GOP senator considering blocking school meal funding deal over transgender policy fight

The Senate is attempting to expedite a vote on the school meals funding extension, but several Republicans are threatening to block it before the June 30 expiration.

6/23/2022 12:45:00 AM

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) is considering blocking a bipartisan deal to extend school meals funding because of a policy banning discrimination against LGBTQ students who participate in lunch programs that receive the money.

The Senate is attempting to expedite a vote on the school meals funding extension, but several Republicans are threatening to block it before the June 30 expiration.

Link CopiedAfter the $3 billion deal to extend the pandemic-era program was unveiled Tuesday, Sen.Marshall wasRepublicans are particularly concerned with language in the USDA guidance that says programs that receive federal nutrition money need to state their policies for combating anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

“I’m just afraid that schools in Kansas won’t have school lunches because of this administration’s radical view on transgender issues,” Marshall said. “And I’m afraid that they’re going to raid the school lunch program over that issue.”Mike BraunA spokesperson for Paul said his office is still reviewing the bill, but wouldn’t say if he ultimately plans to object. Braun wanted to make sure he had time to read the bill but likely doesn’t have any major issues with the text, according to his spokesperson.

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This is interesting. No joke. Prior to this I heard dems were blocking lunch for all unless trans rights thing passed. I wonder if both dems and reps are receiving fake news, just opposite fake news from twitter. Must be one of those 'Righteous Christian' Republicans. Welp, since I'm not hearing any indignation from the 'normal' Christians, I guess they agree.

lumberjake20 Withholding food from children! Aren’t you a prize! Sickening Bad dude Wow I guess there is something to the saying taking food out of a babies mouth. Sorry POS GOPs like to take food out of the moths of children. Nice look. Political_Lisa You can really be a disgusting person and still get elected on the Republican side. He is proof! And the biggest proof is yet to come. Will he be reelected?

Gop also cut money on texas for prision food , it was pretty fucked uo. They also used prisioners to test experimental medicines without their consent. Monster

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I am so sad that he supposedly represents our state. He seems so hateful. ksleg Gay kids don't get to eat? Is that really your hill dude? Ain't no hate quite like Conservative Republican hate. Upholding those Christian values He claims to be a doctor. So much for 'do no harm' and other high-sounded oaths.

American Taliban When are you fact checkers gonna come out against Joe Biden’s claim that Putin is the reason we have inflation. We had inflation before Putin invaded. 1.4% inflation when Biden took office. 8.3 now How far Kansas has fallen: I would block anything the Democrats want George Carlin warned us in the 90s. Pro-life conservatives like RogerMarshallMD are obsessed with the fetus from conception to 9 months. Afterwards, they’re on their own. And if they grow up to be LGBTQ, he’ll let them starve VoteBlueOrWeAreScrewed

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These people are the scourge of the earth Spreads it thinner at home. And mom might save half her sandwich this month. They weren't really materially prepared were they. Some get it from poop. And ow so loudly I hear. God help him. I hope Sharice Davids has a little chat with him.🥊🥊 Twitter TOS won't let us say what needs to be said

So now you can’t be gay to eat? 😭😭😭 when can we start b*rning sh*t down Why should gender identification determine if you should eat or not. Political_Lisa That’s my senator. I hate it here So, if he can't starve just LGBTQ+ students he'll let them all starve? Sounds very republican of him.

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Evil, evil people. CAFA1968 Why are they all homophobic Is he a member of Westboro Baptist Church? Jeezus 🤬 🤮 “LGBTQ students need to starve or else all student must” How very Christian of them. 'Gay Kids Should Starve' -- The GOP CRUELTY IS THEIR POINT. PUNISHMENT FOR BEING POOR. KansasFoodBank KansasforKids kansasfarms kansaskidsheart KUAthletics 1 in 6 kids are food insecure and rely on school for their main meal(s) of the day. Please tell RogerMarshallMD starving kids for any reason is not welcome in KS.

KansasAction kansashealthorg KCStar kansascoaches MDNewsGRTKansas kansasnews1 kansascitypbs Act4HlthyKids 1 in 6 kids are food insecure and rely on school for their main meal(s) of the day. Please tell RogerMarshallMD starving kids for any reason is unacceptable. Evil

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Sounds like a typical repub viewpoint. You would deprive kids meals because they are transgender? What is wrong with you? Yes. Let’s deny kids fucking food. Aren’t you people that vote for republicans sick of this shit? Have you no values? Sadly there is no floor. 👿💩😈 bothsidesdont Republicans want to starve your children because they won’t discriminate

I'm so sick of GOP voters taking their issues out on other people's kids. With the Cgristian Supreme court it could happen Opinion: using this an excuse to cut funding. Historically, when $ has to be cut from something to save a favorite cause, politicians go after schools. Result: US becoming idiots instead of top % educated & graduated. Trade/innovation/tech NOT dependent upon his obsession

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His office numbers are: 202-224-4774 & 913-879-7070 Let him know what you think of his hatred. Rand Paul in disguise? He's just a mean old man with no positive attributes. Let them starve? Is that what he’s saying? Lordy Vandalay_Inc In case you needed an example of how evil the Right is. ATTACKING KIDS…..WHY IS THE GUY IN CONGRESS

The GOP at it's best! Sen. Roger Marshall considering blocking school meals for students. Separating children from parents at border, blaming immigrant babies for formula shortage, harassing trans kids. These r pro life ppl? It boggles my mind that the same people who claim “freedom of speech “, the same people that had a tantrum over masks , now want to dictate how a person is to live their life.

If you claim that you are pro life, then your stance in this instance should re label you as a MAJOR HYPOCRITE

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MY GOD! NOW LET'S STARVE THESE CHILDREN TO DEATH!!!! THEY ARE BORN THIS WAY AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUNISH THEM FOR SOMETHING THAT IS OUT OF THEIR CONTROL!!!!!!😡😡😡 GOD MADE US ALL!!! elonmusk you vote for these guys? Just cut the entire state of Kansas out of the program then. Everybody or nobody.

This will not fly. I remember hearing about a guy who fed 5,000 without restriction Let me fix the headline for you.. The federal govt wants to force schools to allow boys into girl’s bathrooms. If they don’t do it, they won’t get money for lunches. Marshall is blocking the deal. RodgerMarshallMD your a doctor and you want to prevent children from the summer food program? Your heartless! It’s even worst because your a MEDICAL DOCTOR! Why are you a SENATOR? Oh, it’s to make BANK and become even more HEARTLESS! RodgerMarshallMD

Do I have this right? This guy wants kids to go hungry because they aren’t straight? Nothing says Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version This guy really needs a Come to Jesus meeting. so Christian. By all means don't feed people who don't meet your beliefs.

SATAN likes this.

That's sickening I wonder how many of this homophobic GOP people secretly “experimented” in college with their same sex roommates? Republicans have a LONG history of denying school lunch funding. This is not new Sounds like Sen Marshall needs to read the bill. It’s only a problem if Kansas schools refuse to feed a child because they are frightened of their sexuality. Which may very well happen. But that’s a pathetic reason to block the bill.

So LGBTQ students should go hungry? That is one way to rid the country of them. The argument is about the manipulation the Biden administration is using to spread its regimes ideology in schools. This isn't hard to grasp. Of course there would be push when one party tries to push its ideology via any means necessary.

I doubt that's the reason. It maybe what you are trying to push What kind of fucking monster does this shit? Oh look who wants to get some attention.