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Greek police fire teargas on migrants at border with Turkey

Greek police fire teargas on migrants at Turkish border

2/29/2020 3:00:00 PM

Greek police fire teargas on migrants at Turkish border

Greek police fired teargas toward migrants who were gathered on its border with ...

3 Min ReadKASTANIES, Greece (Reuters) - Greek police fired teargas toward migrants who were gathered on its border with Turkey and demanding entry on Saturday, as a crisis over Syria abruptly moved onto the European Union’s doorstep.Migrants are seen during clashes with Greek police, at the Turkey's Pazarkule border crossing with Greece's Kastanies, in Edirne, Turkey, February 29, 2020. REUTERS/Huseyin Aldemir

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The Greek government reiterated its promise to keep migrants out.“The government will do whatever it takes to protect its borders,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas told reporters, adding that in the past 24 hours Greek authorities had averted attempts by 4,000 people to cross.

Live images from Greece’s Skai TV on the Turkish side of the northern land border at Kastanies showed Greek riot police firing teargas rounds at groups of migrants who were hurling stones and shouting obscenities.Media were not permitted to approach the Greek side of the border in the early morning, but the area smelled heavily of teargas, a Reuters witness said.

A Turkish government official said late Thursday that Turkey will no longer contain the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers after an air strike on war-ravaged Idlib in Syria killed 33 Turkish soldiers earlier that day.Almost immediately, convoys of people appeared heading to the Greek land and sea borders on Friday.

An estimated 3,000 people had gathered on the Turkish side of the border at Kastanies, according to a Greek government official. Kastanies lies just over 900 km (550 miles)north-east of Athens.Greece, which was a primary gateway for hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in 2015 and 2016, has promised it will keep the migrants out.

However, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that some 18,000 migrants had crossed borders from Turkey into Europe. Speaking in Istanbul, he did not immediately provide evidence for the number, but said it would rise.Greek police were keeping media about a kilometer away from the Kastanies border crossing, but the broader area, where the two countries are divided by a river, was more permeable.

A group of Afghans with young children waded across fast-moving waters of the Evros river and took refuge in a small chapel. They crossed into Greece on Friday morning.“Today is good” said Shir Agha, 30 in broken English. “Before, Erdogan people, police problem,” he said. Their shoes were caked in mud. It had rained heavily the night before, and by early morning, temperatures were close to freezing.

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Greece had already said on Thursday it would tighten border controls to prevent coronavirus reaching its Aegean islands, where thousands of migrants are living in poor conditions.Nearly a million refugees and migrants crossed from Turkey to Greece’s islands in 2015, setting off a crisis over immigration in Europe, but that route all but closed after the European Union and Ankara agreed to stop the flow in March 2016.

Additional reporting by Ali Kucukgocmen in Istanbul; Writing by Michele Kambas; Editing by Frances Kerry; Editing by Frances Kerry Read more: Reuters Top News »

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No they don't. Greek heroes defend Europe against invaders backed by the Turkish governement. carvetheturkey They need bullets Good. Don’t let even one of them in IStandWithGreece Better description would be Mr. P preparing for Democratic elections in European countries 2020. More lethal means will be required if they want to keep the illegals out.

Blimey! 😳 We need to admit that they r too brutal Take your army , use that manpower , round them up. Don’t hurt or abuse them. Get rid of them now. A more accurate description is: Greek authorities fire teargas after armed illegal migrants many from Afghanistan Pakistan (who Turkey uses to wage hybrid war against Greece) attack storm and try to set on fire Greek border control check points

Amazing How bs of a NATO country turkey is. They go it alone in Syria and are getting murked left and right by the Russians and cry foul and than open their borders into Europe to this violence because they too incompetent in War. Migrants do not use force to penetrate borders, Jihadists do. Shame on Turkey. After invading Syria, now exports refugees for EU's money. Win Win, don't you, Erdogan bey ?!!

StevePersonally Full support for Greece in defending its borders. 🇹🇷 yunanistan ve Avrupa bu insanlık dışı uygulamalarına son vermeli? Hani batı demokrasisi? İnsan hakları nerde kaldı? 🤣 iki yüzlü Avrupa artık gerçekle yüzleşme vakit geldi 😘 Greek government defense her borders as any government does. Since we don't have support from EU as they should have, we do it ourselves. Don't forget in EU If our home is burning, the fire, will came also to your house if you don't help. This is a win-win game for both. Right?

Disgusting.. Respect human rights !!! killer Assad The refugee crisis is likely to hit Europe hard in the coming days as Russia-backed Assad regime continues to hit civilian areas in Idlib What a cruel word we live in . .........thats why corona virus is still coming Good! Greece is showing that it will not be taken advantage of! Turkey should be ashamed of themselves for doing what they are doing, putting those people in harms way

the true Barbarians show themselves The situation is caused by Turkey! frontex Would not have happened had they acquired visa first!

Greek police fire teargas on migrants at border with TurkeyGreek police fired teargas toward migrants who were gathered on its border with ... You can't enter a sovereign country without visa. One sided reporting I guess?

Turkish media says several hundred migrants walking towards Greek borderA group of migrants is walking in northwest Turkey toward its border with Greece ... No kidding? Western world has been nicer. Better policies for decades! Thank you for calling them 'migrants' and not 'refugees'. They're moving for work. Turkey is perfectly safe, and these people just want to jump the queue instead of migrating legally. They're disrespecting all the countries of Europe and need to be turned back.

Turkey raises death toll to 33 troops in Syrian airstrike Turkey raises the death toll from a Syria n government airstrike on its forces in northwestern Syria the day before to 33 Turkish troops killed. It is the largest death toll for Turkey in a single day since it first intervened in Syria in 2016. And it is just beginning, gloves are off. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷✌️ Good news.

Turkey won't stop Syrian refugees reaching Europe - official Turkey 's governing AK Party spokesman Omer Celik said that the country's refugee policy hasn't changed, but it will no longer be able to hold refugees. Nice move, now stay firm on this policy. Veryy good Turkiye canım ulkem daha fazla gönderin Did you hear it refugees in turkey :) Europe is waiting . You may leave turkey now Europe welcomes you

'Europe is nicer': migrants head west after Turkey opens borderHundreds of migrants in Turkey started arriving on the borders with Greece and Bulgaria on Friday after a senior Turkish official said Ankara would no longer abide by a 2016 EU deal. Let us see how the waxing poets of Germany and the rest of the EU respond to open borders now. Eww, migrants already ruined Europe. Maybe actual Europeans will fight this one back now that they know no good comes from these people. Don't trust Cramer, he said no one was infected by the coronavirus a second time after recovering and now he's blaming the WHO, while CNBC relays Trump's propaganda that the market is dropping due to Sanders. Reminder Cramer has no money in the market: