GOP senators critical of Trump's response to unrest following Floyd's death

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Top GOP senators are calling on President Trump to take a far more compassionate approach amid the deep unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, raising concerns about dividing a badly bruised nation further

"I think the country is definitely looking for healing and for calm, and I think that's the tone the President needs to project when talking about what is happening around the country," Senate Majority Whip John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, told CNN."I think he needs to strike a tone that fits the level of frustration country's experiencing right now, and I hope in the future, he'll do that.

Headley, who defended practices like using police dogs and force, said at news conference"we don't mind being accused of police brutality," according to an article from the period in The New York Times."Those are not constructive tweets without any question," Sen. Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the US Senate, told Fox on Sunday."I will say this, I spoke with the President morning, and he and I had a good conversation about the next steps.


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Can’t get blood from an orange stone.

It will be difficult for Trump to be compassionate now because he has to admit he made a mistake using military force-Trump is not a president for the American people-he just doesn’t know how to lead except by thug type tactics-no compassion at all- he sold his soul to the devil’s’s ALIVE!!!!!!!


You can’t call for compassion from someone who doesn’t possess that attribute.

You boys put him in office & kept him in office for your own benefit not the country’s - even when he was impeached by the House! Threat of a civil war is what it takes for ya’ll to stand up & do your jobs...? You all need to be FIRED in November & replaced by decent Human Beings

churchlady320 Compassionate? Have they not met him yet? Lol

It is a little late, isn’t it?

FakeNewsCNN They were talking about his words not his actions ...CNN again gets it wrong!

Did these old rancid farts finally realized they are leaving this mess to their grandchildren.

Far, far, far too little, and way too late. Its no longer the Republican party, it's now the trump cult.

SenateGOP too little too late. You own this now. Congratulations on the end of America

You divided us, not Trump

The Senate had there chance but decided to let him off and not hold him responsible for his crimes which has allowed him to continue his divisive rhetoric and actions so its to late for the GOP, don’t try and show you care for this Republic as you ALL are his enablers!


Isn't Minnesota full of Democrats? Weren't the Dems the leader of the 94 crime bill. Was it Dems who didn't fix the Flint situation. The dems who called the NationalGuard to Ferguson. You might not want to throw stones! Both sides are racist and horrid to black people!

Compassion does not work with Antifa and BLM! Compassion does not work with anarchy!

They are all complicit. They had the chance to remove him through Impeachment and failed the American people and our country.

Would’ve been much cooler if they called for a more compassionate tone on DAY FUCKING ONE OF HIS “PRESIDENCY”

When you didn’t have the balls to impeach him, you’re as much responsible for what is going on in this country! I hope your families are proud of your failures.

When the time comes to vote these mad scientists out, do it!

Mitt Romney tried to tell you all about him you all called him a traitor for not standing with the “team” now look at you.

Unfortunately, he lacks compassion, empathy, and the wherewithal to be President. I think the Republican Party is in for a world of hurt come this November. They are getting exactly what they have created being complicit with Trump!!!

BS... the GOP doesn’t care

Republicans all talk and gutless cuz they won’t do anything

These enablers are the reason our nation is is in this mess. Once again choosing to speak out when it’s too late.

People shooting police officers, looting and burning buildings is not a protest.

since when has he listened to any of you. He owns you. Lock. Stock. Barrel.

Top GOP Senators are as responsible for this as their lord and savior, donnie. Way too little, way too late. Absolutely no respect for those liars.

Are any of them going to do it out loud? Or are they just pearl clutching? Again.

to late, you cant take back your harsh cold nasty words, its ok he will be out in November, gone. Biden will be in

All GOP Senators must call for Trumps Resignation or Impeachment today.

The globalists at work. Divide and xono

Hitler doesn’t know what compassionate is so how can he promote that ?

Military force against unarmed Americans... How cowardly will this President continue to push us towards a revolution?

Hahaha! A bit late for that don’t you think?

Police stations burned to the ground cops getting shot, what compassion?

ARE REPUBLICANS ALRIGHT? Have they all lost their morals and decency? What in the world has AMERICA turned to?

How about they request new articles of impeachment from the House and get him out instead. Seriously.

Do not let up on the protests. But do not loot, destroy people or properties. But it is your god given right to make your voices heard. Let future historians judge this moment in the history of America and this racist, ill equipped, incompetent president.

It's just Trump working Putin's plan...…...

klingensmith_j They had their chance to remove him.

Idiots on the left. clowns on the right.

The GOP could have removed him when he was impeached. Charge 1: Abuse of Power (quid pro quo in transcript) Charge 2: Obstruction of Congress (He bragged about it) The GOP didn't believe the witnesses but they believed trump.🙄

Complicit=GOP Leadership. America's Blood is on your hands GOP. The Internet never forgets. You have given up your right to be 'morally indignant' about anything ever again. Complicit, Old, Fat, White Men desperate to hang onto Power/Money through inequality, poverty & servitude.

This is not protesting it is mayhem and anarchy. The hate groups are paid for by Soros and Left to put socialism in place in America. They took over protest to incite roits to cause the maximum damage. This is your country do not let haters destroy your communities. Step up stop

You mean more compassion for these folks?

Now? NOW realDonaldTrump has gone a bit too far Where has the GOP been for the past 3 1/2 years!! BlueWave2020

Compassion for Mr. Flynn and his family yes 100%. Compassion for a bunch of kids who have zero respect for themselves or their community and steal. NO WAY

He doesn’t know how!

Hope he listens. The speech was not inspirational. It did not move Americans. Isn’t that what speeches are supposed to do?

Why should we believe any Repub Congressman/woman is sincere about talk of unifying the country or resisting Trump's will? They've demonstrated a remarkable unwillingness to challenge him (save Amash & Romney), even in the face of their own most sacredly held beliefs.

Dear gop Senators. Where you have to encourage compassion, compassion does not exist. Then again, you all know this and have ignored it for 40 months. 40 MONTHS! Maybe it is time for you to each rise to the occasion. Do it for the country that you want to “make great again”

So glad they’re “calling for” that. Very reassuring.

Compassionate approach my black Snicker's!!! You should've impeached him while you had the chance

I hope you get a new president soon, Trump is awful, he’s racist!! America needs a good president!!! 😩

Almost as if thats what he was trying to do since the beginning...

agree. POTUS DJT needs israeli skunk 2 B more compassionate. be safe.

Impeachment was the right course of history. removal is the right action now

Liberals = Antifa

They had their chance to end this.

If they think he’s going to change at this juncture, they may benefit from antipsychotic therapy.

Not concerns. Relief.

ex-BLM took the red pill.

Actually majority of GOP senators approve & want tougher actions from the President.

Cool. Maybe they can show us their votes

The guy in the back checking out the jit tho😂

It's like they wish Happy Christmas at Eastern.

You enablers kept him in office. You broke it you bought it. Remove them and their kingpin in nov.

It’s to late for Trump

Too late

Too little too late

Just fire the bad cops and throw them in the gorilla habitat

WE stand with realDonaldTrump ...Don't push us CNN

The President's heart is gold and corruption

AntifaTerrorists don’t deserve compassion

What are these impotent, cowering toadies going to do? They never had control of trump, and they definitely don’t have it now.


Sorry you're about 5days late


'I am deeply saddened, truly pained and plain angry:' NBA great Michael Jordan voices outrage over the death of GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloyd

He is doing great

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