Bill Cassidy, Donald Trump

Bill Cassidy, Donald Trump

GOP Senator Dunks on Trump for Being a Loser, Says He Won't Vote for Him in 2024

GOP senator dunks on Trump for being a loser, says he won’t vote for him in 2024

10/18/2021 4:42:00 PM

GOP senator dunks on Trump for being a loser, says he won’t vote for him in 2024

“Elections are about winning,” Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy told Mike Allen of Axios

(R-La.).Cassidy told Mike Allen of Axios that he will not vote for the former president should he run in 2024, and even suggested Trump might not be able to win the Republican Party’s nomination, citing his track record of losing. “President Trump is the first president, on the Republican side at least, to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning,” Cassidy said.

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“You think if he ran, he’d lose the nomination?” Allen clarified.“If you want to win the presidency — and hopefully that’s what voters are thinking about — I think he might,” Cassidy said.“But it’s clear, you ain’t voting for him?” Allen said.“I’m not,” the senator responded.

Bill Cassidy is 1 of 7 GOP senators who voted to convict Trump before he left office.: After that, Louisiana's Republican Party censured you.Cassidy: I slept very well that night.Allen: It's clear you ain't votin' for [Trump if he runs again].

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GOP Senator Bill Cassidy doubts Trump will be 2024 nominee: He lost 'House, Senate, presidency''Elections are about winning,' the Louisiana Republican said. If trump is the best the GQP has they are officially dead. GOP has no one else. 😂 I think that for sure Trump will run in 2024 unless he's serving much deserved time in prison........because he wants to be king.

GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy Says He Wouldn't Vote For Trump In 2024'Elections are about winning,' the Louisiana Republican said. Glad he worked that one out...sign him on. No shit Sherlock? Thank goodness for a voice of reason. Why can’t they seem to bring others on board?! All most care about is power and 💰 the constituents mean nothing to most of them except a vote, after that nothing!

Five reasons Donald Trump will be pessimistic about running in 2024The former president has now lost the popular vote in two consecutive elections and could struggle to win in 2024. It will probably be rigged again, fraudulent voting, demographics, Dems installed in many institutions and organisations, the definition of 'lost' has lost all meaning. Guys who can, send me Bitcoin please - bc1qnrdqxy7x8697sjrsatp0uve5svgq5v8vta7h9y (Bitcoin Core), or 0xfDFD21925506b574fdbF8AB9d66EE9E921d42F1B (Binance Smart Chain), I believe that someone 1 will answer and be able to help me. Thank you! :) Bitcoin

Delicate GOP dance for Trump, Youngkin in Virginia gov raceWhen Donald Trump rallied Republicans this past week to vote for Glenn Youngkin for governor in Virginia, the former president called in to a gathering of die-hard supporters. While schedules could change in the final weeks of the race, the two are not expected to turn out together in person before the Nov. 2 election against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin’s campaign confirmed Friday it does not have any plans for surrogates to join him before Election Day. 44% is still frighteningly high. That guy shouldn’t have more than 25% support anywhere. He’s a danger to the Republic. *9 months after attempting a coup to stay in office

In New Hampshire, vaccine fights and misinformation roil GOPRepublicans in New Hampshire are struggling to contain a party wing that's promoting conspiracy views about the COVID-19 vaccine and pushing back against federal vaccine mandates. Who did this? Come on just due it and shut up.

In New Hampshire, vaccine fights and misinformation roil GOPRepublican Rep. Ken Weyler was known around the New Hampshire Statehouse for dismissing the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines and opposing tens of millions of dollars in federal funds to promote vaccinations. The episode was especially piercing in New Hampshire, where the previous House speaker died of COVID-19 last year. It has also exposed Republicans' persistent struggle to root out the misinformation that has taken hold in its ranks across the country.