Grassley puts hold on two Trump nominees until he gets answers on IG firings

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Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said Thursday he is putting a hold on two presidential nominees until Donald Trump explains his recent firings of two inspectors general


“Congress has made it clear that should the president find reason to fire an inspector general, there ought to be a good reason for it,” Grassley said in a statement for the congressional record. “The White House’s response failed to address this requirement... Without sufficient explanation, the American people will be left speculating whether political or self-interests are to blame.”


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Political stunt. He will vote yes.

I knew Chuck Grassley would ultimately come through. He's seen too much bad behavior & criminal actions committed by the Trump Administration, & by Bill Barr & Donald Trump, to know they're 100% wrong! If I had to put words to it, I'd say Chuck's 'SHIT-O-METER' is probably full!

Trump should be required to do so under oath. The American people deserve this to be done in this manner

The president is 73. His opponent is 77. The Speaker of the House is 80. The Senate Majority Leader is 78. The average age of the House is 58, in the Senate it is 62--one of the oldest Congresses in U.S. History. Stop thinking this isn't part of the problem.

Wait till he gets the ‘call’

Please vote.

Thank you!!

Well good, Grassy is finally pissed - took long enough!

About time these scumbags did the job WE pay them for

Wait, is Senator Grassley actually this guy?...

Chuck Grassley should be more concerned with Trump’s nominations of unvetted and unqualified judges and justices to the bench. They would have lasting effect on fairness that affect people’ lives

This is pressure on McConnell more than on Trump, isn't it? ANSWER: Its both. Tying up nominees backlogs McConnell’s stacking of the judiciary and ties the administrations hands with the limitations put on temporary appointees.

Finally a member of the GOP responds to Trump’s corruption.

Waiting for his laxative to work

ChuckGrassley , the voice of readon? 🤷🏻‍♂️ welcometothunderdome

We’re not interested in what you say for the camera for a moment of praise. We’re more interested in you doing what’s right even when the cameras aren’t around. Aren’t you guys tired yet? Look around. You are failing the American people that elected you to represent us not trump!

BS. All dear leader has to say --primary challenge -- and Grassley will say I got the explanation.

Grassley teaches Trump that there is a difference between sneezing and farting.

About fucking time the Repubes start doing oversight!!! Welcome gop to a real democracy!!!

Time to choose; America or Trump!

Great! Leave all the IG positions open! It saves money. Then Fire another 50% of all government employees in DC and makes us conservatives very happy!

About freaking time....

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