Graydon Carter’s Air Mail Launching Mobile Coffee Cart

.@AirMailWeekly has something new brewing.

6/16/2021 1:02:00 AM

.AirMailWeekly has something new brewing.

Air Mail Express — making stops this summer in New York, the Hamptons, and Connecticut — is serving Jet Fuel (Air Mail’s branded single origin roast) in cups designed by Donald Robertson.

The Graydon Carter-led digital publication is branching out into the coffee business this summer with the launch of Air Mail Express, a mobile coffee shop in collaboration with Flying Coffee. The shop, based out of a retrofitted Piaggio Ape, will serve Air Mail’s new proprietary fair-trade single origin roast Jet Fuel, in cups designed by fashion illustrator Donald Robertson. Bags of Jet Fuel (priced at $18 for 8.5 ounces) will also be available to purchase, along with pastries from Nicole Del Pino, formerly of Blue Hill Stone Barns.

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There’s also a news element on the menu (what pairs better with coffee?). The mobile cart will also distribute the publication’s special edition broadsheet “Printed Matter,” curated with best-of New York content.Air Mail Express soft-launched last week outside the Mark Hotel, and will officially kick off its tristate tour in downtown Manhattan at Pasquale Jones on Thursday before making stops in Bedford, N.Y., the Hamptons, and Washington, Conn.

Air Mail Express and “Printed Matter” broadsheet.  Justin M Weiner Read more: WWD »

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