GOP governor in North Dakota gives emotional plea against 'mask shaming'

“If someone is wearing a mask, they’re not doing it to represent what political party they’re in or what candidates they support,” said Republican Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota.

5/24/2020 1:30:00 AM

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum issues an emotional plea for residents of his state to avoid 'ideological or political' divides on the choice to wear face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“If someone is wearing a mask, they’re not doing it to represent what political party they’re in or what candidates they support,” said Republican Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota.

continue in some states around the country.“I would really love to see in North Dakota that we could just skip this thing that other parts of the nation are going through where they’re trading a divide — either it’s ideological or political or something — around masks versus no mask," said Burgum. “This is a — I would say — senseless dividing line, and I would ask people to try to dial up your empathy and your understanding.”

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"If somebody wants to wear a mask, there should be no mask shaming. You should look at them and say, 'That person is wearing a mask because for them there's additional risk in their life.' This is not a disease that spreads risk equally," he added.

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Was Coronavirus designed, planned and released in the public in order to slowdown or stop protest and aligned freespeech? What😳, and give up the Glory of dying for an idiotic cause❓❓ This Republican Governor literally put the name to mask-shaming. KevTKel Coming to a city near you!! TheTrump666VirusTour

People wear masks to protect others, if you're not a mask stay the F away. Rules to live by. A virus isn’t idiological or political, it will simply hurts people. The gov’t is supposed to protect the life of its citizens. If he doesn’t want to do that, he should quit! Outstanding position this Republican politician took. Bravo!

I can see he means well but when I am told I have to wear a mask if I want to do a, b, or c it becomes 'political', whether it is the govt or a store that is encouraged by constant govt 'requests' or individuals who try to shame me into wearing a mask against my better judgment. great!!! Good luck getting the MAGAts to do the right thing. It’s a death cult at this point.

How about stating the fact that people wear masks out of respect for others, out of a belief in science, out of respect for the value of expertise. DougBurgum What a clueless person imitating a leader Memorial Day weekend is a great time to defy tyrannical lockdown orders. Independence Day is not far thereafter and is the Perfect day.

This is the right thing to say. People wear masks to keep themselves safe, but others as well. The problem is, if they have a 5 year old with cancer at home, they need other people to wear masks, not themselves. Masks keep you from spreading germs out, not from stopping others germs. This message doesn't actually help.

Mask shaming are you kidding me! If people don't want to wear a mask just stay the hell away!

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North Dakota Gov. Burgum makes emotional plea on wearing face masksAs protests against coronavirus restrictions continue, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum made an emotional plea for people not to 'mask shame' others who chose to wear them. Eddie Glaude discusses the impact President Trump has had on these protests and the perception of wearing masks. esglaude Give him credit for thinking halfway... esglaude Real men like us don't wear masks esglaude One of the few Republican's left that show's a heart,and empathy

North Dakota governor makes emotional plea to avoid divide over face masksNorth Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum became emotional Friday as he pleaded with residents not to divide themselves over mask wearing amid the coronavirus pandemic or shame those who choose to wear masks, but to instead be empathetic No they should be shamed. Virtue signaling is shameful People don’t care. But, you are being one sided. Don’t talk to me if I choose not to wear one. It’s a two way street. I wear a mask because I’m currently living with my mom who has stage 4 breast cancer and is on chemo for life. I wish more people would wear masks simply for the fact of slowing the spread. I don’t like it, it’s uncomfortable, my glasses fog up, but my mom is more important.

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Dispute over South Dakota tribal checkpoints escalates after Gov. Kristi Noem seeks federal helpHarold Frazier, the chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, said such a precautionary measure is warranted because the tribe has insufficient medical resources to combat COVID-19. Leave it to NBC Fake News to exacerbate a problem into a crisis. NBC Fake News is the enemy of the American People. Yes because their governor needs to help them and not sue them for trying to keep the virus out. Their closest hospital is 3 hours away. NBC Fake News doesn’t have the common sense needed to fire Chuck Turdd. How can they be a “trusted news source”?

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