GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, in Georgia runoff, tests positive for coronavirus; receives 2nd inconclusive test

Republican control of the Senate rests in the state's runoff elections.

11/22/2020 9:54:00 PM

GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, in critical Georgia runoff, tests positive for coronavirus.

Republican control of the Senate rests in the state's runoff elections.

Will Georgia stay blue? | FiveThirtyEight Politics PodcastThe podcast crew speaks to Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to understand the trends that flipped Georgia blue and how durable they are.Jessica Mcgowan/Getty ImagesGOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, locked in a runoff battle in Georgia that could determine control of the Senate, has tested positive for COVID-19.

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Loeffler's spokesperson said she tested positive for the virus on Friday night, but a follow-up test on Saturday came back inconclusive. She is isolating as a precaution"until retesting is conclusive." She passed two rapid COVID tests on Friday morning before starting a day of campaigning, but found out at night she had tested positive in a PCR test, which generate fewer false positives or false negatives.

"Senator Loeffler took two COVID tests on Friday morning. Her rapid test results were negative and she was cleared to attend Friday’s events," campaign spokesperson Stephen Lawson said late Saturday."She was informed later in the evening after public events on Friday that her PCR test came back positive, but she was retested Saturday morning after conferring with medical officials and those results came back inconclusive on Saturday evening.

"Senator Loeffler followed CDC guidelines by notifying those with whom she had sustained direct contact while she awaits further test results."She is not suffering any symptoms, Lawson said.Ben Gray/APVice President Mike Pence and Kelly Loeffler wave to the crowd during a Defend the Majority Rally, Friday, Nov. 20, 2020 in Canton, Ga. U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler waves behind Pence.

Loeffler, 49, made a campaign appearance with Vice President Mike Pence on Friday. The two appeared on stage in close proximity without masks. Sen. David Perdue, currently campaigning in the other Georgia runoff, was also at the rally and in close proximity without a mask.

The runoff will take place on Jan. 5.With Democrats, and two left-leaning independents, holding 48 seats, and Republicans holding 50 seats, the two Georgia seats could determine the balance of the Senate in President-elect Biden's first years in office. Vice president-elect Kamala Harris would cast a deciding vote in any 50-50 ties.

Loeffler, who has painted herself as a strong ally of President Donald Trump, is running against Rev. Raphael Warnock. The Democrat is the reverend at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Martin Luther King Jr.'s one-time congregation.Perdue is running against Democrat Jon Ossoff, who, at 33, would

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of the Senate by seven years. It's not clear when Perdue was last tested.Jessica Mcgowan/Getty ImagesU.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., speaks to the crowd of supporters during a"Defend the Majority" rally at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agriculture Center on Nov. 19, 2020 in Perry, Ga.

Loeffler's positive test also comes exactly one week after she appeared in a campaign event with Florida Sen. Rick Scott. The pair appeared in a crowded sports bar with hundreds of fans and very few wearing masks, including the candidate. Scott tested positive for COVID days later.

She is the third GOP senator to go into isolation over a positive test, following Scott and Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley. Read more: ABC News »

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Down playing the virus as always, just putting more lives at risk... She took a morning after pill? Trunt 🙂 Why is she being tested? Has she had significantly close contact or does she have symptoms? lock this manipulating hate virus down. I don’t believe them HOAX - she's fine. Avoiding media about the runoff - too many contrary unattractive facts are working against her - particularly this one - 'A wicked soul who believes she lives outside morals and consequences.'

Georgians: Please don't vote for inside-trader Loeffler Please don't vote for inside trader Perdue Damaged goods. LockHerUp KLoeffler SenLoeffler CorruptKelly LootingLoeffler InsiderTraitorLoeffler CovidKelly Flip, flops on the issues as well as on the COVID-19 tests! So many republicans are becoming infected with Covid-19!

Who cares. People survive covind more than the flue Thoughts and prayers, to stay positive 😜 I hope she does not wear a mask, or else, it will make King Trump furious ... Doh - no false positives only false negatives but hey she’s a GOP so doesn’t believe right? 😱🤥😱 How is her off shore tax haven account?

Joe-gians please learn the lesson before it is too late, set urselves free from these super spreaders, they have your tax to use to take cares of themselves, if you catch it, you’ll be left in the cold. Vote aright as we wish her recovery. It is time you think America not party i bet she got the clap too

Anyone know if the VEEP is isolating? TestandTrace anyone? 🙏✌️ More time for her to do some insider trading. Conclusive retesting.... how special Vote out the GOP! We must vote out the CON serving CONservative GOP = Ghouls of Politics, Group of Perpetrators, & replace with real 🇺🇸 patriotic dedicated public servant’s, who will honor their 🇺🇸 constitutional oath & do the 🇺🇸 people’s work! ...

There is a lady in China tested negative 6 times, but she kept feeling not well, so she insisted taking the test again, the 7th times was positive So she had some “insider testing” ? She should be in prison KLoeffler Thoughts. Non-mask wearer. C'mon Covid First time I have heard this 'inconclusive' result.

Harri Hursti: “the scanner and tabulation software settings …likely causing clearly intentioned votes not to be counted... Donald has fought so hard for American values. Get out and vote in the Georgia run off. Write in Donal Trump and help him win Georgia! Messy.......... kodiak149 Boo Hoo. It is fake news!!!!

Who’s surprised Awwwww I wonder if people down there in the Bible Belt will see this as a sign from God showing what happens to Trump supporters. Go out just like trump did and be a super spreader idot shame on you !!!!! Georgian’s are too smart to vote for you your fired HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa Hahahaha Shouldn’t she be in prison for insider trading?

SenatorLoeffler KARMA. Thoughts and prayers... ... ... yep, that’s all I got: Thoughts and prayers. That’s interesting. And she should NOT receive medical help since she doesn’t like masks. the story says the last test was inconclusive. so which is it. I really don’t care..... do you Taters and Tots. Georgia Trump voters!! Tired of being betrayed by RINOS? WRITE IN “TRUMP” IN THE GEORGIA RUNOFF ELECTION!!

Learn people 🤯 Don jr did it! The virus now turning on its own kind! All about corrupted Republicans. Is there a test for decency on the horizon? hope she doesn't garner the sympathy vote. she rolled the dice and lost. Her senate provided health care will ensure that she comes out of this healthy, with few consequences and a bigger platform for her lies

Quarantine for 14 days & you better hope you don't get really sick & put on a ventilator. The richest person in gov't who was doing insider trading? She's married to the CEO of the NY Stock Exchange. Hmmmm....doesn't she have something better to do than run for the senate? So? Along with millions of other citizens . Now she will have time to get illegal stock selling and trading?

2 Tess 2;2;3 The day of the Lord has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. (D Trump) ( 66 books + 6 name = 666). LOL If you act recklessly, you risk being wrecked. Actions have consequences.

Emoji heart. Emoji goodbye. Good I feel bad, that I don’t feel bad for these people. This is what’s happening in the Trump era. No compassion others. Are you aware that JESUS is the only antidote to COVID19 Who are these sons of God? Are you one of them? Are you one of the select? Watch this Damn, saw the word critical and thought maybe she was in critical condition.

So not only is she a criminal thief insidetrader - she does not follow CDC guidelines (from an agency based in her home state) and doesn't wear a mask? yes please let's vote her in - as her appointment was based on - remind me again? Oh yeah - hubby runs NYSE jokes Once again, it's been proven that a parasite can get a virus.

Wanna know what is required to be the son of GOD? Welcome here. Corona virus a virus named after a Mexican beer will kill all Trump's cult followers and Mexico is going to pay for their funerals We are going to have to do this to all the goofy anti-maskers in the RepublicanParty RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica COVIDIOTS dumbass KellyLoefflerForPrison KellyLoeffler VoteGeorgiaSenateBlue votegeorgiablue

Who was she kissing? I was REALLY looking forward to her debate. Too bad, so sad Good enough... 🎅⛄🦌🎄 Karma is simply amazing. I feel bad for the virus She's been lying and knows she doesn't care about Georgians and health care She lost should've conceded. Thirsty Republicans using her to push forward with false Ads. Early Vote ✅ December 14th for ReverendWarnock

Considering the way she lied to Americans and downplayed the virus in public, while doing insider trading knowing full well how bad the virus was actually going to be, this is sweet karma. Black churches are backing away from Warnock for his position on supporting the killing of babies. To fucking bad I don’t feel sorry for her or any of them

Thoughts and prayers Tots and Pears Is she in the ICU ? karma I'm sorry you did say the woman That did insider Trading and made Millions while Millions of Americans died .... Im sure the people who lost loved one wish her well 😉 Entirely possible the entire gop is going to become extinct due to lack of covid precautions

Hard to find a lesser qualified candidate. She is the poster child for money buying you a seat at the table. It didn’t even take her long to game the little people by trading her stocks on inside information. Georgia, please: Don't vote for inside trader Loeffler Don't vote for inside trader Perdue Hee hee hee!!

Is there any guidance you can give me? I haven’t received my unemployment for PUA since applying June 22! It’s getting cold and we need to heat our home. I have been told several times that the payments would be released and still nothing! help Good for her! I’m sure she could’ve prevented it. doesn't everyone though?

she must of caught it from trump jr cuz she also rejects the use of face condom's Probably the purest thing in her body Disappointed that critical wasn't followed by 'condition' good She also tests positive for corruption. Stay 🦠positive SenatorLoeffler 😂 🗳💙ReverendWarnock good The headline should read Covid tests positive for Loeffley this seems to the GOP disease. How Dems have caught it?

god works in mysterious ways ! thank you, sir !! karma Her husband: She tested positive for that WAP. Especially after I wave a fistfull of 50's in front of her crazy eyes. Look at God 🧐 She’ll be okay. And she’ll win. Can't buy your way outta that one ROFL 🔥🔥TIME IS OVER!🔥🔥 Repent! Recover holiness! Our eternal time is over! The Prophet who predicted the Corona and Beirut explosion. Everything will be destroyed. according to the prophecies and records of the Bible.🔥 SundayGrandWord

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Surprise surpiiise surpriiiiise. In my deepest south accent. My God, they are ALL IN ON THIS COVID CON!!! If anyone’s earned it... She got away with some shady financial dealings related to COVID, so this is karma. I thought I just read somewhere the follow up test was negative? Did she sell some stocks beforehand?

Wow... hope she’s survives. This scamdemic is no joke. Woo Hoo JOE BIDEN'$ Plan for Americans: Higher Taxes to pay for his crazy plans. Defund the Police which would cause rampant crime. The Green New Deal which would cost more than America has. Complete Amnesty for illegal immigrants which would encourage illegals to overwhelm our Country.