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GOP shows little desire for witnesses ahead of critical vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans in the Senate appear unmoved by the Democratic push for witnesses in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial despite persistent appeals from Rep. Adam Schiff and...


Democrats do not appear close to getting the 4 GOP votes needed for witnesses to appear in President Donald Trump 's impeachment trial. Republicans say privately that they don’t believe it would benefit themselves politically to hear witnesses.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans in the Senate appear unmoved by the Democratic push for witnesses in President Donald Trump 's impeachment trial despite persistent appeals from Rep. Adam Schiff and...

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., left, and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, walk to the Senate chamber for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump at the Capitol, Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Steve Helber) WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans in the Senate appear unmoved by the Democratic push for witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial despite persistent appeals from Rep. Adam Schiff and the other House prosecutors. Over three days of arguments, Democrats warned that the senators will live to regret not delving deeper into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. One of the managers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, even told them it was “treacherous” to vote against gathering more evidence. Yet there’s no indication the Democrats are moving closer to persuading four Republicans to break with their party in a critical vote expected next week — the minimum needed to reach a majority for subpoenas and extend a trial that seems on track for Trump’s acquittal. “As someone who has enjoyed really fairly strong working relationships with a lot of my colleagues, I’ve been struck by how little outreach and conversation there has been” about calling witnesses, said Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat who has often been at the center of bipartisan negotiations. “I understand that we are in a very partisan and divided environment, but I’m hoping that some conversations will begin. But so far there have been strikingly few.” Most Republicans have solidified around the argument that the House should have sued for the witnesses who refused to testify in the House on Trump’s orders, rather than looked to the Senate to compel their testimony. Others have suggested that the case hasn’t been convincing enough. The central witness that Democrats are seeking is former national security adviser John Bolton, who was present for many of the episodes examined in the House’s impeachment inquiry. Bolton, who often clashed with Trump, refused to talk to House investigators but has said he would testify in a Senate trial. Republicans have little interest. “We have heard plenty,” said Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, the Senate’s No. 3 Republican. “They shouldn’t need any more information to make the final decision.” A GOP senator who is in a tough re-election this year, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, also appeared to dismiss the idea Friday as he stood behind the closing doors of an elevator. “We’ve heard from a lot of impeachment witnesses,” Gardner said, referring to those who testified in the House. Republicans say privately that beyond the potential for damaging information to come out about Trump, they don’t believe it would benefit themselves politically to hear witnesses. One top GOP aide said there’s no political gain in working with Democrats — and no reward inside the Senate for tackling the idea. A senior Senate Republican said that the virtual certainty of a Trump acquittal, and that witnesses are unlikely to move public opinion, cements their views. Democrats only need a simple majority of the Senate to call witnesses, but two-thirds of the chamber must vote to convict. Both Republicans requested anonymity to discuss internal party deliberations. Those dynamics could certainly change in a fast-moving trial where evidence has continued to come out. Democrats are hoping for a dramatic moment similar to when the late Sen. John McCain unexpectedly voted in 2017 against legislation that would have led to repeal of President Barack Obama’s health care law, killing the bill. And Schiff and the impeachment managers are working to convince Republicans, one by one. “This is not a trial over a speeding ticket or shoplifting,” Schiff told senators during arguments Friday. “This is an impeachment trial involving the president of the United States. These witnesses have important first-hand testimony to offer. The House wishes to call them in the name of the American people, and the American people overwhelmingly want to hear what they have to say.” According to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, about 7 in 10 respondents — including majorities of Republicans and Democrats — said Trump should allow top aides to appear as witnesses. The poll showed the public slightly more likely to say the Senate should convict and remove Trump from office than to say it should not, 45% to 40%. But a sizable percentage, 14%, said they didn’t know enough to have an opinion. The battle for witnesses has been largely focused on four Republicans: Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate up for re-election who has said she is “likely” to want to hear from them; Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, who has said he wants to hear from Bolton; Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who worked with Collins to ensure there would be a vote on witnesses; and Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, who has so far remained quiet on how he will vote. Alexander is thought to be the the least certain of the four. “I think the question is, do we need more evidence? Do we need to hear witnesses? Do we need more documents?” Alexander said Friday. He said “that question can only be answered” after both the prosecution and the president’s defense finish their arguments, likely the middle of the next week. As Democrats see it, they are only one or two votes away from a trial that could bring heaps of new evidence against Trump. There are 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats in the Senate, and a tie vote would mean the failure of a motion to call witnesses. The Republican resistance to hearing more evidence has been infuriating to Democrats who say the GOP is trying to cover up Trump’s wrongdoing. The two articles of impeachment charge him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after he pushed Ukraine to announce investigations of Democrats. At the time, Trump was withholding military aid to the country. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, says he doesn’t see any kind of bipartisan group forming to negotiate the witness question, and charged that his Republican colleagues won’t stand up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The GOP leader has strongly supported Trump and signaled that he doesn’t want to prolong the trial with new documents and testimony. “This place is replete with head fakes that ’we’re going to stand up to McConnell,” said Brown, referring to Republicans. “And in the end it looks like 52 sheep and McConnell.” AP NEWS Read more: The Associated Press

Those useless bastards deserve to have it HURT them politically to NOT listen to witnesses. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! I read the oath they took. Did I miss the part where they swore to do what would “benefit them politically?” What a colossal embarrassment. They could think about how it could backfire politically if they don’t. SenToomey, surely you recall how definitely PA voted out our most recent embarrassment, Rick Santorum?

That's exactly the spirit of the oath they took 🤦‍♂️ There you have it America. The GOP doesn't want to do the right thing. Enjoy your dictatorship. What benefits anyone politically is not the point. How we interpret the Constitution and separation of powers/oversight are the issues. If your not prepared to look at the issue through this lense you should resign.

Did anybody, perhaps the press, point out that personal or political party benefit does not also imply the good of the country? That, perhaps, what is best for the country may not be politically advantageous? Maybe you don't watch the news that actually tells the truth. Why I say that is because several news channels have discussed it. MSNBC and NBC. Both, imagine that.

I remember when GOP was crying that Nancy called an impeachment investigation for political reasons. But it's an okay motivation for them? 50/50 chance they are lying.... dont believe them.

Claire McCaskill: GOP ‘twisting’ impeachment process ‘beyond recognition’Former Senator Claire McCaskill says that the Senate Republicans don’t want witnesses like John Bolton in the impeachment trial and that “they’re twisting this process beyond recognition, doing permanent damage to the checks and balances to our constitution in order to protect this guy in the White House.” “Everyone was in the loop” is better characterized as a conspiracy! Amazing work by the Dem managers. What happened really happened, it's just not what you are imagining. They're definitely afraid of something. They are trying entirely too hard to stifle the chance of any witness testifying.

At this point if they don’t call Bolton to testify, there is no question they are covering up. Ya, those TRAITORS can't have it be known that they enabled and looked the other way, while the orange buffoon destroyed democracy. So have Biden testify said on video on them withholding aid to Ukraine to force them to fire their prosecutor. Shokin was investigating Burisma company tied to Hunter Biden under new prosecutor Lutsenko,Burisma investigation was halted

Time to call senators again & leave a voice mail message. It is quick so you can easily make a few calls here and there throughout the day! So.... The Republicans are that arrogant and insecure at the same time, to make this crisis about how it won't benefit themselves politically.... WOW!!!!! So much for the oath they all took, TRAITORS to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! TREASON!!!

Sounds very childish and trumping... me, me, me. Its almost like they have formed a CoverupCaucus and are stonewalling despite polls showing 65 to 73% of the public wanting WitnessesAndDocuments.... Someone should do a writeup on the risk they are taking for the 2020elections particularly in light of the Bolton revelations

WMN4SRVL EVEN the BRAINWASHED by FoxNews PROPOGANDA can see that it's INSANE to have a trial with NO WITNESSES and NO ability to subpoena the necessary evidence! ANYONE would get off for whatever they did as long as they could commit ObstructionOfJustice like THAT! Wake UP SenateGOP!🤬 The Senator’s duty is to defend the Constitution and not what is best for them politically as individuals. Call witnesses, call Bolton, it won’t take long, else you have a Coverup SenAlexander SenatorCollins MittRomney

mirandaminx91 Right, because if they allowed witness, they would back up what th managers have been saying all along about Trump. There purposely ignoring information because they all know Trump is guilty. There all engaging in a coverup.

Schumer praises Schiff for holding GOP rapt, convincing publicSenate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow and an MSNBC panel about House manager Rep. Adam Schiff 's ability to hold the attention of Republican Senators, many of whom have only a Fox News-distorted understanding of impeachment, and building public pressure on Mitch McConnell to allow a fair trial of Donald Trump . Amazing that take. Listening today clearly shows the impeachment idea is 100% nuts. This loon actually believes that if he says something out loud, that will make it so. 🤣 First of all that s*** ain't going to happen 🤣🤣🤣

Republicans don’t believe it would benefit “them” politically. Which means protecting the integrity of the 2020 election and our rule of law and removing the threat that Trump poses to democracy for people in an entire country mean nothing? since when does 'benefit themselves politically' equate to representing their constituents? VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

Hey GOP SenateGOP HouseGOP...hearing the witnesses and seeing the documents is not supposed to benefit will benefit the country and Americans you are supposed to be serving! AmericansWantWitnesses VotersAreWatching They think that's going to hurt them politically? wait till November if they DON'T allow witnesses and documents 💪🇺🇸

SenateGOP you are supposed to be acting on behalf of the country, the constitution and your constituents, not thinking about yourselves and your political future. BTW I have news for you, you have no political future anyway! They don't think it would benefit them politically? Well guess what? You already LOST politically! If at all possible we will vote every member of the GOP out of office!

This says it all. They don’t give a fuck about truth or YOU, they just care what’s best for THEM politically. One of the most honest pieces of reporting I have ever seen.

Wallace: In opening argument, Schiff attempts to convince GOP senators to 'be something better'.NicolleDWallace says Rep. Schiff used his opening arguments today to 'try to reverse this tide of really rigid partisanship' that she says has been present in Pres. Trump's impeachment trial. NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace listen to these lying Democratic HACKS NicolleDWallace ..NicolleDWallace are you serious right now? Adam Schiff is pushing ANOTHER scam on the American people! How in God's name is anyone still taking anything he says seriously? Unbelievable

GOPCoverUp FakeDefense RemoveandIndictTrump It won't benefit SenateGOP politically if they don't stand up for Democracy2020 November is coming... Who left the milk out of the fridge? GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup GOPCoverup

They’re supposed to be there for the benefit of those they represent .SenateGOP HouseGOP freedomcaucus Traitors benefit them politically.. if this isn't a damned good reason for term limits. SenatorCollins Is this report accurate? Is this how you make decisions which affect the future of our country?

How about that Bolton book? The GOP are a damned party either way. Vote to defend your country over party damn it! IndictTrump

Chris Hayes Issues Ultimatum To GOP Senators Napping, Going AWOL From Trump Trial'I mean, this is literally the job,” said the MSNBC host. 'Ultimatum' LOL Schumer repeated himself endlessly for hours. And called them treasonous. Would you sit there? It was the DumoRats too. No one from either party wants to listen to Adam “pencil neck” Shift...

That is not surprising since Republicans are all unAmerican traitors. GOPCoverup Doesn’t BENEFIT THEM POLITICALLY⁉️ I don’t care if it benefits you or not. I CARE ABOUT WHETHER WE HAVE AN HONEST TRUSTWORTHY PERSON IN THE OVAL OFFICE‼️ Screw your cushy job, it’s the nation that’s important NOT your ability to get re-elected‼️🤬🤬🤬

The American people actually don’t need anything from .SenateGOP at this point. It’s clear realDonaldTrump is guilty as charged, and Republicans are willing coconspirators to his impeachable offenses. GOP is engaged in a coverup, yet again. ImpeachmentHoax claim is the hoax. Having a spine is not politically beneficial

Why is this frame 'Democrats have failed to convince Republicans' and not 'Republicans refuse a fair trial due to political self-interest'? That is NOT a reason why they shouldn't hear from witnesses! It's exactly the SAME as DT wanting B's investigated! The impact on THEIR re-election needs to be IRRELEVANT! DO WHAT'S RIGHT BY AMERICANS & THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

When will this end ? GOP will destroy the country to save themselves. Such cowards. GOP, what might you do for your country? Cowards. VoteBlueNoMatterWho Bad headline: “democrats can’t convince GOP” Correct headline “despite over 70% of the country wanting Witnesses & Documents Republicans seem to be ignoring the will of the people” what are they thinking, how could they survive electorate, what’s wrong with GOP.

This is “also” about political gain for them? 🤔 Shocking.

Poll: GOP voters acknowledge, dismiss Trump's law-breakingFor many GOP voters, Trump's violations of the law aren't a deal-breaker. Their approval of Trump is detached from their assumptions about his illegalities. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Maddow.......he broke no laws to be dismissed MaddowBlog That tells you lot about how they value honesty. All crooks at heart

Should be 99-1. Still don’t think this breaking story on Bolton will change 1 Republicans mind . They are in deep with the WH and want this testimony blocked as much as the President Well the GOP was correct, it don’t benefit them I hope that Republicans pay the price for betraying this country and every single person who has sacrificed anything in order to make it a better place.

The Republicans once again are putting their personal political future before the constitution and thinking it will help them stay in office. Let’s show them cowardice can never be rewarded by voting them out-of-office! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BoltonMustTestify Sickening🤮 Perhaps you should update this tweet?

Reprint this one AP Benefit THEMSELVES. POLITICALLY. History will note this. Wow

GOP Attorneys General Argue Trump’s ‘Corrupt Motives’ Are Not Impeachable21 Republican attorneys general have signed a new letter denouncing impeachment as an offense to the Constitution. The letter is premised on a clear error of fact. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait jonathanchait Trump is withholding 71 documents & blocking 12 witnesses from testifying Innocent people do not do this Corrupt Presidents do this LetThemTestify GOPCoverup TrumpImpeachmentTrial jonathanchait Not newsworthy. lies

The truth wouldn't benefit them politically? My heart breaks for them. 😒😒 DO YOUR DAMN JOBS! Won't benefit them, have they saw the polls that majority of Americans want witnesses, bye bye Republican majority of the USA SENATE November 3, 2020. All they need are 4 votes? Come the fuck on If all of them do it unanimously & convince the base they've not been abandoned, Trump could be gone in a heartbeat. Plan B needs to be in effect.

By not wanting witnesses, they are basically saying they know he is guilty and are afraid of the truth. American people are not stupid. Their fear of Trump could cost them their jobs. courageousgirl2 HouseGOP SenateGOP ANY GOP congresspeople ruminating & weighing your options: please take your oath & obligations seriously, DO THE RIGHT THING. Please. You KNOW WRONG & UNETHICAL & TREASONOUS & ILLEGAL: I hope you still do deep down inside. DECIDE TO BE A HERO. 🙏🏼 Just do it

How telling that it's all about them and their jobs, and not about the fact that our government is being held together by a quickly shredding cord. Republic be damned. SenateGOP are there to do what's right for this country, not what is politically beneficial to them or to Trump. RightMatters TruthMatters AmericansDemandWitnesses

Wouldn’t benefit THEMSELVES? Well that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? What benefits them not the country.

.SenateGOP won't say it publicly, because they're gutless. Surprise! Guess who will take the Senate majority this year? Over 70 percent of Americans want witnesses. Benefit themselves? Of course! WitnessesAndDocuments otherwise it is a Coverup by the PutinsPuppets in the ComplicitGOP So, you mean they're violating their oath? Wow. Who would have guessed.

They ALL need to go! Bolton Because they know they should impeach. Refusing to hold a proper trial will hopefully have a bigger effect, especially when it all comes out in Bolton’s book.

No surprise when the SenateGOP is full of fascists. TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump The GOP hates the rule of law and democracy. A group of cowards who can’t stand up to a wanna be dictator who is actively taking steps to killing our republic. GOPCorruptionOverCountry Themselves before country. Got it. They can continue to investigate in the House and impeach again. It does not have to be over. InvestigateUNTILremoved investigateUNTILimpeachedAGAIN impeachTRUMPagain impeachAGAIN

SenatorCollins you were sent to Washington to be a serious person doing a serious job. Impeachment is the task at hand, and you need to do your serious job. Now is not the time to worry about whether you'll keep your serious job. This is bigger than that. Grow up. Well of course. JTWeaver6 Trump’s gagging stench fills our hallowed US Senate’s chamber, even as Trump’s trembling indentured Senators chant “no witnesses” in unison. This is a moment of shame, for which they are shameless. Resist the Tyrant! RemoveTrump!

It isn't the Senate's job to do the house's job So, Republicans will vote for whatever is in their best interest instead of what’s best for the country. They are all just like Trump. CORRUPT

If they’re afraid of witnesses it means they think he’s guilty. Also their job is not to benefit themselves politically. Their job is to uphold and protect the constitution. Doesn’t an oath mean anything any more? It will hurt them far more if they refuse to hear it now....because it’s all going to come out. And they’ll either be part of bringing it to light or be exposed for trying to hide it

kmeeo No kidding of course the truth would not benifit the GOP politically but it would very much benifit the country and constitution. The GOP is not interested in what's good for all just what's good for 'them'. and that’s the heart of the problem: “they don’t believe it would benefit them.” ** THIS ISN’T ABOUT THEM ** This is about our nation’s future, the system of checks & balances we either uphold for our children’s sake or we let wither away and teach our kids to obey the state.

The problem here is they took an oath and they are breaking it. No witnesses then no re-election. VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 Politically? How about morally? total cover up They should be getting all the votes, stop focusing on four individuals. All the senators should be held to the same standard. They all are traitors

Americawantswitnesses Disgusting. Good luck to those republicans when Trump throws you under the bus. Remember Chris Christie?

I think that is a mistake. If I were GOP Up and Commer with I vote to hear all that shit. willsmith Well it’s good that the GOP senators are worrying about how it will affect them politically. That’s definitely the point of this impeachment trial 🙄 ComplicitCorruptGOP “Benefit them politically” Then the headline should be “GOP Senators put political concerns above their oaths”.

Oh , another “great “ moment for us all (sarcasm) - Party and t over country, sad but no longer surprising SenAlexander Definitely not in the best interest of the Trump Party for witnesses to testify. LamarsLegacy This should not be about what benefits someone politically. This is about our democracy and the Constitution. Shame on anyone who does not want witnesses.

So they're all violating their oath to have a fair trial and withholding truth for their personal benefit. I hear a lot of them can't stand Trump, but I hope they realize they're just like him. The SenateGOP will face a retribution at the polls unlike anything they have ever seen. They should go home. No need for them. Trump will be their king.

70% of voters want witnesses and documents. Go ahead and withhold both and start looking for a job. Are you really going to go down for realDonaldTrump ?

Then we must vote the cowards out. willsmith Little desire for the truth too. One can only hope that the benefit comes when all this information is released in Bolton's book... DemocracyJourno .AmbJohnBolton if you want to save democracy, you're going to need to go to the press Nor did they change the minds of any 5th garders

The House said it was a slam dunk so why do they need more? Trump is going to be acquitted, then you crazies can take to the streets again. Let the GOP for Senate, House, seats explain why in General Election as more and more 'proof' or Presidential admissions come forth in next 9 months. Go ahead GOP Senators defy over 70% of voters who are demanding first hand witnesses and the WH release of documentation.Good luck

Not only party over country, but self over party. The GOP will take a generation or more to recover, if it ever does. But hey, as long as *they* personally walk away with money, who cares, amirite? Imagine that

DineshDSouza How many Democrats and Independents will vote to acquit? DineshDSouza The trial must necessarily be biased in favour of the accused. If they are insisting additional witnesses are necessary to make their case, then they HAVE NO CASE and all senators must vote acquit, or be guilty themselves of corruption.

House Democrats need to subpoena Bolton to testify in public the first week of February. causalinf It will come to 2020 Senate elections. The sooner this sham is shut down the better. Is that possible, When jurors signed an impartiality OATH? We must insist on full disclosure (witnesses/documents)& enduring boredom!⏳⌛️to Earn your keep & protect our Democratic Republic by hearing & seeing all evidence! No more none vital redactions! TRUTH! Good, bad or ugly

JoshMankiewicz DemonRats had their chance and they didn’t do it. They just had to rush their articles of impeachment. Republicans are standing strong against the radical DemonRats!!!! Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Stop the impeachment. Total waste of time. Investigate biden instead. Good, hide the evidence. Conservatism will die with trump.

So much for moral courage. The hell with what 72% of Americans want. It won't benefit them personally. How peak tRUmp of SenateGOP 😠

No. The TRUTH that this is all a sham, guides the Republicans! Unlike Democrats, rule of law prevails. Unbelievable! They don’t think it will benefit them? Selfish louts then. The nation needs a fair trial with evidence and witnesses, especially the newly found material. Because they are afraid of Trump and they don’t have balls are back bone for the truth.

Sickening we have politicians doing this, what else has been done we don’t know? The headline of this story is so much better than the tweet. Why do you constantly do this? Benefit THEM? They work for US!!! Not surprised. In case you missed the facts, THERE WAS NO CRIME! The impeachmenthoax is worse than the collusionhoax You suck


FakeNews DineshDSouza Who needs witnesses to the phone conversation when we all can read the transcript for ourselves. Well some people either are unable or too lazy to read it so they are calling for witnesses to spin actual conversations. This is what TheDemocrats are counting on. Should not need votes, total GOO SHAM, 2020will bring GOO DOWN !!!!

What kind of twilight zone are we in when we have the Democrats fighting to for John Bolton? It won't benefit them politically even though polls show that's what 72% of voters want? What they mean is that they are more scared of Trump than their voters. This is really ass backwards. DineshDSouza Nobody voted for Bolton.

'they don’t believe it would benefit themselves politically to hear witnesses.' Wanna bet? Republicans say what? That doesn't sound too fucking impartial to me. It's time for the Democrats to start packing their bags because they have assured themselves a massive defeat in the November 2020 elections! The House could have done it. They couldn’t wait to impeach. They blew it. Too bad so sad.

The never-Trump coalition in the Senate was just looking for the slightest bit of cover to turn on Trump and impeach him and the jackasses in the Democrat party couldn't even give them that. We MUST turn out this deep state mess in 2020 and give the country back to the people. Corrupt GOP Of course they're not going to get the votes to get witnesses. However, now every GOP member is on record as looking the other way while POTUS blackmails other countries and sells our country out to the highest bidder.

The American workers are the engine to this country! Bring it to it knees if justice does not prevail! Then all federal works should walk off their jobs til this president and his administration is removed from the white house! Well, like they keep pointing out we have NOVEMBER Politically, it is a win win for dems, and it leans more favorably if they dont call witnesses. It will hurt those vulnerable GOP Senators.

Where's the whistleblower KNPRNikole You can ignore constituents when you’ve got foreign election interference, gerrymandered districts and voter suppression hard at work on your behalf. JuanSaaa Call these and ask for FairTrial they log calls and they are US Senators, not yours or mine WitnessesAndDocuments

It won't benefit the Republicans politically to hear from more witnesses, the rest of the country and our constitution be damned. In other words they know he’s fucking guilty. Here's hoping they all lose their seats next election GibsonWrites Don’t let Adam Schiff refer to this story or Susan Collins will get the vapors

Republican senators said voting to have new witnesses and evidence, withheld by Trump from House Impeachment Committee, allowed at Trump impeachment trial won't hurt them politically. Trump said that 'if they vote against him', their heads will be cut off and held aloft on pikes. Politically? Not what's right for the country. ShamImpeachmentTrial

That means they know he's guilty.This is about saving the country, not what benefits them. In the long run being honest & standing up for what is right would benefit them. GOP don't consider the long run, only hanging on to power now.If they lose power they might not get it back. F**king traitors.

It will be a disaster for them, if they don't! They are complicit. Because they know he's guilty. The evidence is overwhelming. It most certainly wouldn’t benefit them to have actual witnesses attest to Trump’s abuses. It’s bad enough as it is. How they will justify their acquittal votes is beyond me. AnneMorrowCoop1 Not if your head is on a pike. Thanks Trump for intimidating the jurors.

But alas , not one Republican had any courage to muster even a modicum of integrity and violated their collective oaths to the Constitution they swore to defend and that dear friends is how the vision of our Founding Fathers died. Mourning the rise of the Fourth Reich in the USA AnneMorrowCoop1 Wouldn't benefit them? Fu*k the citizens, right? Who gives a sh*t about us?

*screams in democracy* Ooooh, so the R are the ones working this for political purposes, not the altruistic D who have no self-interest involved here. Thanks for clearing that up AP. 🙄

Disgusting. DineshDSouza 'GOP senators were warned ... 'vote against the president and your head will be on a pike.'' Why is this about politics? It’s should be about the constitution, the democracy and getting the truth out. DebFischerNE BenSasse SenSasse What say you? What’s *your* reason for not hearing from witnesses? (And in case either or both of you are worried about yourselves politically, remember it’s not about you: it’s about doing right and representing the people of Nebraska.)

Benefit themselves politically? Personally, like Trump? They are as corrupt as Trump. This will actually have the opposite effect come their next elections. SenateGOP GOPCorruptionOverCountry not listening to the People DineshDSouza Simple principle. They could have called him as a witness in the house. The fact is they have no idea what he will say. Instead they know they can use him as a weapon in the senate proceedings, also knowing there will be no witnesses. It's all theater.

Benefit themselves- but don't dare call it a cover up. That would lack decorum DineshDSouza I don't believe AP, they tend to crop out facts.

It’s all about the Republicans they could careless about their country Flawed systems grind on. Truth, Justice and FairPlay remain strangers. In other democratic nations too. At some point, things will have to change. DineshDSouza The Russians did it ..which means the liberal communist democrat party of California did

gary9758 There is no need for anything close the Schumer Schitt Sham Show down. Hire real journalists and maybe we won’t call you Fake News Why? 🤔 So you have no one on record saying this but you'll print it anyway. You have a better job then the weather man. It might benefit the country though. They took an oath to the Constitution! Not Trump.

DineshDSouza Call hunter biden and his father as witnesses and president of Ukraine as well DineshDSouza Goes both ways. Even though Dems hoped to get 4, they always knew it would not happen.

DineshDSouza Sorry Dems and personalities on NBC CBS and ABC. Another fake Russian Collusion hoax dud. But since you love investigations, you can be all in for the Durham criminal investigation. 24 hour coverage on CNN and MSNBC. BOMBSHELL. We’ve heard enough. I’m sure the Dems are getting ready to become outraged over the next “scandal” that will lead nowhere.

DineshDSouza They didn't even move the moderate Republicans ( the ones who sometimes vote with Dems ) to swing their vote .... that's pitiful DineshDSouza We the American people are tired of this impeachment harassment! Schiff bloviated with false accusations and no facts! No to witnesses! Wrap it up senators and do the business of the people!

The Dems only got the impeachment approved by the Democratic majority for lack of evidence in the House! The Dem’s arguments have been “abuse of power” (where?) & investigating The Bidens, which the American people want to know about corruption & Trump has that right for the USA Trump2020Landslide DineshDSouza Democrats had enough info to impeach; based on Democrats info Senate has enough info to acquit. The gloves don't fit.realDonaldTrump

Democrats lied, insulted and told wild conspiracy theories with no facts, they even told voters that they are too stupid to elect the president and the media said nothing. They should be arrested for treason. They blatantly betrayed the U.S Constitution. Poor America. Wake up guys - IF you're a FREE ENTERPRISE MEDIA BUSINESS? Hint- [D] means DEMOCRATS. Lmao

Who do these house democrats think they are? They are one half of the lower half of one third of govenment. That’s 1/12th for the fraction inclined. If I lived in a republican state, I would be organizing a movement of people to occupy my senators offices and to follow my senator all over SenateGOP more than half of the country wants to hear from witnesses and see new evidence! Your desire to stay in power will be the downfall of democracy! You all have made the US less safe and secured a victory for Putin. MoscowMitchCoverUp GOPCorruptionOverCountry

. Another example of PARTY over PEOPLE Shows that Nancy Pelosi is a lunatic and is just trying to illegally get the presidency so she can be a dictator. No need for witnesses when there was no crime. End of story Bolton wouldn’t testify anyway. He would’ve done it for the house if he was serious. Instead he chose to let a court decide and now that it has moved to a republican senate he’s decided he will talk? Yeah right......

Republicans will not benefit from the Truth so let's suppress it. HighCrimesAndMisdemeanors DineshDSouza the thing about this is that Mr. Bolton is NOT President and HE does not make these decisions. Why does everyone of these deep state clowns think they RUN the country? Because we have allowed them to get away with stealing America from us. We the People. Take back, MAGA.

Looks like these are the people to call: Lisa Murkowski: (202) 224-6665 Susan Collins: (202)224-2523 Lamar Alexander: (202) 224-4944 Mitt Romney: (202) 224-5251

And that’s what is important to today’s GOP, People know what a fair trial is, and no witnesses ain't it! 4AnimalLife Amazing there aren't four Republican Senators who are not willing to honor their oath of office and the oath they took at the beginning of this trial. Amazing that the are not four Republican senators who don't want to go in the history books as part of a presidential cover-up.

The whole CriminalCOUP is a fraud upon America, and those Conspirators responsible should be detained and prosecuted severely. DineshDSouza The Democrats really don’t want witnesses either. It just a talking point for their brain dead base. The last thing they want is Hunter Biden on national tv. NO President (Republican or Democrat) has ever refused to submit subpoena documents to Congress. If Trump is allowed to get away w/ that, then he has more power than the other 2 powers - Senate & Legislative (CJ Roberts) Think about that.... Constitution

The Republicans of the Senate practice a denial of justice to protect their careers at the expense of the American people, when money 💵🤑💸 and stronger than justice and democracy, those are the lobbies and the anarchy which triumphs.😭😭😭 Gee. Party over country. Imagine that! Seee everyone!!!! This isn’t about what is good for our country it’s about what is good for the gop! 😫

Aren't they supposed to serve the country?

Because its not about the country it's about themselves I thought this was the reason they voted this evil racist man in was they were tired of politicans isn't that what he ran on not being a politician he just made politics even worse and going to tear the country down . Republicans are to become the most despised and historically irrelevant party since the Whigs. GOP

Well the GOP better change their act and start being honest with the public, because at this point the number of Republicans in the House and Senate will be in the single digits come the next election cycles DineshDSouza “Benefit Themselves” is another lie and projections by AP. Name the Senator that said such word. You are living and thank President Trump for exposing you fake news.

DineshDSouza . I want to know what Hunter Biden was earning $83K per month in Ukraine for while sleepy Joe was VP under Obama. Answer this questions and all the lies and evil of your newspaper and Dems collapses. KAG2020. Damn imma use that when I commit a crime! No witnesses lmao Good All about themselves. How Trumpian!!!

This tantrum that’s been going on for 3 years needs to stop . I’m a democrat and this is costing billions of hard working taxpayers money. When push comes to shove the GOP caves. A party with no courage or intestinal fortitude.

And there pathetic heavy handed BS has actually pushed away some who may have sided with them It’s all about them. 😂😂😂😂Schiff Sham Show almost over, and will be permanently cancelled this November. After that, the real criminals will be prosecuted. MAGA baby! You better do as much as you can for the Constitution other wise recommendation for disbanding GOP for thinking they can make their own laws no only lawmakers can do that think

How is it a trial without witnesses? DineshDSouza No more witnesses. House dems had their chance. Dems proved realDonaldTrump did nothing wrong. Sane Americans moved on. Acquit realDonaldTrump NOW! Stop spending tax payers $$$$ on bull shit. DineshDSouza DineshDSouza That would have been irresponsible to give money to a corrupt govt w/o investigating corruption.

Why would anyone want to know ALL the relevant facts before making an important decision? DineshDSouza Another made up quote without sources or names. When will the fake media outlets like yourselves, learn to do actual journalism, rather than producing sensationalised clickbait, not even worthy of the National Inquirer?

GOPCoverup What the cabinet wants is trumped by what a President wants. It's his decision. Cabinets advise. Presidents decide. Probably won’t get some Democrats either. What about benefitting the American taxpayer who pays their salaries Weird that the AP would use the word 'appear' twice in one sentence.

DineshDSouza No different than an actual court case. If the Democrats failed to prove President Trump is guilty of the items documented in the AOI, the Republicans don't need witnesses. Oh, the Democrats have most definitely failed and bigly. Huge! MAGA2020Landslide KAG2020Landslide “Republicans telegraph they will be faithless to the oath they swore to be objective during the trial” would have been more objective than blaming it on the Democrats.

Well we can’t expect them to do what’s right for the country, I see. Because they are protecting themselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found the swamp. Its funny to see Democrats talking about witnesses now but not till now DineshDSouza Good

Democrats say privately that they are absolutley thrilled to assist President Trump's 2020 re-election bid DineshDSouza Say the mocking birds Bro, how in the hell are people accepting no witnesses for a trial? donald can't present witnesses that he appointed to his administration because the truth is not on his side. This shit isn't rocket science. Forget the Star Trek logo. LOL

Umm can someone explain to them this is not about their own political benefit? ParuchGretchen Hope everyone heard Schiff's closing argument tonight. It was the last act of our democracy. DineshDSouza Hunter got $85,000/month from the Ukraine for a job he was not qualified at all to do. Where’s your journalistic investigation? None?

DineshDSouza Not even Mitt Rino? Cowards. Career politicians out for themselves. Your time is coming and the American public will hold you accountable. Told you they were cowards. But then again you have to be a coward to be a republican. You have to be a coward to vote Republican. You have to be a coward to support the Republican party. And in America right now we have tens of millions of cowards.

DineshDSouza They should have got Bolton to testify during the house procedure

DemocracyJourno By all means, worry about what's personally politically beneficial, rarther than saving our democracy from a demented authoritarian Russian puppet. Let the Trump defense team bring on the witnesses so the American people can see who is right or wrong. Obviously, their key strategy is silence, in order to prevent 'Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.' These Trump supporters are wasting taxpayer money.

DineshDSouza Democrats are lying, they have no idea what bolton knows, they want to drag this out nothing more. If yiu think different your as stupid as they think you are The fix is in... they scared to get the truth...cowards all of the SenateGOP are cowards Politically? Our democracy is at stake. What is wrong with these republicans.

DineshDSouza That is CORRECT!! Republicans need to srand in solidarity with POTUS and shut this nonsense down!!! They are all cowards and traitors! I hope they all lose their elections! MittRomney is control by realDonaldTrump The pikes have it. DineshDSouza impeachment show is a ruse. Democrats want the Senate in 2020 to control Supreme Court picks.

DineshDSouza I don’t know if this is true or not, but your “reporting” is the worst kind of biased. If this is true, say who said it. Otherwise, you aren’t reporting, you are just advancing a political agenda by fueling the fire. Shameful. imagine if public servants felt some calling higher than what 'would benefit themselves politically!'

DineshDSouza The Senate's job is to try the case...The Dems have said numerous times the evidence is overwhelming so why they need new witnesses?..They should have took it to court Ellesun No way!.. .. .No book Fu What a sad state of affairs. Instead of calling out Republicans for ignoring the overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to Trump's guilt, as well as popular demand by citizens for witnesses to be called, you take a swipe at Democrats. Pathetic.

DineshDSouza Of course, this a “private” source so could be fake news. DineshDSouza It was released. Do you read. Sounds like a lot of commenters actually believe the lies Schiff et al have been spewing. The Sen. only needs to act on facts presented. DineshDSouza Getting the truth isn’t political. It isbyour job. Do it.

DineshDSouza They don’t need witnesses. The house should have done that before they impeached the man. So basically what dip shit is saying is that they didn’t have the evidence it needed to impeach. Then why did they DineshDSouza Why, do they need witnesses? The National Socialist Democrats have all the evidence needed. Ask Nancy or Adam ask AOC. It's a slam dunk ask Mad Max or Mazie

Its not about what would benefit then politically. It's to obtain truth and hold up their oath to the constitution! The sad thing is the American people don't give a damn what benefits them politically. The world doesn't revolve around them. DineshDSouza '...Republicans say privately that they don’t believe it would benefit themselves politically to hear witnesses...' this is a spin off of Schiff's '..HEAD ON A PIKE COMMENT!!!..' You're broken, AP...SEVERELY TWISTED. WTF HAPPENED TO YOU?

DineshDSouza So now senators don’t follow the evidence according to their constitutional duty because it’s not politically beneficial to them personally? Lol. That was the job of the House Democrats. You know that Why don’t you say it? I though Schiff had “overwhelming evidence” 😂😂😂 Well, the Constitution makes clear the main point of an Impeachment Trial is to do what benefits a party politically! These people are a disgrace to the Founding Fathers, the honorable and TRUE statesmen who preceded them in the U.S. Senate, but most importantly We The People!

DineshDSouza AP is the propaganda arm of the democrat party

Agree...more witnesses would be a downer for Republicans!! By pretending that there is something to the claim by corrosive demorats is not good for country or future . Investigating Burisma is job of fbi DineshDSouza The Dems don't really want witnesses! It wouldn't be helpful against Trump and would hurt Dems even more.

No evidence of any dealings with Ukraine except corrupt democrat members of Congress. Sham show-aid was released that Obama promised yet never gave...which was a pattern with him. DineshDSouza I read this article. It appears they claim to have interviewed a grand total of 2 “Republicans”, and it was mentioned was not a Senator but claimed a “top aide”. Neither was named. Another one of those anonymous hit jobs or fake news by MSM, trying to put pressure on Senators?

Hopefully it doesn't benefit them in November either ! C drawandstrike So that’s all that matters? Have these little cowardly contribution-grubbing sheep got one ounce of leadership in them? No republican will vote for witnesses. What a scam. In the house. Right... the House does the witnesses, Senate votes on the evidence

In other words the people don’t give a crap about democrats fake prachmint Can’t we just be Americans all the people that have served our country are serving for everybody. And how about the ones that gave the final measure let’s be Americans and show the world we are truly the United States DineshDSouza

DineshDSouza Game Over Demoncraps!!!!! Nice liberal bias slant there. It doesn’t help politically bc the impeachment is weak and holds no validity, purely conjecture and opinion & rational Americans know this. Months of waisted tax payer money in the House, no reason to continue this circus in the Senate any longer.

AP is still mad about Solemani and the booming economy. Bolton is war monger. MAKE THEM PAY IN NOVEMBER at the polls. Volunteer. Donate. Vote. DineshDSouza Of course lol DineshDSouza Senate shouldn’t have to do the house’s job for it. Schiff and Nadler keep claiming to have a perfect case already. Why do they need witnesses then? Especially when they denied countless Republican witnesses in the house hearings. This is a Schiff Show and they have no evidence

DineshDSouza Who needs witnesses for a crime that never happened? This whole thing is a fabrication 'Republicans say privately that they don’t believe it would benefit themselves politically to hear witnesses.' Sure. From the media that doesn't know the difference between Kansas and Syria. DineshDSouza

DineshDSouza Works for me. F* the democrats. Well as long as they stay focused on their oath and what really matters - what will benefit them politically 🙄 They are all cowards and traitors. DineshDSouza This was nothing but a shit show Democrat commercial! DineshDSouza If Dems would be honest we would probably gain votes against

Cowards. Party and self preservation over country. DineshDSouza Fake news

DineshDSouza Well the trial is over the democrats don't get a do over because they failed to find an impeachable crime DineshDSouza Trash biased media no sources LIES DineshDSouza for once SenateGOP GOP senatemajldr GOPLeader show they have SPINE and you , the EnemyOfThePeople are worried that your party is going to be politically erased from USA history.

DineshDSouza All the ones on twitter are saying the opposite. lol DineshDSouza Maybe they shouldn’t have insulted and threatened and lied about them if they wanted their support... you don’t win a jury be talking down to and lying to them... DineshDSouza Rubbish AP such a lie. Prove the Republicans said that, fake news! Dems have called their witnesses now its time for the Republicans to hear who they want and to prove or dismiss the case. It should be dismissed there are NO charges to lay.

Let me put on my big surprise face. Never expected any GOP to have moral courage to do the right thing here. Gave up hoping they'd display courage in any scenario yrs ago Theyve shown again & again exactly the kind of ppl they are. When will everyone finally just believe them? I guess these means opening investigations in the House again because these people can’t do their fucking jobs

Most people know by now republicans don’t care about the country. All they care about is power. 'Republicans don't believe it would benefit them politically' there in lies the problem. Anybody want to know the TRUTH !

Cowards. They didn’t see the polls that say Americans across the country demand more witnesses? Goodbye McSally, Gardner, Collins & Murkowski. And the nation’s hopes lay for AmyMcGrathKY to take over McConnell. Cool, so, “me, not us” Rigged process So republicans who don’t think honoring their oath to the American people would serve their personal interests are going to side with the republican president whose being impeached for putting his personal Interest ahead of his oath to the American people. Got it. Cast them out.

Witnesses to WHAT...? We’ll wait... I never heard of a trial without witnesses and documentation. Come-on-man IMPOTUS ImpeachedForLife ImpeachedAndAfraid RepublicanCowardice RepublicanCoverUp TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks TrumpLiesMatter Last night Trump threatened them. And it’s pretty pathetic they are only worried about their jobs.

“...benefit THEM...” Well, at least they’re honest about who they’re working for.

Such BS and a waste of time. He's not getting removed from office. “It would (not) benefit themselves politically” And there you have it — a complete abdication of their responsibilities as *representatives* of the American people! Senators aren’t elected to benefit *themselves*! wuhanopentennis Please read this and look into this, wherever you are please stay safe. coronavirus confirmed to be in below countries: China Vietnam Thailand HongKong Singapore Taiwan SouthKorea USA Austria Please RT CoronavirusOutbreak

Of course it wouldn't benefit Republicans: Schiff et. al. have been fairly well mannered in keeping the focus on Trump, witnesses would have a tendency to point fingers at other co-conspirators: Barr, Pompeo, etc. But you read only need 3 then it is 50-50 so it goes to Roberts God forbid they honor their oath.

Democrats should never count on Republican Senators who label themselves moderates for profit & then vote for Trump & his extremist ideology & agenda time & time again. They need to focus on defeating these Republicans by showing their hypocrisy & pandering. What shitty framing of the issue Why bother. SenateGOP aren’t paying attention anyway. They’re breaking alm the rules. Playing games, playing with toys, reading right wing books, leaving to be interviewed on Faux News. Turnip would be more attentive. Right SenatorRomney SenMikeLee? GOPCorruptionOverCountry

Why more witnesses, overwhelming evidence was presented over last three days.

No. Republicans do not appear close to fulfilling their responsibility to ensure a real trial with relevant WitnessesAndDocuments Democrats have done all that anyone could possibly do. ☎️THIS MEANS GOP SENATORS NEED TO HEAR FROM MORE OF US! Tell them that NOT calling witnesses is what “wouldn’t benefit them politically”! And that their job is to be fair, impartial jurists who uphold the Constitution, REGARDLESS of their job security!

Because all they care about is themselves. Of course. Forget oaths AP has no credibility if they can’t give names... or let me guess... the same few loudmouth fool’s who have already been branded as traitors. It's like a juror saying, 'Excuse me your honor, I don't feel it's in my interests to hear the testimony of witnesses. I've got a ballgame to get to....we all done here?'

So Two Choices: 1. Get witnesses. Be rid of realDonaldTrump and fear nothing because he'll be a civilian again. 2. No witnesses. We'll vote all Republicans out of office. AmericaFirst They clearly got it twisted. It's not about what benefits THEM. It's about what is right for WE THE PEOPLE. It wouldn’t benefit THEM? Is this abt their JOBS? Or saving America? CountryOverParty Americaisworthit AmericaIsWatching

New_Narrative They don’t believe it will benefit themselves. They’re supposed to do what will benefit the country.

You people that are complaining about witness send letters to Schiff and nadler to take back the impeachment case back to the house and have them do the job right and not expect the senate to their homework. I cant believe you are falling for this ploy if nadler and schiff. SenateGOP are cowards; every damn one of them. So are the HouseGOP. Of course the fact that their greed and lust for power is way above any belief in WE, the People, or justice speaks volumes. Our republic will die under the way of the fascist republicans. SHAMEFUL and evil

How sad No way. Theymaylosesome democrats for failing toprove anything. Even democrats aren’t that stupid. JoshMankiewicz Yes, like Trump, they're out to benefit themselves. The things is, they haven't seen the polls where the majority of voters want him out. They're choosing to lose votes because they're too fragile to withstand a mean tweet.

I understand the House could've subpoenaed Bolton but didn't. Why do you think that would be? So in other words , f**k the country and the constitution. Thanks GOP SenateGOP That’s because they’ve insulted the entire Senate and have disgusted a majority of Americans. Again, doing what is best for themselves politically instead of doing their job

Jobs over party & country Benefit them politically It's like saying to hell with the constitution! What a shocker. Show trial. Y'all complaining about there truth not coming out. Where's your anger at bidens collecting your tax dollars laundered through Ukraine? Wouldn't you at least want to know the facts on that?

TedCornwell Democrats want to drag this out for months. Ridiculous If they don’t vote for a fair trial we the peopleneed to Vote their Asses out Nov 3,2020 VOTE THEM ALL OUT!! Did you ask the GOP privately why they think their political career is more important than doing their job with integrity and helping save our democracy

aravosis SenateGOP MittRomney Utah lisamurkowski Alaska LamarAlexander Tennesee SenatorCollins Maine is this what you’ll be proud to tell your children?! That you’re RepublicanSenators voted to keep a bonafide Criminal in office to save their seat and their Corrupt party! Fascism

GOPTraitors This is an irresponsible take. The way media frames current events matters. How about ‘there doesn’t seem to be even four republican senators with confidence enough in the president to allow witnesses and documents in his impeachment trial’ “Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle.”


You would think one of the Democrat lawyers would know enough to prepare a case before bringing it to trial. Cowards. They can't handle the truth. Themselves..... As for what’s best for the country, for democracy? None of them care. Considering impeachment, which is the least of the Dems problems once the news is forced to cover what's coming, is a total sham, when, in order to achieve peak-distraction, are you gonna announce JimmyCarter's passing?

They know he is guilty or they would call witnesses to prove him innocent. VoteThemOut2020

The GOP is complicit Corrupt and will be on the wrong side of history...and the BlueWave2020 that will drown the entire party. America is tired of their politics. They could have at least pretended to do their jobs. Good the whole thing has been a sham. aravosis It would benefit America. I swear if you told these Republicians they would burn in hell for supporting him they still would.

aravosis They know it would hurt them more to have witnesses like John Bolton Politically they ate toast. Doing the wrong thing will not be rewarded. They should think again. Also, this isn't about their political career, it's about the integrity of the United States, the safety of the United Starea and doing the right thing. VoteThemOut2020

arlenparsa New headline: Republicans Refuse to Honor Their Oaths as Senators arlenparsa They are correct. Wow...republicans are scum. Be damned the Constitution if it negatively impacts my political career.

Yea how about all them witnesses in the House proceedings oh wait all they said was second hand hearsay that wouldn’t hold up in any court It's not as if the GOP had any real courage to doing the right thing anyway. That usually involves them leaving Congress first, wait I mean last. Is this not the same parry that claims “country over party”?

It’s not about them! It’s about America and defending/honoring the Constitution. No wonder they’re in bed with Trump. They are just like him! Well then Associated Press guess everything’s ok with our rule of law then. Just another defeat for those Dems and not historically criminal Obstruction of Justice or anything. No need to be accountable if no one holds you to it.

ITS NOT ABOUT THE SENATORS. It’s about the well-being of the country! FUCK THEM Ummmmm... i don't believe your writer spoke with any republican 'privately'. This is just opinion and should be written as such. Very disappointing.. No one saw this cover up happening 😁 Well, God forbid it not benefit them politically! THIS is everything that is wrong with GOP. What a disgrace!

Hey SenateGOP This is not about what should benefit you. This is about the future of the country, about the sanctity of the Constitution, about our national security, about We The People of the United States who ELECTED you. It's NOT about you. realDonaldTrump broke the law!

It may not help .SenateGOP to hear witnesses but it most certainly WILL hurt them if they don't! If the senate acquits Trump then he will have Absolute Power and will likely censor the press and no one will be able to do anything about it. Get used to it. 🇺🇸Americans deserve & demand the truth!RightMatters WitnessesAndDocuments SenateGOP senatemajldr SenMcSallyAZ SenCoryGardner sendavidperdue kloeffler SenJoniErnst SenatorCollins JohnCornyn SenThomTillis MittRomney marcorubio SenRickScott LamarAlexander

Fair trial they scream as they refuse witnesses. “Republicans say privately..” sure 🙄😏 No wittneses don't litegimize this sham impeachment. Don't do it. Exactly. THEMSELVES. Not the country. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! Let me fix this tweet for you. The GOP senators are putting party and themselves above democracy and the rule of law. There you go.

Your people! freakin sad 😞. Bolton no moral courage

Politically? This is all they care about? Wow Then let's as a collective VOTE their asses out! SenateGOP HouseGOP ImpeachmentTrials ImpeachTrump WokeAF Is a job more important than our Republic? They can all eff off. Well .... then ... they’ll def know what defeat feels like ——- Blame No one but your crooked selves

As their time comes around VoteThemAllOut This is why we need term limits. It’s not about benefiting your political career. ImpeachmentTrials Yes, they are being honest about that. GOP is Spineless!... Are they concerned about doing what’s right? Nah! RightMatters Why isn’t the pressure being put on Republicans doing the right thing instead of Democrats convincing them to honor their oaths? Why is the media so scared of pushing Republicans?

Not just not benefit them politically, it would end their careers. Trump's removal would essentially lead to the collapse of the party. The base would riot. I think they know that. If their choice is between what is true and what preserves their existence, they choose the latter Not sure they're needed. Unless they can exonerate some of the accomplices.

Republican refuse to listen to the 2/3 of the country who want witnesses and documents. That's the headline. VoteThemAllOut2029 Then they will be voted out. Our memories are good and our anger warranted. Democracy hahaha, right...... Then the press needs to hold the GOP accountable. 'It wouldn't benefit us to remove our heads from the sand for the sake of the country, so, we're not going to. Party Country.' -Republicans, 2017+

So glad the gop only cares about politics instead of the country. Flush all of you. Sham and cover up

What would John McCain do? Of course he had intestinal fortitude, unlike LindseyGraham. Vote them out! To hell with US, they are doing what is best for THEM! We will remember! GOPCorruptionOverCountry

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