GOP lawmaker calls Roe ruling ‘victory for white life’ as Trump rally cheers

6/26/2022 4:32:00 PM

Rep. Mary E. Miller (R-Ill.) meant to say the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was a victory for the “right to life,” a spokesman said.

A Republican lawmaker called the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the right to abortion established nearly 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life,” which was met with cheers by crowds at a rally held by former president Donald Trump.

Rep. Mary E. Miller (R-Ill.) meant to say the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was a victory for the “right to life,” a spokesman said.

ArrowRight “President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday,” Rep.Email NEW YORK -- Abortion rights supporters took to the streets of New York City on Friday, following the U.Follow Us.Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Is ‘Catastrophic,' Liberal Justices Write in Furious Dissent What Did the Supreme Court Decide in 1973? The decision was released on Jan.

Mary E.Miller (R) said at the rally Saturday night in Mendon, Ill.Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v., referring to Trump’s former campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” She began clapping her hands as spectators, some clutching red “Save America” placards, also began to applaud.Over ten thousand people gathered in Washington Square Park on Friday evening as the decision sparked outrage across the country.Her remark drew widespread condemnation on social media, and Miller’s team swiftly issued an explanation for what it deemed to be “a mix-up of words.But the right to an abortion was not unqualified.

” Miller’s spokesman, Isaiah Wartman, told the Associated Press that the Illinois Republican misread her prepared speech and was supposed to declare the divisive court ruling a victory for the “right to life."Roe has been the law my entire life and I never thought I'd be out here with my kids trying to preserve their rights.” Advertisement “You can clearly see in the video … she’s looking at her papers and looking at her speech,” Wartman said.Trump — who has endorsed Miller against GOP Rep.From Washington Square Park, they marched to Union Square -- a steady flow of abortion rights supporters who knew this day was coming because of a recent leak -- but it didn't soften the blow.Rodney Davis.

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Yeah good. Normalize it. If literally ANY other race can say it then so can white people. How this is controversial is beyond me. I am going to be sick.... 🤢 Pulling off their masks to reveal the lizard supremacists beneath. Behold the Master Race wannabes, and they're ALL Republicans. She literally probably had 4 different abortions and yet has the nerve to be racist...

Again, the propaganda lies.. S H A M E Yes!! It's time for WHITE folks to stand up and be heard! What's wrong with white life? If she said black life would that offend you? If you want to hurt the GOP stop buying from Corporations who donate to them, Walmart, Home Depot, Exxon Mobil, Gap, Fedex, Johnson & Johnson. They already lost some big donators after Jan 6th let's keep it going.

Shitler in the background like 'well damn if I had just said the quiet part out loud this whole time...?' I don’t understand how a struggle of womens rights to choose for themselves became a symbol of white democracy? I guess any platform will do for a fool to gain an audience; regardless of the harm it may cause.

Massive protests held in NYC after Supreme Courts overturns Roe v WadeAbortion rights protesters took to the streets of New York City on Friday, following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the fundamental right to abortion. Arm pit Look at ALL THE BETA MALES AND CUMM DUMPSTERS LOL 😆 😂 🤣 😅 😄 😜 😆 😂 Hope we see these crowds when it’s time to vote.

She said exactly what she and all of Republicans mean to say. A “pick me” girl if I’ve ever seen one. Just wait until she realizes the white mens will throw her away as soon as they’re done with her. NO ambiguity here ! where tf is biden She said WHAT !!!! Um… what in the KKK shit dick is that “slip up” My ass. I’m sick to my stomach that is just… I… kinda feel like I’m stuck in a fever nightmare bc surely all of this cannot be fucking happening. I hate it here

These are the nazis America fought against in WW2. GQP just says it out loud now. Sickening 🤢🤮 Its a victory for all lives. Anyone injecting race into anything is considered to be a racist statement. We are all Americans here. Start acting like it. Remove all of these racist pride months and just be American. Simple.

Biden says 'poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids'

Sen. Joe Manchin: Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices lied on abortion in wake of Roe decisionSen. Joe Manchin III accused several of the Supreme Court’s conservative justices of having lied to Congress about their stance on abortion in the wake of the high court’s decision Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade. JoeManchin & SusanCollins should have seen this coming.MitchMcConnell & the gop elite are having cocktails & laughing right now. They got you! It was the correct ruling, totally inline with the Constitution.

This idiot obviously knows nothing about the statistics of abortion. Eliminating abortion would immediately create an increase in the birth rate of minorities. They are by far the largest users of abortion. What’s wrong with White life? For ALL colors! Maé a guenahm If she misspoke then she should/would have corrected herself during the pause, but she didn’t. Therefore she meant what she said!

Everyone knows she meant to say 'right to life.' Let's not demean ourselves. And if any race benefits from it, it's blacks. Wow.... you're really going to spread this lie. 😐 Lieing again They are not even hiding their white supremacist agenda anymore. 🤦‍♂️🤬 When are GQP's going to propose to rescind 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment?

Who Was Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade?What was the case that many heralded but others fought fiercely against over the years? Here are some details.

Such a falsity. she meant 'right to life'. grow up libsters. stop crying. im still wondering who said that the right to an abortion is actually overturned... last i check over 50 years ago it was up to the states and then goverment seized on it and now its been returned back to the states.... JUST ASKING

When people tell you who they are….Believe them. Don't take or fall for the bait those who want to destroy America are throwing out to the media. They + the MSMedia want division. They capitalize on any situation to divide us. The stakes are high. Our Constitutional Republic is under attack. Don't be fooled. We are at war.

That's because your plan to replace them just took a backseat slightly She said Right to Life SCOTUSblog Interesting the radicals on right saying if it's not in the Constitution.... except judicial review, or the ability of the Court to declare a Legislative or Executive act in violation of the Constitution, is not found within the text of the Constitution itself!!!

Who Was Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade?What was the case that many heralded but others fought fiercely against over the years? Here are some details. Do better. she lied! So all because this woman wasn’t able to use protection they made abortion legal

No pro-choice person cares whether you are black, white, Latino, Asian, or any race. Your body, your choice. Pro-life on the other hand… Freudian slip for $10K? Seems plausible. We already know this. The Republican platform is about white supremacy, fascism and pre-totalitarianism. There’s no denying it. Anyone who does should just be ignored, because they are lying. Neo-nazis don’t support the Republican party for nothing.

Really? Since Planned Parenthood abortion mills are overwhelmingly built in poor minority neighborhoods, I’d say it was a victory for non-white lives. Black Lives Matter, especially unborn ones. Appalling !!! Religion is a cancer on humanity nothing anyone says will change my mind. Let’s keep dividing people by race.

Racism isnt systemic in America DJT & GOP : White life Joe Biden : you aint black enough when the supreme court makes a decision that is contrary to what the majority of the people want; that is when there is no democracy and the country will go to hell roeVwade This is the America we live in today. Accept it or change it. Don’t just talk about it.

yeah ... RACISM isnt part of DJT and GOP politics ;)

Who Was Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade?What was the case that many heralded but others fought fiercely against over the years? Here are some details.

Racism, symptom of a crumbling empire. NovemberIsComing Snooky do work A true victory for the voices of 63 million babies that ultimately cannot be silenced. Proof that our peaceful marches and prayers are more powerful than anything. Now we need to help girls and women and show them we are here to HELP them. Let's don't stop now.

I would say it was a Freudian slip. God hates abortion. The bizarre thing is that stopping abortion will have the exact opposite effect of what the white supremacists want, since minorities will suffer the most from forced birth and there will be many more unwanted Black and Brown children born into squalor and misery.

Same rep quoted Hitler, using his words with endearment. THEY ARE NOT HIDING IT ANYMORE. Do they realize that only 33% of legal abortions were white people? Most of which were probably pro choice? The other 67% are almost all gonna vote against Conservatives.

The Supreme Court's Liberal Justices Deliver Stark Warning: Overturning Roe is Just the BeginningIn a blistering dissent, the Supreme Court’s liberal justices mourn the subjugation of women to the power of the state, and warn that worse is yet to come But what is a woman? 🇺🇸🦅 Misogyny Media Patriarchy Putin Profit Press Rolling Stoners used 20,000 Stolen Wikileaked DNC emails, Russians stole, to get tRUMPCoup in, so SCROTUS ruled 14th Amendment doesn't include Women's Constitutional rights to due process, Life and Liberty

Give me a break. You can obviously see that's not what she meant when you watch and listen to it. She spoke out loud what this decision is really about. Isn’t this the same lady that made the hitler reference Wooooow who could have ever seen this comming. 'She misread her prepared speech and was supposed to declare the divisive court ruling a victory for the “right to life.” WaPost just like the NYTimes trying to start a frenzy with clickbait.

She said it was a mistake. We all know that she just said the quiet part out loud. SCOTUS judges won't listen to protests - but they WILL listen to their wallets 💵 More information on profile page! goforthemoney RoeVsWade SCOTUS AbortionRightsAreHumanRights hear what you want to hear. I heard black lives matter and now we have riots again. boo hoo.

👍Amen Mr president 😇

What's wrong with being in favor of white lives? Wrong it's a victory for all of God's Creations. Notice I said you can't put your faith in a man or a political party. An education campaign for the use of male and female condoms, but with the same intensity as the campaign against Covid, reduces abortion worldwide by 80%; Is there any interest from science on this topic?

so this great victory means more kids to be cared for...therefore, each thursday, all the pro-lifers will be given 5 unaborted kids to raise and care for...every week 5 more...sounds fair to me Did she say a victory for white life? ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!! America, once a beacon of freedom, will be about to become a watchtower of neo-fascism, if we don't prevent it by voting blue on November 8.

Look who's sporting that ' all lives matter' now. Hahaha More like White Trash!! And? The MSM are known liars.

🤬 He's not so sure. That’s not using a dog whistle. It’s using a bullhorn for white racism. in order to keep church and state separate Roe v. Wade should not have been overturned. With religious justices doing the bidding of religious republicans, church and state are now fused together. Now it’s time to put in term limits for justices as they are now political.

it is a victory for the defenseless babies who have not been born and have the right to life they did not ask to be given life and then killed they have the right to life I see that those who are in favor of abortion are those who have already been born Yet more disgusting overtures from people who probably enjoyed the full Free Love experience. And less said about Trump the better!

They don't even hide it anymore, even after her b.s. 'correction.' This is wrong. I supported Trump but this is wrong, you can’t overturn a decision by previous Supreme Court judgements To me it sounded like she stuttered, but you guys are the same people who spliced 5 seconds off a clip to smear Trump. If anything abortion saves minority babies. I mean in NYC a black baby is more likely to be aborted than birthed. That’s lowkey a genocide.

'White Lives' the whole issue has been turned to a pseudo-colored fiasco by OTT & his acolytes! (sigh)

Saying the quiet part out loud and now the party is backpedaling. That’s rare 🙄 So her handlers fixed later. Like Biden. The sane people in the world must vote! Make America Great Again. Please let us see the video as opposed to paying for your crap “journalism”. RonBrownstein Are the democrats dropping attacks ads today? A party that wants to energize they’re voters for electoral gain would

Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag. JacquieWells4 They aren’t even worried about saying the quiet part outloud anymore RacistPOS Pure pristine racism, they don't hide it anymore. When they show (tell) you who they are believe them.

How is it a victory for white life? White people have a lower birth rate than people of color. Banning abortion will accelerate the pace of white people becoming minority, no? When is enough enouh already? Are we going to have to go war with ourselves to defeat once and for all white supremacy? God help us all

Woke Comment’ Racist Driven By GOP Control Power Greed Wtf Can we just designate the Republican Party a hate group and do away with them? Misspoken or not, Ms. Miller really should consider hitching-up her political wagon to someone whose hay field isn't burning and whose cattle aren't scattering away from the pasture.

You’re lying. hate USA She hasn’t made any retractions today this. She is just confirming what we all knew to be true about Republicans like her.

MrJonCryer I was seeing white supremacists aligning themselves with the anti-abortion movement during my college days in the late '80s. These people have never given a crap about minority women or minority babies. So Haha, ( wow,, people 🤣 of color diverse skin is watching) she is in lala land. Say it diverse color skin, she will be booed

Well we always knew many republicans if not most were white supremacists. Stop calling them 'prolife' that is a partisan GOP term. Use the internationally accurate term instead: 'forced-birth human traffickers.' Hey df, what's wrong with white life? “Met with cheers” of course it was. Fake Black and other POC warned everyone and now the hoods are off.

So evil it’s so sad … 😓😓🔥🔥💔💔🇺🇸🇺🇸 We know who they are. Yep CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITICAL BS VALUES ARE HILARIOUSLY IRONIC 🤣🤣🤣