GOP's Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she's struggling with supporting Trump

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Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she's 'struggling' over supporting Trump given his handling of the coronavirus and George Floyd crises.

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski acknowledged Thursday that she’s “struggling” over whether she can support President Trump given his handling of the virus and race crises shaking the United States.

Trump’s former secretary of defense, who resigned in 2018, broke his silence Wednesday with a blunt rebuke of the president’s leadership.“Perhaps we’re getting to the point where we can be more honest with the concerns that we might hold internally and have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” Murkowski said. Asked whether she can still support Trump, she replied, “I am struggling with it. I have struggled with it for a long time.

For Republicans, the challenge peaked this week when federal forces abruptly cleared peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park near the White House so that Trump could stage a photo op in front of St. John’s, the “church of presidents,” holding up a Bible. Even now, most Republicans aren’t breaking with Trump. Murkowski, who has her own complicated relationship with him, suggested that’s because those in the president’s mostly white party are looking for the right words and tone. Statements by former President George W. Bush and now Mattis, she said, help point the way.“I think right now ...


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babies4_me You don’t Have to just do your job!

. Ah yes, “The Real Struggle.” It’s a real Infinity War inside there for her.

If she’s struggling she’s too brainwashed to have any worth

It took her 3 years and a half years to get to that point? 😱

STRUGGLING?!? Really, lisamurkowski? Really? You’re struggling? What the %$! Is wrong with the GOP?!?

See ya! 👋

It should be a struggle after gassing peaceful protesters!🤨

It's a begining, not much but better than nothing.

GOP, not supporting Trump doesn't mean you're endorsing Biden. It means you have a backbone.

Welcome to the club!!!

Dont support him then. You have never been a loyal Republican. Get the heck out of ourParty

Ohhh... the struggling. Be still my heart.

At this point, I don't give a shit. All Republicans must go!

And Susan Collins is 'very concerned' .... again

Lisa has bigger stones than her male counterparts. Their dereliction of duties persists. Cowards. TrumpResignNow

RealMTrombley I'm struggling to give a shit about her. She had a chance to vote for impeachment. She failed. Quit giving her ink.

If your loyalty lies with Trump or the GOP and not the people who elected you and who pay your salary then you are a cheat and an abomination to the institution of democracy.

Her job isn't to support Trump. It' s to represent monied interests that get her reelected.

lisamurkowski STRUGGLING like those protesters struggling to breathe from TEAR GAS Or GeorgeFlyod struggling Let me Help you Senator Here is the struggle AmericaOrTrump Can’t be both GOPBetrayedAmerica

Yes her and Collins can clutch each others f*cking pearls...

When is ur term up? I'm sure you will be helped with moving on with your life.

Hey lisamurkowski snap out of it

Don't struggle. Leave him behind.

She's a junior grade Susan Collins, without the Defcon levels of concern.

Then dont. Have a backbone

“Struggling“, huh? That says everything.

Stop struggling...go for it.....u will be remembered, madame....go, go against this President. U will be helping the society...

lisamurkowski struggles with so much.

Oh that’s rich. She wasn’t struggling when he was impeached.

Thank God!

Really shouldn’t be that much of a struggle! This man lies to us every day, is a racist, is narcissistic and cares only for himself, not Americans! If your struggling with this, you should not be in office!

While clutching her pearls.

Take some of this...

She’s awful.

NeilSteinberg If she’s gotta think about it we know the fuckin answer

That’s a start

Not enough.

What's the struggle?!

imagine that. 🤔

struggling, now that's rich.


She should get a clue, should take less than this to remove all support.

Struggling? Murkowski should be down on her knees asking forgiveness from Americans for enabling Trump since he was elected - like the rest of the Republicans.

Struggling? Bye, Karen.

What, is she upset Trump is not out in the streets murdering black people with his bare hands?

Lisa, you sold your soul to the Devil long ago. Trying to earn back any graces is futile. You're heading straight to...

Is this like Susan Collins' 'concerned' or is this, like, actually real?

Senator Murkowski please do not support Trump.Our country is in shambles after not quite four years.Please as an american citizen that loves his country please help your country this man is a disgrace


If this is indeed the last one, she must have a LOT of straws.

Go by your gut in your guts you know he’s nuts!

lisamurkowski the struggle should be over why realDonaldTrump is still a freeman. Why would you struggle over voting for a man who violates the law and/or Constitution every day, resulting in the injury and/or death of countless Americans? senategop MittRomney

This is not news. She will vote with trump. Now cover police terrorism all over LA

She better stop struggling and start rejecting him soon...

We’ve noticed. lisamurkowski always seems to find a way to move through these struggles, pass them onto America, and support him anyway. RemoveTrump

Oh, fvck off.

'Struggling' means she will endorse. Nobody with half a damn soul should be struggling at this point. You are either with him or against, there is no middle ground. He is an evil racist fascist wannabe dictator. It's pretty easy to make up your mind at this point.


It's a little too late, I'm afraid. And it's a problem with her whole party, Romney being one of the most rare exceptions. They've come to believe that winning an election is far more important than loving and serving the country.

She does struggle when it comes tohervote record

Pick a side and shut t F up.

RINO Lock step with this.

Wow, so brave

I’m struggling to care about Lisa.

It took this long?!

All talk, as usual.

Just don't be Susan Collins.

Collins & Murkowski looked like very constipated politicians. Be brave lady grifters.

It's a struggle? She should be standing on her chair demanding that the POTUS stop doing lawless, reckless and divisive things -- all of her colleagues on both sides of that stupid aisle should be. She swore an Oath ffs. SHAME lisamurkowski

After everything he has done--she's just 'struggling' with supporting Trump? FuckThat

Well welcome to the life boat Lisa. Why did you wait so long to jump off that sinking ship?

struggling with skincare too.

Really Lisa?..........really?

Hi lisamurkowski : Pretend he’s a Democrat. Now do whatever you’d do if he was.

lisamurkowski Then Don't! We promise you'll feel relieved after. 😌

If one is struggling than she has a problem. Its as clear as day.

Thoughts, prayers, etc

She said also that she is struggling with convictions and not being a coward.

I’d say her morals are struggling.

Perhaps she could speed up her thought process since Black people are being killed by the police, peaceful protesters are being fired upon & gasses & democracy teeters as she ponders

I’m sure she’ll reach deep inside of herself and pull it out

Then why has she enabled him for 3 years

Conscience is a bitch.

she is at furled browlines level of struggle oh wow

I. Don’t. Trust. Her.

She had her chance to impeach! Crocodile tears.

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