Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Rachel Levine

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Transphobic Taunt Slammed On Twitter

Twitter users reported the extremist lawmaker's post about the first U.S. transgender four-star officer as targeted harassment.

10/21/2021 10:09:00 AM

Twitter users reported the extremist lawmaker's post about the first U.S. transgender four-star officer as targeted harassment.

Twitter users said they reported the extremist lawmaker's post about the first U.S. transgender four-star officer as targeted harassment.

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Ho thinks she cute 😳fuking mutt! 😂 I wonder why Marjorie Greene hates transgenders so much? For a chick that looks like a man she should have some empathy. They need to put her back in the looney bin she escaped from. Just pour water on her. That is a lie, was not the first. Our criticism towards others lifestyle,has no bearing on life,nor makes us more human. Look at the good of the soul,many don't have,just be human,nothing more.

I hate agreeing with MTG, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. This man didn't decided to put on a dress and heels one day and suddenly start knocking down glass ceilings for women. Cave woman What, in all good reason, is wrong with that woman? I think the way Marjorie behaves is like of a despotic man with a woman's body.


Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s Vaccine Mandate Whine Gets The Treatment On TwitterThe Republican governor asked 'where does this end?' and received some stinging responses to his question. this is terrible news When did it become “news” to just report social media comments from, well, pretty much anyone? That’s not reporting, it’s just repeating. Love the replies😁 He's owned!

I mean she right tho. She was a man first. Jelly cuz she only gets one star on Uber rides. She got a strong jaw, their is your compliment, I have done my good deed today And disgusting disparaging hate with a hefty side of discrimination, ignorance and maliciousness.

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn's Unhinged Parenting Advice Panned As 'Dangerous’The extremist first-term lawmaker was accused of promoting toxic masculinity with his 'raise them to be a monster' speech. Excellently correct headline. I mean, what goes thru someone's head when they hear that and think 'Yup, this guy's right on the money'? 'toxic masculinity'

GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry indictedRepublican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska has been indicted, according to the US Attorney's Office for the Central District of California. God Jesus Christ will soon come on clouds and his holy angels with him to gather the ripe wheat and store it in his barn. Paypal, If the FBI is investigating a crime you know you committed then you might as well request a plea deal. Now he’s in trouble for the crime itself and lying about it. The motto of the GOP...Crime pays.

GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry charged with lying to FBI about campaign contributionsNEW: Rep. Fortenberry was charged on Tuesday with lying to the FBI about contributions to his 2016 re-election campaign funneled to him from a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire, officials say. NEGOP continuing to make national headlines for all the wrong reasons. What’s the surprise,he’s a republican. My heart is happy

GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Indicted For Lying To FBI About Campaign FundsThe nine-term lawmaker is accused of trying to conceal information about money funneled to his campaign by a Nigerian billionaire. Lock him up. Standard GOP excuse from the GOP playbook. ‘My corruption isn’t my fault. It’s just a political attack. If not for people trying to expose my corruption, you’d never know I’m corrupt. The Democrats are out to ruin this country.’ Some people will do anything for a dollar. They let money control them. Also, who they owe debt control them. Most people get up early to go to work to earn money to pay for their houses and vehicles then essentials. Don’t be a prisoner to your debt.

GOP Rep. Explains Why Republican Colleagues ‘Go Limp’ On TrumpIllinois Republican Adam Kinzinger named the fear that drives other Republicans in Congress to remain silent about the former president. Nobody should fear incompetence, stupidity and mean spirited people! They had 4 yrs to do something. Not like this happened in a vacuum. Not like they didn’t read Trump’s vile tweets. His hate rallies. Lies. Conspiracy theories. Twisting every which way to justify his behavior. Should never have gotten this far. Shame on all of you. RepKinzinger Just words. He could support the Voting Rights Act, and help ensure that people who would vote against the MJT’s of the world have their voice heard, but he isn’t willing to take that step . He hates trump, but he loves being a Republican more.