ill

Food Lion is also trying to hire more workers to help with the crunch, and like many stores they're offering extra"appreciation pay" during the crisis, though Ham wouldn't say how much. Many other stores are offering an extra $2 an hour.

Some corporations that usually resist calls for sick leave and higher pay have changed their tone in this pandemic, says John Logan, a professor and director of labor and employment studies at San Francisco State University."It sounds crazy now that people ever doubted that these workers who are really keeping society functioning to a large extent were ever not worth $15 an hour or should ever have been denied paid sick leave," he says.

But he notes that companies' policy changes are temporary, just for the duration of this crisis. It's an open question whether all this new appreciation will last.And the protections are piecemeal — different stores have different approaches, and different levels of commitment to worker safety.

Walmart To Start Checking Workers' TemperaturesLogan says local and state authorities can help by requiring all stores to practice safety measures like installing plastic shields, allowing hand-washing breaks or limiting the number of people allowed inside stores at one time. Some areas have policies like this in place; many don't.

In some cases, governors classifying grocery store workers as essential or ascan help them access services like child care. Logan says states could go further and treat grocery staff as first responders, helping them get access to protective gear like masks and gloves.

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Grocery store workers also say they want shoppers to think about the risks they're creating.'Essential' Child Care Workers Struggle To Balance Family Needs, Safety"A lot of our customers are coming in in masks, and I appreciate that," says Amanda Casaburri, who works at a Kroger near Fort Worth, Texas."I'd like to think that it's not just for their health but it's for ours."

When she's restocking dry goods she's constantly thinking about every surface she touches. She worries about catching the virus and spreading it to others."I just don't see how it's possible that a huge majority of grocery store workers are not going to get sick," she says."Are we gonna lose some of our co-workers to this? It's absolutely possible."

Casaburri says she sees some customers lingering in aisles, with no sense of urgency. She urges shoppers to bring a list, get in and get out. Read more: NPR »

Grocery stores need to all switch to in store pick up (if they can), UFCWLocal1776KS How is a Shoprite going to try and start my pay at $8.50? Have you ever seen me labor? I have spent years as a clerk in various capacities in both clerical and retail environments. Yet because I don't have experience as a 'grocer' putting product on the shelf that's it.

michelle_sali_ we invite you to be our member follow and message now,join the member of Illuminati get wealthy get rish,get honor,join now today text me now +1 (289) 769-1791 😕 God help these people They make us go to work risking ourselves and in turn our families. I have a baby but I guess it's ok because we are 'essential' they can keep their title, I want security

Covid19 My local grocery has a tip jar at each register And it's important to remember they are not'HEROES', they are people who have no choice. The whole country needs to go back to work to do their part! Yes, but at least they are getting paid unlike many others who have been fired and have no money coming in.

This is why we gotta elect Bernie. He's the only candidate who has been fighting for hazard pay, sick leave, and minimum wage raises in the midst of this crisis. Congratulations for still having a job laidoff COVID19 ...AND customers act like total *ssholes! STAY AT HOME but if you do come out then Tip your juicer, barista and food server. They need the tips.

benjred Upper Management and CEO’s should be in the stores working in the same conditions as their employees until this is over! Minimum wage is not worth risking your life. Do most have health insurance and many other benefits and entitlements? It's a shame we haven't anyone in government/leadership that's fighting for a living wage, healthcare that isn't tied to employment or worker rights. I mean surely if our Nation just had someone that was trying to change things for the working class we would listen. Bernie2020

This whole thing is getting to look like a hoax. Who would ask these minimum wage kids to risk their lives so we can sit home watching Netflix 24 x 7? They're no more at risk than the rest of us under 70 year olds. Get America back to work. medicare for all and hazard pay for these workers They have to show up or be fired. Imagine not having a choice, having to be there amongst all the customers and at times no proper protection. They’re definitely under appreciated retail workers and most likely in fear of being exposed...

Most must work. A small segment can choose to stay home. I work in a pharmacy in a grocery store and it's much the same. I've started making masks for my coworkers because it's the best we'll be able to get. Barely a living wage, no PPE, and yet we're essential 🙃 chessloser That’s why I took the 30 days paid leave from target cause a team member tested positive for the virus. I’m diabetic and I’m not gonna risk my life for my job of $15 an hour . Plus we haven’t gotten masks or plexiglass partitions either. They keep saying 2 weeks on the masks

Please find masks for your employees! Help them stay healthy! God bless our essential workers! And let’s also not forget the janitors, custodial staff, cleaning crews and other often unheralded, minimum wage and largely immigrant workers who are keeping environments clean so that life-saving and caregiving can take place.

Even with a high paid wage, hazard pay and benefits people would still need to do it. Unless we allow technology to take over most of these jobs to make people safe I don’t know how this can be avoided. Unfortunately this will not happen. It never does. If any wages are increased, cost of living will climb as well.

Has anyone looked at what percentage of “essential” employees are being paid minimum wage? I got a job working at a grocery store three days ago because my job was. I’m not whining about my pay, I knew I needed an income to pay rent so I got a job where I knew they’d be hiring at. You do whatever it takes to survive.

jeez, these workers are always essential and they deserve to be paid, as well as appreciated, considerably more than they are. for goodness sake, give them protections. ot all Americans can stay home during the pandemic. Millions of essential workers deemed unworthy of a mere $15 living wage are showing up for their jobs at warehouses, grocery stores and delivery trucks — work that is often comes with few protections and no healthcare benefits

We need to pay them more. Now and in the future! Bless them, Lord! These people truly are incredible!❤🙏☮ It’s because the work is low pay and has few benefits that have to show up. They can’t afford not to. This crisis should result in Medicare for all, paid leave, and a raise in the minimum wage. Meanwhile, everyone on unemployment gets an extra $600 every week in addition to their full wages, for doing nothing.

Banks! Wire rooms! Financial institutions God bless these people. They are the heroes along with the medical and first responders, mail and driveway drivers. and politicians don’t think should raise the minimum wage Yes. My wife and oldest son are two of them. Do us a favor: • Wear a mask. • Maintain 6ft between you & the person putting things on shelves. • Don’t cough toward people! (See 1st point) • Don’t be a jerk. They don’t have magic wands & can’t give you what they don’t have.

Yawn... So wtf is your point? jeez, this workers are always essential and they deserve to be paid, as well as appreciated, considerably more than they are. for goodness sake, give them protections. Foster care agencies too. I’m worried for my husband’s life everyday that he goes to work. Haven’t heard any mention of the scientists and researchers working to find a cure / vaccine that can end this virus.

Let’s raise the minimum wage. We can do that right ? A little. This is smart and let’s get everyone some kind of healthcare. It’s good for business... if the moral reasons don’t move you. Folks are shouting for hazard pay, let's get these folks on a living wage, then let's provide hazard pay on top of that. Things shouldn't 'go back to normal' after this...

This is what breaks my heart the most, whole the rich are at their vacation homes not working or working remotely.’s mutual feeling. Company needed us in this toughest time and so us - smallbiz needed them. Glad I was able to save gloves and mask 😷 for my janitorial. grocery store worker $8 an hour... average police officer $48 an hour... which one is paid like they are essential?

Hazard pay is a must. we should maybe pay them a whole lot more and give them benefits huh They need hazard pay When things return to normal, people need to remember this and advocate on behalf of these front-line workers so they receive a fair & livable wage, paid time off, and healthcare benefits. Before this we had $23T in debt and a $1T deficit. Why are people still slicing and dicing Americans to pick winners and losers? Why are we still treating this person really well, that person somewhat nicely and others to a $1200 kick in the gut, spit in the eye?

shaunking There is an almost direct correlation between being an 'essential' worker, and being paid a starvation wage. thomas_chips ThankYouGroceryWorkers Big difference from saying you deserve it and saying the federal government should force your employer to give it to you. Remember GOP is against living wages when you vote in November.

KaraWAVY So very true they definitely deserve more than what they are getting paid This is America. Those who matter to people the most are oftentimes paid the least JohnFugelsang They should be wearing masks and gloves too! genetic_warrior If you get delivery service, tip generously. These are essential services to elderly and immunocompromised people like me.

It is because the frontlines of this virus war moved onto home soil. They do deserve compensation in some form for the new risks they are now taking while other jobs are at home and 'safe.' JohnFugelsang I don't understand the shields up at the registers, they have a shield up and then 2 bagger girls right next to him with no gloves no mask nothing its like um ok

If they get paid more, how will the people that can barely afford food now (without being able to go to work, for example) actually afford food? Because you know that the CEOs aren’t gonna take out of their wages. Ha. That would be the day. If you ever used the term 'unskilled workers' you dont deserve us working class to risk our lives and families lives to feed and supply you. How do you elitist jerks sleep at night?

Our local StopandShop banned masks for workers last week, and barely provide gloves that fit this week. They should be treating their workers like kings, they are making a fortune off of their backs. Take care of our front line! While we send soldiers to bomb funerals and weddings, these people are on the domestic front lines. No tasers, night sticks, no 1033 program, no GI bill, just poverty wages as they face spitting-angry consumers delayed from their artery-clogging, white-european casseroles.

I made $15 an hour working in a public library in So-Cal in 1994 and it wasn’t enough to live on! Many thanks to the grocery store workers, and NO, you do NOT deserve $15 an hour during ordinary times. NPR, we know what you are. JohnFugelsang Same people who were looked down on, for not lifting themselves up by the boot straps. Its their poor life choices for not being able to afford college. These people given a SNAP application along with a company handbook upon employment.

JohnFugelsang They’ll go back to saying that once the plague has subsided. We’ll never cure Selfish Jerk Syndrome. JohnFugelsang Never again do I want to hear the service industry workers don’t deserve a living wage JohnFugelsang Everyone deserves a livable wage and in times like these hazard pay is a must

imstayinghome for grocery workers! Thanks thank you lkbond Yeah but if they could dribble or throw a football, damn! Think how helpful that would be in life and death scenarios. Then we'd pay them millions. To them hazard pay is temporary. That's the difference. 15 an hour to them 'will come out of our pockets Then no!'

dsloandownes I’ve ALWAYS thought those folks-ALL of em-who provide us FOOD, which we CANNOT live without (like clean water, clean air, btw), from the fields to the stores, do NOT make fair pay. PLUS, the NEED PAID SICK DAYS AND HEALTHCARE. Priorities Well said. Now more than ever get this done and raise the minimum wage.

This pisses me off. Apples and oranges. On a regular day they probably shouldn't get 15$. These aren't regular days. Universal healthcare now!! We need more Hazzard pay dealing with both polite and fuckhead customers. The ones so scared they're endangering the clerk's by flinging groceries at them across the belt as if we're untouchables.

Thank You 🙏 To All The Support Workers Who Are At Risk And Continue To Support Us 🙏 The people at NPR think everyone is too stupid to think and act in their own best interest. Just like how they require public funding and beg you for money. Socialist need to tell you how to think and act because the staff at NPR is pathetic.

I use my reusable bags and self scanner so I never have contact with a Clerk, just have to dodge the hoarders to stay away from them. ProfMSinha A more general point: Where is the social distancing discipline in grocery stores? I’m sure some stores and their customers have taken steps, but plenty haven’t, here and abroad. Isn’t it obvious that a grocery store now must be regarded as a likely vector?

VOTE JoeBiden that will change ! People in Scandinavia make better money, have access to basic health care (not all is free) and other services, and citizens pay higher taxes. Time for Two Dollar General here? All of what we were told, is a lie. Buy a house, build wealth. Well 2008 brought an end to that. Invest is the market, yeah, right. Universal healthcare is socislism. Every one needs care, right now. Minimum wage workers don't deserve more. R I D I C U L O U S!

People are confused.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔 the tourchered souls of slaughtered animals has humanity mentally enslaved.. addicted to putrid animal lactations suckling a cow bathing in and drinking rat poison.. Welcome to America In the 90s grocery store workers averaged $15+ an hour. What happened is capitalism subsidized by corporate socialism

shannon_carter It works much like how for a month they were forcing the closure of bus. & telling everyone to stay at home & sacrifice because it's an emergency yet they delayed an insulting 1,200 for a month meaning it's really 600 a month for March/April. Oh they're so tricky aren't they. shannon_carter They don't deserve $15 an hour that would have been ok 12 years go so what happened was a massive delay campaign & now they're going to pretend to go well oh gee gosh guess you can have $15 when by now that $15 would be well over $20. See how that works...

And a lot of these hospital don’t won’t to pay hazardous pay to healthcare workers and especially to those who give direct care to patients. Pay or no pay, please, wear home-made face masks. At least, if you cough, sneeze, talk, you won’t be sticking your droplets of germs onto people’s food. AND if the shoppers did THE SAME, we would be in a lot less of a mess now.

IN A FEW WEEKS, PEOPLE WILL BE DOWN TO DO HAZARD JOBS FOR $1 EVERY TWO HOURS.... THE ECONOMY IS GOING TO BE THAT BAD OR ATLEAST ORCHESTRATED TO BE THAT WAY... THE UNEMPLOYMENT WEBSITE IS CRASHING FROM THE JOBLESS, THATS THE REAL HAZARD. What I don’t understand is why they don’t wear protection on their face/gloves? As we now know, it does not have 2 b a medical-grade mask, it can be home-made. So, why aren’t they wearing any protection? I go to stores with face covering (home made) & gloves. Wht am I missing?

We are all living through the same hazard People in Beckley WV deserve hazard pay at any given moment. Sad.. They’re also the same people whose salary increases (driven by liberals) caused the jump in wages that Rs are taking credit for. absurd MikeElk They should still strike if the employer isn't providing mask and gloves.

Ok, went to Fred Meyers today ( a Kroger store) and none of the staff had masks or even bandanas. They had gloves and the cashiers had the plastic screens. They should be wearing masks or face covers to protect customers and themselves. All companies depend on the very people who they refuse to pay or even treat reasonably, it has just taken an event as big as this to make it apparent.

LouisianaBernie 2 different issues Pay them If these people were paid the same in 1975 they would be earning $21/hr sad to say this but many country would work for these kind of job as a steady pay. while some are contracted to work for 3 to 6 months or even less. Americans just dont respect workers and if you don't believe they would spit in your food and drink. they dont deserve rude people

when matters of public health and safety are left to individual retailers. HAZARD PAY & STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS FOR ALL EMPLOYEES DESIGNATED AS “CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE” NURSES, DOCTORS, LOCAL & STATE & FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE WORKERS ETC.. Some quarantine, some must/just do what it takes to get the job done!DEBT PAID!

I'm amaze how disgusting these Americans commenting how bad the retail industry is. why do you shop there? why go through a fast food restaurant if you despise the workers?. fkn Americans respect every job status you idiots!!! if you dont why would they respect you shopping.co19 The problem with the wartime analogy is... they don't. The nurses don't, the police don't, and the uber drivers don't. Nobody deserves hazard pay. THEY DESERVE A LIVING WAGE. ALL THE TIME. Hazard pay goes away with the hazard. Don't let that happen.

$$$$$ is man's invention. Remember in 80s when people were throwing themselves out the windows for it?!!!! $$$ is their GOD!!! Beware of these types of people....the 'City of Bones' was built by them. Once there becomes a surplus of masks...not only do they deserve more money, but they deserve to wear a mask during their shift-and supplied by their company. Thank you to all those who are doing such a courageous job. Bless you.

I remember when grocery workers were all union and making really good money. Some assholes here think that $15 is a gravy train. Faulty logic on the part of the grocery worker. Hire Hitler I wasted 7 years of my young adult life working for Albertsons. I got complacent and noticed many of my coworkers as as well. Some still there. I was making $19hr and 2012 massive layoffs happened. It sucked, but opened my mind to college and my passion. I work in IT now.

Masks should be a requirement for all grocers to provide. This will not be well received. But I've wondered why the the job still exists. Cashier is not really a job anymore. Neither is Bank Teller. But then I thought crime would plummet because of phone-cams. What cashiers and Bank tellers do now is more than counting and collecting.

JustJulieAZ I make $12 and I get hazard pay. Yeah, well when people figure out $1200.00 a month is the Federal minimum wage it will change minds. Hear, hear! THEY ARE WORKING BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO BE WORKING!! brooklynmarie No they’re not the same people. The employers may say that but the rank and file citizens...hell yes we think they deserve it.

The staff at my Kroger in Sugar Land TX are fantastic. They deserve not only a livable wage, but our sincere gratitude. They rock! I have never heard anything uttered from anyone, anywhere, ever- even close to 'we dont deserve $15 an hour. NEVER shut up. kroger meijer AldiUSA TheDailyShow StephenAtHome

We call it Ralphs here. Managers are nice, workers....ehhh. I make $13.80 at a grocery store. No hazard pay. No safety equipment. They taped a paper in the break room saying thanks for all you do. Our sales are up 148 percent. They dont give a damn about us. They are hard working people and not only do they deserve the 15$ pay but benefits as well!!!

_alex_joshua SenhorRaposa RevTedEdmonson laurenhtexas everything is wrong and everything must change I assume those who suggest that these workers don't deserve better pay have never worked these jobs before. Compassion for others that don't share the same experiences as yourself would do wonders for this world.

We don’t even think they deserve sick leave or health care. Great point! Betting a lot of these workers don’t have medical benefits. So yeah, during “normal” flu and cold season and especially during COVID19 they deserve more than minimum wage. the nonessential essentials 1 does not equal the other. If you are working in a field that places you at higher risk, additional pay is warranted. However, day to day, no pandemic, low skill labor doesn't necessarily warrant high pay.

Absolutely deserve hazard pay tho The only people saying grocery store workers don't deserve $15 an hour are the same people who are saying the virus is a hoax and that we should sacrifice ourselves for the economy. Vote them out and we might have a shot to fix this and a lot of other things. Not sure that correlates?

In words of British prime minister Winston Churchill 'Never was so much owed by so many to so few'. Right? Everyone deserves a living wage. They deserved it before. They deserve it now. They also deserve health insurance. And a month off after this shit is over... Paid. This excerpt from a NYT article says it all...the essential employees are often the lowest paid. That’s very fvcked up.

That’s because they don’t deserve $15 an hour. Well and they’re the same ones causing the hazard! There are millions of people, out of work, who would do those jobs for $15 an hour, some for less even Yes there's a reason you'd get hazard pay now, but not during a normal time. That doesn't seem such a difficult concept to wrap your mind around.

We deserve hazard discounts to shop there. SharonCarbine Noratoriou5 Remember all the generous press npr gave the 15/hr min wage candidate in 2016 and 2020? No, me neither. Walmart pay attention, Walton’s. classicconservatism John_Doe_Who The minimum should be at 27 FreemasonWatchn They should be at 100 dollars an hour in these times. Optional choice to work. Nothing less.

Chiming in every where I can. Grocery stores and any other business that sells perishables are being put under a level stress that is unheard of. Employees are exhausted and worn out. We do not have time to clean and sanitize. And mgmt is not providing PPE. maison21 Same with nurses. Public health experts warn that better compensation does not remove the legal responsibility for employers to create a safe workplace. “The $2 is insulting, to be honest, it’s not nearly enough,” & “Compensation should reflect that risk.”

BichonSnuggles And yet Joe Biden is the front runner?! 🤦‍♂️People, please. There's still time. This primary has not yet been won. If you are in a state that has not voted yet make sure you vote & vote for Bernie Sanders! _kwilkins I know how great they are MaraWilson check out this document for a cool thing workers can organize and do together to protect the safety of themselves and their communities :)

For the centrists reading this, the cashier is also talking about you. Anyone that is blaming only Republicans needs to know that centrists have been fighting Bernie & his supporters over this issue. This includes that arrogant Hoarse Whisperer. RealityEndorsesBernie What?!?! People shouldn't need more than one job to afford necessities.

They always were EssentialWorkers We started a digital tip jar to recognize them. Contribute if you can. Hit me up if you are a grocery store worker! I want to talk with you 🤑 Why only $15 an hour why not 20 50 or a hundred why be so cheap about it? It's not your money why do you give a shit? Holly strawman Batman.

stephlynn1982 Wal-Mart is closing one of the front entrances saying it's to enforce distancing. Yeah let's force everyone together in one entrance...Idiot! They still haven't given their employees masks or gloves. COVID2019 No one is saying that. BeardyThings It's almost like grocery store employees are more important to society than stock traders!

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh humans deserve rights omg what a crazy idea Im considered an essential worker and I’m thankful that I’m still able to work and earn a paycheck! This can’t last, we can’t sustain the country being shut down. All jobs are essential and we need to get everyone back to work! Be smart, be safe, but work!

Absolutely Remember that in 2016 Bernie pushes for a living wage. Hillary C. publicly stated she wasn’t against FightFor15 and that Bernie’s ideas where too “pie in the sky”. Khallion I 'm a senior and immuno-comprised (diabetic and had quad by-pass). So I got I up extra early to do the senior shopping. I did wander a bit looking for items but as I entered they were wiping down the carts and I was handed a wet wipe for my hands.

RobotLyra I had a older woman come up to me while I was putting stuff out on a shelf the other day and say 'I really appreciate the work you're all doing' And it took everything not to scream back 'Then stop voting for Republicans' and if we are 65 and older and are in real fear of the virus due to our age, either we have to continue working or take a leave of absence without pay

Stay the fuck home. Unless you’re doing essential shopping, there should be no reason for you to be in my store. Also - 1) if it’s not on the shelf, I don’t have any in back 2) if I had more help to call, they would be here. 3) be nice ChiefCovfefe It should be $15 now, and $22 in like 4 years. I predict inflation.

Sadly what will happen is big business will see people can get sick, miss work, or even go on strike when their life is endangered. Thus strengthening the notion of replacing human workers with automation. 👍👍👍👍👍Agreed 💰 Trump would not have the guts to take this kind of question or issue...he would call out the reporter for being 'nasty', and then ask Pence to come up and compliment him. Then Fox would run it for weeks.

Roll out the cashier less RF technology? slpng_giants We're not essential, we're disposable. We know the fucking difference, and all this back-patting doesn't change a fucking thing. AllenAC009 Yes... pandemics are not business as usual... these are unique times. Wow, get a clue comrade. Our lives are worth very little to everyone. If you really care about us tell all the Karens you know to shop online instead of bothering us in store. Thank you

💯💯💯! ESSENTIAL WORKERS ALWAYS but now they’re working in dangerous conditions! They need $15 bucks and hour PLUS hazard pay and PPE! we are learning how many people take care of us and when we can, we are gonna have to start giving back. we are in it together. no way out without each other. stay home. help others.

As a retail manager, that last paragraph is the one that sticks with me the most. Stop lingering. Stop window-shopping. Have a list. Get in. Get out. truuu “People” don’t matter. Talk to your store manager if you want more pay. Twitter jockey opinions, including mine, don’t mean squat. If you aren’t being paid what you’re worth, then find another job. Can’t find another one? Then maybe you ARE being paid what you are worth...

It's nice to think that these folks chose to do this but of course the truth is they have No CHOICE! It would be justice if only those who feel that grocery workers should not get paid a living wage were not allowed in the stores. Look, I work in grocery. We're getting swamped now, I could definitely understand bonuses and extra pay. But in normal times...I never get hired if the entry rate is 15 bucks.

ChrisGorham To be fair, I think the folks wanting them to have hazard pay are by and large NOT the same ones saying they don't deserve 15/hr. I think those of us on side of this thing are on the same side of both issues, there. (I want them to get $15+ an hour AND have hazard pay) Each to fight these changes but eventually ppl had to quit and get jobs so they could eat. These stores just hired new ppl at majorly reduced wages. Supermarkets are shitty, just as much as hospitals screwing HCWs. They should walk off job while they have power.

I never said any such non sense. Being a grocery store worker used to be a decent job. Twenty years ago they started at $14 an hour with full benefits. Then the stores got greedy and took these things away. Both my brothers went through strikes that lasted almost a year /1 THANK YOU MR ANDREW CUOMO FOR BEING A TRUE LEADER WHO BRINGS HOPE THROUGH TRUTH! I AM LEAVING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND PRAY TO GOD YOU WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. OUR DEEPEST PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU SIR.

Show people how essential you are by a nationwide strike. ToshLS Those people should all be wearing masks 3 weeks ago.. slpng_giants Grocery workers used to be a decent paying job - before mass immigration. Correct, grocery store work does not create $15 worth of value per hour These are the same people who say 'if they want to make more or have healthcare they should get a real job. We shouldnt pay lazy low achievers'.These are the same people who us working class are risking our lives to feed and supply right now. Most elitists don't know they are 1

Iron_Spike I tipped my cashier last time I shopped. I will continue as long as they are forced to risk their lives so I can have 🍞 I see them every time I wander over to a Target (as an example), I speak with some of them (nice people, some near or past retirement age). And due to appearance issues, they have no safety equipment (masks, gloves) and are at risk. Doubt they have medical, either!

And I’ve noticed none have masks. They do have newly installed shields but last I knew viruses weren’t limited to a 4 feet square of plexiglass as a savior. Plus the grocery chains are making an exorbitant amount of coin so they could easily show the workers they care. Danny Wegm American4Love When capitalism is bailed out by socialism

Not just grocery workers. Truck loaders making $14/hr to risk their and their family's lives... $560 a week while laid-off coworkers get a bonus $600 every week for doing nothing. Everyone showing up to their jobs at essential businesses should get hazard pay. I bet a lot of businesses downtown would suddenly decide that operating as usual isn't worth the health risk but it's really about not wanting to pay their employees.

Yeah, now if everyone would stop throwing gloves all over the fucking parking lots, that would be great. slpng_giants We. Were. Dying. Before. I just bought groceries at Tom Thumb. I bought my cashier a gift card from the store. She cried and cried and said thank you for thinking of me. A small thing that meant so much.

Many of the workers come from our current educational systems so its understandable that they are afraid. They are no longer taught how to deal with life, they are only taught that OUR opinion of life is your reality. Can you please highlight the plight of farm workers next? They're still working too Perhaps a greater understanding & appreciation for all the conveniences we accept as a normal part of life will be a takeaway from this experience.

Capitalist society needs reform too! know who’s sending America groceries fruitsandvegetables yes Immigration Immigrants buenas Mejures y buenos hombres RapistInChief People who have zero understanding of wages, markets, and businesses think $15/hr wages for all is a good thing.

Please Remember This Elderly Worker at My Grocery Store the Next Time You 'Need' To Go OutI'm guilty of running a 'quick' errand, but after this heartbreaking interaction, I know the chores aren't worth it and can wait.

Walmart will start taking employees' temperatures and let them wear masksWalmart will begin taking workers' temperatures at stores and warehouses before they begin their shifts. Any employee with a temperature above 100 degrees will be sent home to seek medical treatment, if necessary, but will be paid for showing up. one for all and all for one In addition, when a person has a cold or symptoms, it is necessary to have a habit of wearing a mask, This is public morality. 🙏I wish people safety and health!🌻🌞 People must mainly prevent and protect: wear masks and glasses when going out, wash hands often, disinfect cellphones, disinfect coats and shoes, reduce parties, and keep distance away ... be sure to take precautions.

Farmworkers, Mostly Undocumented, Become ‘Essential’ During PandemicImmigrant field workers have been told to keep working despite stay-at-home directives, and given letters attesting to their “critical” role in feeding the United States A sane country would've make them citizens yesterday. Unless Trump voters feel like going out into those fields and keeping the food supply chain moving. And they don't. No one cares about the truth, just smear China.Smearing China is the political correctness of Europe and the United States.China had warned the world in January that the disease was dangerous, But the Trump administration doesn't care.Trump is spreading lies every day. Oh look its immigrants doing all the shit labor again while americans yell at them to go back home

The Coronavirus Challenges Facing U.S. Farms: Get Workers, Keep Them HealthyFarms and orchards across the country are scrambling to ensure a steady supply of workers—and keep them healthy—as the coronavirus pandemic highlights a critical vulnerability in America’s food chain: labor. The U.S. coronavirus is the previous U.S. flu. Trump hid the truth, leading to a worldwide pandemic. In the United States, the poor will die first of the rich, and doctors and nurses will die first of politicians. monsanto bayer trump 1929 We need to protect workers. Why we need PPE for medical and essential workers.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Quietly Donate $400,000 to New York's Hardest-Hit HospitalsIt comes two weeks after they donated $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. If it was quiet than why do you know about it? 🙄

19 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Grocery Store Workers In The Coronavirus PandemicPass it on.