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Got A Novel To Write? NYC’s Best Work-Friendly Hotels

Whether you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur, here are the best NYC work-friendly hotels

10/13/2019 4:45:00 AM

Whether you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur, here are the best NYC work-friendly hotels

Whether a freelancer or entrepreneur, you occasionally need to work outside the home. Here are five hotels that will welcome you.

Share to facebookShare to twitterShare to linkedinDetail of someone typing on the keyboard of an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer in a cafe, taken on November 18, 2016. (Photo by James Sheppard/Future via Getty Images)Future via Getty ImagesFreelancers, entrepreneurs, and budding screenplay writers often need public spaces in which to work, whether due to a small apartment or a construction crew hammering away outside the window. Rather than fight for elbow room in an overcrowded coffee shop, head to a hotel. The expansive lobby spaces at these five properties offer Wi-Fi, cocktails or coffee, and a welcoming environment.

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The serene library lounge at 11 Howard.11 Howard11 Howard11 Howard has reinvented social spaces, making them multifunctional and moving them to the second floor, as true extensions of the guest rooms. With plentiful tables and chairs, The Library is an ideal place to work, meet, sip tea in the afternoon, or unwind with a cocktail in the evening. The Library features wide-plank wood floors, plaster walls, plush area rugs, comfortable furniture collected from around the world and plenty of outlets. Images by renowned Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto grace the walls of the space that is buzzing with local creatives from early in the morning until the sun sets.

The Mark Bar is a perfect place for business drinks with a laptop.The Mark HotelThe Mark HotelSet up shop in the chic and lively Mark Bar within The Mark on the Upper East Side, designed by Jacques Grange with specially made furnishings by Guy de Rougemont and Vladimir Kagan. One of the most stylish meeting spots on Madison Avenue, The Mark is ideal for coffee dates, top notch afternoon meetings or the perfect hang spot for after work cocktails, before dinner, or after theater.

The comfortable lounge at Moxy offers slouchy couches and various work spaces.Moxy HotelMoxy Times SquareIf you don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a desk or shared workspace then head to the lounge at Moxy Times Square. This spacious second-floor area is equipped with tons of seating (hello leather couches and giant pillows) and it comes with tons of electrical outlets so you can stay fully charged. You can even take advantage of securing one of their meeting studios that have the capacity for 20 guests. Inside you’ll find state-of-the-art audio-visual services (TV included) and complimentary WI-Fi. Order a bite from the bar and once happy hour rolls around, it’s easy to get a cocktail. Just make sure to reserve the space here.

The lounge at Indigo has great light and views.Hotel IndigoHotel IndigoThe 14th-floor lobby at Hotel Indigo provides 360-degree unobstructed views of Manhattan. You don’t have to be a guest here to take advantage of the communal table or couches, which are equipped with charging stations and free Wi-Fi. The 15th floor has their popular restaurant, Mr. Purple, in addition to a rooftop pool.

The Ace Hotel Lobby is freelancer friendly.Ace HotelAce HotelAce Hotel has become a hotbed of startups, freelancers, and people who are just looking to get the creative juices flowing in a hip space. The hotel lobby is the ideal space to work in: it’s open to the public, has free Wi-Fi and holds an assortment of club chairs and custom-made couches that cater to any seating preference. The space is adorned with large, white columns, and a vintage America flag.

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