Gop Convention İn Charlotte Closed To Press, Portions Will Be Livestreamed - Cnnpolitics

Gop Convention İn Charlotte Closed To Press, Portions Will Be Livestreamed - Cnnpolitics

GOP convention in Charlotte closed to press, portions will be livestreamed

In an unprecedented move, reporters won't be allowed at the GOP convention in Charlotte, NC, this month, when delegates formally nominate President Trump

8/2/2020 4:21:00 AM

In an unprecedented move, reporters won't be allowed at the GOP convention in Charlotte, NC, this month, when delegates formally nominate President Trump

The dramatically scaled-down Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be closed to the press, a convention spokesperson and Republican official familiar with the plans tell CNN.

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They don’t want media to show the 10,000 to 5 people that will show up! Good all they do is talk smack I guess if you find one that actually reports news you should let him go I miss the days when reporters that have an opinion 🚮 Good. Since CNN is so very concerned about the spread of COVID, it'll keep their reporters safe and healthy to continue spreading lies.

Maybe they won’t nominate him! Fingers crossed. Maybe it will be like a Satanic Ritual? With blood sacrifices and an orgy. Can all reporters cover this? Too messy for public consumption.... I agree 100% No Antifa Activist Allowed If a tree falls in a forest...... CNN is disappointed that they cannot lie on-site or try to disrupt with insane 'questions'. Good riddance. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews

So much for the First Amendment! So, just FOX News? 😏 Good we won't have to watch a self love party thisisjames Good for GOP I don’t blame them at all. Thank God for realDonaldTrump MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople Can you believe it. Hitler rose to power in a similar fashion and America let it happen again on its watch right in its White House Satan’s seed was planted and grew fooling even the most elect. He used the church now he is so desperate he boasts about bikers supporting him.

So...ok...he doesn’t like the media....but his campaign completely misses an opportunity to share his platform with the entire country ? I many times are they going to shoot themselves in the foot before Election Day! It’s just crazy! That’s because you’re not journalists! You are a left-wing Marxist meat grinder! But don’t worry, real journalists will be allowed in. Your press pass just doesn’t count anymore. Check your ratings! FOX is up 43% with twice the viewership because people are not stupid.

Who cares not worth watching just old Trump Good because all the media does is lie anyway!! 🖕🏻 the media. Why? On Sunday an RNC official told CBS News: 'No final decisions have been made and we are still working through logistics and press coverage options.' Nobody but the dims cares about: C - Communist N - News N - Network

Why keep reporters away from the convention? Because it’s not going to be big and fancy? What are they hiding? Is he trying to hide something? Good! Don’t cover it. You all should just ignore it - no print, no TV, no tweets, nothing online. Complete and total silence. Make them pay for coverage and advertising.

Who cares Wouldn’t want cnn there. They just report fake news It's ok, I'm sure we can imagine all the silliness. Yeah! Then how do we know if he is renominated? Should we just believe what he says? Now please all 'do' a PETER FINCH. I'm pleading with you U.S.A. ☮️🇨🇦 Not even Fox or One America? Trump is fake news! Projection at its finest. Drain the swamp? Hired 6 more lobbyists than Obama. Get rid of national debt? Increased it to record high. No vacations? Golfed 3 times more than Obama in 2 terms. Sad lying little POS.

gargolito He won’t be able to give his acceptance speech without person, woman, man, camera, tv.....he has to have the attention, good or bad You’re not reporters Real reporters don’t want to see that s—- going down. Lmao, love it. Republicans will grab their guns and stand in the streets for the 2nd Amendment but when it comes to the first Amendment the burn it and stomp it into the ground. Why can't the American people see and hear what our president says at his nomination? Cowards.

Asian Lives Matter!!!! Companies are using china’s enslavement of Muslim minorities: Nike, BMW, Apple, Sony, google, Lacoste, Nintendo, Gap, GM, Abercrombie &Fitch, Amazon, Fila, Ralph Lauren, NFL, NBA, H&M... endslaverynow kingjungtrump GOP and Trump doesn't want rampant racism and low level antics to be shown on Fox News.

Ha haa lien scum bags That should be a huge relief, I'AM certain it would be nothing but a side show anyhow....pathetic side show So Fox News won't be there!? Gives you media types a chance to really cut loose with your imaginations. You've certainly had plenty of experience fabricating fascinating accounts of factual history.

With no Dem=Liberal hate media it will be a wonderful place to be. Why does the Dem=Liberal media want to be there anyway. Good we won't have to listen to their bull........ So, no one is concerned about the monarchy reference with the crown? Didn’t you guys fight to not be a monarchy? No need for them especially your network.

You don’t need to be there. You can make up the same lies about President Trump from outside the convention. It newsworthy DianeOl64825469 Press isn’t usually allowed at KKK conventions, either. Denial....? Trump is a FAILURE!!! LOOSER!!! Media:the enemy of the people Good- Nobody wants to go to that KKK convention

This is a first amendment violation. He is pissing in the constitution. Controlling the news. No surprise. This is not his election, it’s our election. GOPChairwoman Not so fast.. why wouldn't u want voters to see this? Good they don’t deserve to be there They don't want to advertise the fact they'll be taking direct orders from Putin

Sorry. No fake news cnn allowed in. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They will feel more at ease wearing their klan hats Stop calling yourselves reporters. Really... it's quite disingenuous. You're propagandists and most Americans have figured this out by now. Did they give you a 'boot in your %^&' like Red Forman? No one wants you.

A CULT DOSENT WANT THEIR CEREMONY REPORTED ON !!! Good! Democracy is transparency. The sign of loosing the power. Who cares. He is broadcasting every day on my dime on networks while he holds rallies. Well the media is one of the larger problems in the USA Today. What do yo expect? Unprecedented move... Kinda like your guest and Show host saying JoeBiden and POTUS Shouldn’t have debates ..BEFORE A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!! And you Wonder why Y’all aren’t Invited! 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️🤨 PresidentialDebates ARE A MUST!!

Next step is to send the treasonous “journalists” to gitmo GestapoTrump No excuse for this - if you are allowing some people in there should be press represented. Good you don't need those fake news people there anyway they'll edit it why don't you go to the basement and see what biden's doing WHO IS GOING ANYWAY? ALL GOING CHECK IN BELOW👇🏾

Good. Nobody cares. Rest of the world watching in disbelief Good. You won’t be able to ask your inane questions that allow them to tell their lies. I suppose you’re going to yap about this for the next week. Distraction. Wow! What are they hiding, but I bet Fix news will be allowed 😒 Media SUCKS!!!!!👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I am saddened The Republican Party a Party with a rich political history for my family is promoting the basis of tyranny. Has corruption destroyed this party? Voting Democrat until this party acts more democratic instead of autocratic! Boo hoo Go and cover Biden in his basement. The nation has more questions about him than about Trump who has been out and about, in the open.

The problem is most of them are not reporters, their STORY TELLERS. They are full of shit the press is the voice for the people you taking that away ? You doing sneaky shit Cult And real news orgs shouldn’t air it either. It cuts both ways. ABC CNN MS NBC CBS should all refuse to cover it live The fact he was impeached and still considered in the running amazes me.

It’s because you’re the propoganda arm of the DNC Use the time to cover Kor and Senate races by Democrats Well what do you expect from the most transparent administration in the history of administrations Reporters are criminals. Not doing their jobs AT ALL. You also call yourselves reporters? CNN? LAUGHABLE! So CNN has reporters? CNN? Whether you attend or not your narrative is the same! Infact you can report about that meeting without attending. Just think of something negative as is your nature!

Good for them! I wouldn't invite anyone from CNN in my house either. That's cool I think all news media should stop reporting any single thing he does and stop repeating any word he says. At least keep cnn out. brianstelter Good!!! It’s time to start keeping the “Media” out of everything! It's a mystery why the decision was made.

Authoritarian ! Maybe cnn should hire real reporters, then you could go The best place for Trump to safeguard democracy and freedom of the press. Trump, a failed president. There are ramps at the venue and the don’t want public to see him coming out of the freight elevator. Can’t report on all the back room deals & shenanigans? No press is unamerican and should not be allowed! We theoretically elect leaders openly and transparenty.

Neither will the delegates. Cuz the Rona will get them. It would be nice if they refuse to nominated him due to his impeachment. And the fact that he is not well, physically or mentally. The logo looks like a crown. It's shocking to see how many Americans want a dictatorship, rather than a democracy. Because every Trump supporter is in favor of a dictatorship. They have to be.

Your storied tweet..10 hrs ago. Do better That's because CNN is fakenews so many bots and puppetmaster-paid cretins Yea It's for your safety because Kung Flu. Is it just CNN hopefully Probably just as well. You won't have to die along with them as they pass Covid19 around. Reporters won’t be allowed but I bet his talk show opinionists from FoxNews will be there

We need volunteers to go in and report back to us If we had real press, why not. However, we don’t. CNN and the rest of MSM are propaganda arm of Democrat party. FakeNews . Removing your access has been long overdue. Awe, you should be thanking them, they are only thinking of everyone’s safety. They don’t want coverage of the emptiness.

Even hannity? No point. They know they’re gonna lose badly. shirleynot6 The GOP is in trouble. They don't want any bad media when trump shows up with hoof and mouth decease claiming he's not liked in our Nation. Wonder how many will show up, no masks? Just like the klu klux Klan meetings.....the grand duke will be there

Who cares. Nobody would be watching anyway. Except of course a hand full of those Trumpsters that are still, and always will be, in denial. Hahahah He’s such a BITCH...🤦🏾‍♂️ Just trying to keep you all safe. I would not want to be Jim Acosta’s diary right now. They are too embarrassed to let people see their faces as they hold their noses and vote.

Kind of ironic that CNN is complaining about this, when they're the cause of it. Trump is suddenly afraid of exposure. Do you mean, 'activists' won't be allowed at the GOP convention in Charlotte, NC, this month? they will be discussing their nefarious agenda. Great news! You can watch it on real news stations.

Welcome the new Nazi Party, wake up people before it’s too late Are there any reporters left? Nomination of Romney I have never in a millón years heard of any event that won't allow reporters!!! What has happened to our country? How have we gotten to such a gruesome state,that no one wants to admit is spinning dangerously out of control!!! I'm so disappointed and deeply saddened 😡😡😡😡

Bla bla bla he’s hiding again. The will all be heiling 💁🏾‍♂️ That will be a nice change. Activist are not reporters This is because NO ONE ON YOUR STAFF IS A JOURNALIST, ALL AT CNN ARE NOTHING BUT OPINION SPREADERS. THATS WHY! And you wonder why this happens. You have brought this on yourself..... At its GOPconvention, the GOP Politburo will conduct its nomination behind closed doors, in secret, w/o press or public access. Because the GOPolitburo learned from the masters... their masters. CNN MSNBC DNCWarRoom

Horayyyyyy! Don’t need the press telling us what we can see and hear with our own eyes and ears. Press just wants to spew lies and peddle their opinion as fact. This is all the reason I need to read about. 'The restriction is unprecedented in modern American political history, but Republican officials said they were forced to limit attendance due to social distancing restrictions imposed by the governor of North Carolina.'

You mean except for Fox News and News Max, the 2 propaganda channels. Russians only CNN, this is what you really wanted! You don’t cover his speeches on TV anymore anyway. Use the freed-up air time to cover Joe Biden. Wait, you don’t do that either! He can’t talk for two minutes without saying something absurd.

If he can keep fake news CNN out, it’s golden. Good cause you are fakenews all you do is twist everything into a false narrative that blames Trump and has people hating him even though it’s all fake information. You do an injustice to this world /society with your platform. It’s the Governor’s fault. Not Trumps. They aren’t going to allow the press to take up the delegates spots when only 1 out of every 6 delegates can even attend because of the ridiculous restrictions.

Whatever 🤷🏼‍♀️ Lol smartest move Trump ever made. His supporters aren't going anywhere. We will vote, but he and we know that you wouldn't treat him fairly Then don’t cover it. Not one fucking minute of it. They make up half the news and spin the rest, anyway. Who needs 'em? Moved on from so-called reporters ages ago. Journalism is dead.

young_maymay Don’t worry FOX, FB, and Russians will cover it. Why would they invite the enemy of the people? Don’t televise it. TrumpDeathToll157K Wait, they’re still going to nominate IT? We could just watch clips of Hitler speaking to a stadium full of nazis to get the mood of the convention. Cuz he's bringing out the swastikas - wouldn't play well to a few of his 'followers' NaziTrump TrumpCult

Does this include FoxNews Why is the logo a royal crown? Doesn't seem very Republican Good for him! You’ll just lie about the whole thing! draiochta14 Yes, must be concern about the virus... God forbid the truth gets out TheRealRJo CNN doesn't have any reporters so they're unaffected. Thank God Well there’s no reporters anyway

TrumpGenocide HuffPost reuters maddow “Deflect all the blame, steal all the credit!” Who cares! It's old news - we know who the nominee is! Ignore the whole show! The better to cover up Trump’s rapid decline. The press so far has helped to keep the public oblivious and has brushed off signs of mental and physical deterioration, but a convention would put a glaring spotlight on it for the world to see.

Stop the spread, we’re in this together? You are the enemy of the people, the end Is that because of their hidden agenda that directs a secret society of greed and corruption and propaganda The news networks should take a stand on this and respond with one voice - no reporters allowed, then absolutely NO coverage on any network. Let the stupid convention drop like a dead fly!

GOPChairwoman WHO ARE YOU!!!? Do you have no respect or decency? Good. Enemy of the people spreading false narratives, starting race wars and propaganda. Plus they shouldn’t want to go anyway since they are telling us everyone needs to social distance and not gather in crowds. MAGA Silly fools Great!! In an unprecedented move, outgoing POTUS tries to FRAME the incoming POTUS. Obama was & still is the most corrupt President in US History. dbongino Jim_Jordan

That’s so good, because the Media is Pure Evil. Trump have a dictatorship mind, and that is why he don't want the media there, he might allow for in because fox5 supports the administration. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me I think I'll go eat worms! Big fat juicy ones Eensie weensy squeensy ones See how they wiggle and squirm! Down goes the first one, down goes the second one Oh how they wiggle and squirm! Up comes the first one, up comes the second one 🤮🤢🤮

Don’t cover it.. The GOP is LITERALLY so embarrassed they’re nominating Trump they are blocking it from being reported lmao 💀 WOW! Just like BEIJING BIDEN! Biden continues to deny reporters access...Biden refused Chris Wallace interview. NO REPORTERS IN BEIJING BIDEN'S BASEMENT HIDEAWAY! They don't witnesses to objections to his nomination. They wanna get rid of him but aren't sure how. Why hide? GOPConvention

Perhaps to keep reporters from spreading, I mean catching covid-19. Maybe because they're going to nominate Romney and feel that airing the Trump meltdown would be counterproductive. That graphic is a crown. He’s being crowned at the convention. Fascism solidified. If u want to make a new friend, please follow for follow back

Except Fox & Friends Reporters should be PERMANENTLY banned from ALL Presidential briefings, conferences, meetings, because Reporters are LYING ARSEHOLES! FAKE NEWS, LYING ARSEHOLES! uh huh....they don't want Jim Acoster there harassing everyone. It will be live streamed so we do not have to put up with your lies and edited versions. The GOP actually knows how to do a live stream, unlike the DNC. We are not all moronic CNN viewers. Fake News.

Good. Less DJT news👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂 in an unpresidental move Thanks trump realDonaldTrump I gonna try Tik Tok for bringing to my attention looks interesting y r allowing closing of testing sites? HouseDemocrats JohnBerman RepJeffries KamalaHarris JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer RepSwalwell CoryBooker ABC

Find it hard to believe the narcissist does not want the media attending, or is this the start of his state run media but I suppose not a surprise all good dictators control their media and ban every one else Is this even legal from this corrupt man HouseDemocrats RepJeffries JohnBerman DanaBashCNN donlemon CuomoPrimeTime AC360 ABC DavidMuir RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi RepSwalwell tedlieu JacksonLeeTX18 JoeBiden KamalaHarris CoryBooker

Only RealNews will be allowed. YOU are FakeNews Good Yeaaah .no fake news They are hiding something ! CNN don’t have journalists. They have fake news reporters THIS MAN IS A DICTATOR HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT Good move! Remember only Black Lives Matter so why should Journalists Lives Matter? Pick your stand in the battle of ideas. Since CNN thinks that all GOP members are white, privileged bigots then, why bother and cover their convention? You’d rather burn it down. So, stay out!

Great news. MSM getting the long deserved boot fucking we have been waiting for. What’s with the crown on the banner? Like he’s being made a sovereign leader or something 🤬😡🤮 Who cares? Y’all voted him in What will they be wearing white sheets and hoods? Remember Covid-19 or did y'all forget again Party time with the girls

But needs the ratings! 😢 You all keep airing this man’s daily Rally briefings while he treats the free press like crap, calling you guys fake news when you guys report the facts vs his alternative universe! This is a disgrace and unconstitutional to keep the free press out! Hail the Hilter has risen! 😡

Is that legal? Will Trump be there? How do we not know if they nominate someone else? In11/20FreeAmerica You mean leftist media? Which is 95 % owned by The Dems? Yes red carpet for serpents. draiochta14 WTF are they hiding? But Russian diplomats and prostitutes will. GOP THEY ARE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING BEHIND YOUR BACK! I SUGGEST U GUYS PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO GOP! THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REP OR DEM PARTIES! IM SCARED THEY R NOT JUST USING U BUT realDonaldTrump IS TRYING TO USE U GUYS AS A WAY TO CHEAT SINCE THEY THINK U R DUMB!

This is an unprecedented act not to allow media. What do you record when you attend it russiarulesamerica We know the outcome anyway. So what? it is safer that way, it will all lies coming from it anyway no one wants to hear it. Don't make such a big deal of everything he says. It is just distraction from how our people are suffering.

Brendaaloiau Awwwh! Is it just me or do I hear violins playing at CNN? Probably because of low turnout...he doesn't want the press to see all the empty seats. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Reporters? LOL! They are trying to smuggle the spectre logo into this? That shouldn't affect cnn. You don't have any reporters on staff!

I say, 'Good'.....I can't stand hearing from any more GOP bulls**t. Have you reported on Bill Clinton’s adventures on pervert island yet? What are they afraid of I wonder And the big picture at the podium where DelusionalDonnie will speak from that will be posted behind him at the GOP Convention... You guessed it, 😊😂 BidenLandslide2020😊🇺🇸🇺🇸

Suggest CNN have Jo Jorgensen on to provide commentary during the GOP livestream. Jorgensen4POTUS Lol good. Where is the freedom of press The power of Satan (realDonaldTrump ) to be unleashed at the GOP convention. The occasion will be confidential. So reporters won't be allowed in. good .. no need for FakeNews anywhere, really

His call so.... Don't count on them nominating Trump, or even Pence. It's backroom deal time, especially if Vance already had all info from Trump Org. CFO and subpoenas were for official indictment and trial copies. Expect a plea deal, asset seizure, resignation and a local penalty for the kids. Awesome! So you can’t lie about it and take up space for good people.

ColleenLindsay Time to sneak in a camera hidden inside a burka. usambovu SO, it's going to be a Fake Nomination? MonopointAmy Don’t broadcast the GOP feeds until after each events are finished. Trump talks big game, but he needs coverage on CNN and MSNBC; apeshit crazy Fox and OAN is not enough. They haven't been doing any actual reporting anyway. MediaVirus MediaScum

butthurtmedia😂💀 Just CNN right? Yes, President Trump will be the republican nominee with or without reporters. Do the Dems have to nominate poor ole Joe Biden? Dems own him. Why are the Dems taking so long sorting through only qualified black women for VP nominee? It’s racist & sexist But of course. EVERY THING this administration has done has been with zero transparency as of course was just another campaign lie from 2016 to present. Trust me 45, people could care less what you do at your fake convention.

Ive sat Back and saw All these tweets, looking at Both sides And its Very clear that Things Are not What We believe them to be. ALL THE WAY AROUND! Trump is Truly in a panic, the peaceful mothers That Protest Are anachronistic, the world has Gone to hell Damn, they are going to miss the chance to get infected.

America is so rigged🤣😂 Bless your little triggered hearts maga Trump2020Landslide trump2020 Probably wants to keep all the guys in white hoods out of the limelight. So what. We'll be informed anyway. You're useless. I suggest not covering it as the winner is already known. Run an Anthony Bourdain marathon instead.

Will those who claim to support FreeSpeech & oppose CancelCulture speak out against this?! 🤣😂🤣 Cry baby snowflakes! This legal? Then don't 'cover it.' Spend your efforts on victims of Covid19, victims suffering because of the economic shutdown, victims of police brutality, and stories about those who are trying to do something to improve all of these things.

He said 57% of coronavirus antibodies were found in slums in Mumbai, India. The United States said that there are many differences between individuals and humans in the Coronavirus. It seems that there is a lack of civic awareness. Perfect don’t have listen your crap afterwards! Sooo, not all delegates will nominate him but he will broadcast the ones that do Do you think it’s crazy?

What reasons was it that they said why the public won't be involved? so that's America Why is he going to do the world a favor and Resign . Why should they be allowed in? Even a 'redacted' convention ! these peope lie about everything ! Sign 1 that the GOP will dump Trump at the convention and nominate a more viable candidate. LameDuckTrump

I bet there will be Faux News “reporters” there. Now was this from the Reichsminister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda or the Cheeto Dick GropenFuhrer himself Is that so the kkk and other white power parts of the event won’t be reported to the public? It’s going to be a shit show. They haven’t really planned anything. And haven’t even discussed it with NC Governor. You can’t successfully put on a virtual convention in less than a month.

The “Putinization” of America is almost complete. They are all fake news anyway Only Fox will be allowed? brianstelter This says it all. As a party it's all about us. We are not representing anyone or intend to be interested in working for the people. We have the party, and only members of the party, not all of course, not ordinary people, just the elite are welcome to part-icipating

A fucking crown? If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, will the acceptance speech count? How would anyone know? Great 👍 The media hates Trump and never reports anything accurately. I don’t understand why we have the media anymore. They can live stream it and we can see the truth for ourselves.

He is too humiliated. Just make something up like you always do. Ya know the old. People familiar with the matter say. Ya know Lies. But the kids are going back to school? Wtf Wait? Not even FOX or AON? Is he inviting the Russians? You don’t employ reporters. You employ activist. Then just run movies or do world news. Lot more interesting anyway. There will be more worthwhile conventions later

They're looking to do their side deals with the Russians without anyone documenting the interactions. Interesting? brianstelter wonder why the democrat Governor would do that ? no large gatherings in state That’s weird. Trump doesn’t want all eyes on him? 🤔 elizabe53308895 He probably has to hide the fact that he had a stroke

Watch them nominate someone else😂 Who cares The GOP and Trump are becoming less relevant every day. Don’t wanna show those weak crowds again eh? Is that the only pushback you can muster? EricBoehlert Are you going to broadcast it then? Seems like a reason not to. Ohh Come on! I was so hoping they would get in so we could lock them in until November 10th . You sort of like a time capsule !

He's not letting them in because they're liars that are hell-bent on his demise. Good for him.. This is your chance GOP! History will not look kindly on you, if you cast your vote for a tyrant who is largely responsible for 154,000 deaths and so much more chaos in the US. Make your vote count! You have an opportunity to make a difference.

STabbytosavit How do we say fascist dictator Why not tho? Banning Fake news So, give realDonaldTrump & the gop NO coverage of his little convention! Propaganda Fox & seanhannity will feed to insane base, but who cares! No coverage Less press for an election. Very strategic. Wonderful!!! They are report anything honestly anyway.

It will be live streamed into the Kremlin though. Good I don’t think they should be allowed anyplace. At least until that can be held accountable for their lies. Actually, I thought the RNC and the DNC are private companies or organizations. They have Federal and State laws guidelines. They can organize how the want as a private entity. Am I wrong?

He’s embarrassed to show his weakness to Americans. He is deeply ashamed by his failures. I have no problem with this. Another Hitleresque move. Reporters should stop covering his antics right now & focus on getting his financial & health records, along with info about his ties to Putin & Epstein. We need a good October surprise.

I will be surprised if there are any delegates to nominate Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well the convention isn’t going to be in Charlotte sooo How come the news isn’t covering Bill Clinton being at Epstein Island NUMEROUS TIMES? Why isn’t CNN investigating child trafficking? Will only be a handful turn up ! No loss to anyone

So it's a klan rally, then. Good to know. What are they going to be doing burning a giant owl? Don’t even cover this crazy WH if you don’t have free access. t Covid free Just like Hitler bunker secret chamber meeting Huh?! How can they possibly keep them out? This should not be a secret from us. Who cares? Seriously, who cares? Trump’s going to lose anyway.

Do you mean like this fake rEporTer Wolf Blitzer who LOVES HILLARY SO MUCH he cried and got drunk at the DNC in 2016? GFY! Unprecedented meaning fascist? Networks and cable should boycott televising it. Let FOX have it all to themselves. BradfordBenn It does not want anyone to ask it those 'terrible questions', but does it not think it will be on TV? People of all colors have watched, and listened, to 'it'.

Because people don't want to nominate him? Is that why? And the dems think Biden is the answer? Hahahahahaha!!!! When will they learn to floor a decent candidate? Maybe they would get some swing votes. But if Biden is the best they can do...welp the tears will be flowing once again come election night I’m afraid. captainobvious

What are they trying to hide? In other words, nobody is showing up How many times have I heard them call into talk radio and compain about the Democrats smokey room deals? So everything coming out of the convention is all lies.. No freedom of the press. Don’t debate the mfer Fine with me if it’s not covered at all.

You can blame your boy Acosta for that one. And guess what? WE probably won’t be allowed at the polls in November to VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE!! Well, this is a small dick energy move. Desperate Donny Dumbass can't give a speech. trump is finished! This move will never materialize. We will have a new candidate before convention time, or the GOP will take the worst beating in the nations history. He knows the market is going to tank next week. IT'S OVER

So much for transparency or freedom of the press. Someone will take video. They always do. We will see more unmasked people and Trump bitt kissers doing their racist best to suppress voting. SWEET!!!!!!realDonaldTrump 2020!!!! We don't need reporters that only pretend to be reporters!!! Until they are no longer biased and one sided--they can stay home!! Never report the truth anyway!!! Awesome news!!!!

Like every dictator, Donald J. Trump hates the press! So what happens if the tiktok army crashes the livestream? Seems doable. How does one get that started? TulsaRally realDonaldTrump Come on... undercover!! 🤨 RoxSki777 Seems very reasonable. We want the truth coming out of the convention not your fake news.

It’ll be something like this anyway. Nothing newsworthy. Though it’s likely because Donald doesn’t want people to see the dismal crowd size. It’s about time. You “reporters” are truly the worst. We are not surprised by the sound decision of the GOP leadership. The 1st Amendment of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, the right to peaceably assemble, & the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. This is unconstitutional.

Good! No cameras or microphones should be there either. America has reporters? I thought we had communist propagandists? Hmm interesting 🤔 When it was announced by the media gods that Fox was banned from hosting a debate, I assumed it was clear then. My bad. SOMEBODY WILL COME THROUGH yeah, the republican delegates wouldnt be able to handle the smell of reporters

They are anticipating low turnout. One has to wonder why? Is anyone looking into this? VoteThemAllOut2020 gtconway3d, ProjectLincoln, RVAT2020 They want to do their racist bidding in private. The less people that hear it the better. fucktheGOP You don't need to be there. brianstelter Paranoia or resentment?

The Dump$ter without PRESS?! he can officially hide under his hood. Good. You can stay at home and wear your masks. No need for you to expose yourself, get covid and blame it on Trump. It's not like you'd go there to report anything true or positive.. Trump2020Landslide Not even FOX reporters? I know I am using the term reporters pretty loosely when combined with the term FOX

Trump 2020 2021,2022 2024. Who cares tiktokteens are on it. They are embarrassed. Cry more, libs Perfect! You don’t deserve to be there. watching CNN about this and thet are freaking out. Luv how Trump sticks it to them. Also they saying people voted through the wars and a depression. Trumps may want to delay. Truth is back then their was no mail in voting. Media left that part out.

Time to go undercover, CNN. This is awesome!! MSM sucks!!! 😂🤣😂 Shouldn’t be that hard to stand outside and count the 8 people who attend. Thank heavens the reporters won’t be subjected to more insane drivel by realDonaldTrump Deathmerchant Is this not what fascits and dictators do? tRump recently spoke to Putin? Maybe he got advice- (delay election)- (GOP convention with no media). It’s all dictatorship- why this isn’t evident to everyone? Media should stop covering tRump. Joe Biden’s winning, thats what our focus should be is on Biden

This either admits that the convention will be rife with COViD-19 or slandering reporters by implying they will infect delegates! Yea, 2020 is a year chocked full of unprecedented events, with likely many more to come before its over. Unprecedented and seriously fucked up. What’s the point then? TrumpShouldBeWorried

Democracy dies in darkness Why even bother covering it? Is it because they will be conducting the convention in Russian? Is he serving Kool Aid? Trump doesn't want reporters at Republican National Convention because he doesn't want the humiliation public if some delegates nominate a real Republican. Under the rules I assume they can. By convention time Trump damage will be tenfold and hard to cheer Trump the failure.

I guess a white hood is required to attend. Stupid. Just lost me Logically why would any in attendance want reporters to bring their negative spin to the event? Because they’re supposed to? Why not instead demand Biden begin to take hard hitting Q&A and call him out until he acts like he’s running for president? That’s unprecedented.

Good no coverage Next comes the book burning and an invasion somewhere.The prez is putting the finishing touches on his book”My struggle”. Then the TV News networks should refuse to televise it. BoycottGOPConvention wingerjim45 I love it. Little Dem Twitter's are going spastic. Why would he invite rattlesnakes 2 the convention.

mbrodkorb If they are going to be selective on which parts of the convention reporters are allowed to cover then the reporters should come together to decide they are not going to cover any of it. Watch how quickly Trump backs down once they tell him they are not going to air his speech. Good. Hmm. Sounds like someone is nervous about turn out!!

Oh! Did reporters even want to attend? Why? Like this is a shocker. Mein Kampf. Winning CNN doesn’t have any reporters anyway... Maybe it’s because you guys don’t report the facts only your version which is typically just propaganda None? No OANN? No FOX? Why not no more TRUMP at all. Imagine how frre and enjoyable it could all be.

I That is silly. People deserve to have c9verage 8f the convention by the media Could they be trying to keep people from watching because they fear electors may not pick trump? They don't want to see him drinking water with one hand and walking up the ramp. What are they hiding? Guess they’re not proud of their nominee.

I’m really okay with this, I don’t want to hear from the TraitorTrump anyway! With social distancing, seats are scarce. Saving then for networks with decent ratings. Maybe it will be an opportunity for some GOP members to confront Trump with how screwed up he is, and how bad he's affecting their election campaigns. One the other hand, how many freelance (reporters) will register as GOP and get into the 'convention'.... (drip, drip)

They're going to have some evangelical incantation designed to summon Strom Thurmond from hell and they don't want anyone making fun of them. Hint: It's going to be Romney. 😲😲😲 Except FoxNews ? Good !!! Then none of it should be televised! No CNN MSNBC FOXNEWS ABC nbc CBS NO streaming, a total blackout! How’s that grab you GOP ?

Then there should be no live feed on any network. No news stories. Nothing. The GOP can blast out press releases, all of which get 🚮. 美國應該選有能力的人來當總統,而不是無能的川普和拜登!副總統和國務卿都可以。當然有更優秀的人也可以。建議美國國稅局調查川普的逃稅問題,FBI調查川普勾結CCP和俄羅斯的賣國行為。 Ignore it. I think this is good....we do not have to see that shit show in our homes....first smart thing the gop has done in a very long time whew...!!!

Good Of course all this would take is a few people in the crowd with cameras to reveal everything... Afraid of the small crowds? WTF? We need ops, stat. 🇺🇸Because no one likes to watch a grown man cry... 😂😂😂 If we’re being honest, none of them probably want to be there anyway. The 1st. Amendment is about to be executive ordered.

What country is this? And they find out that trump is a alien lizard and they all dance around naked. It’s going to be the new normal Their shame is so deep they don't want it broadcast or replayed. we've seen it all before. Because he's cheated his entire life. And he's going to continue to cheat. Period. He's a cheater. He cheated his way into the White House by being in bed with Putin.

No FakeNews, finally. Then perhaps the networks shouldn't show any of it on the air. I was trying to find your report on Bill Clinton being on Epstein’s island after 2 witnesses have sworn under oath that he was there. I couldn’t find your mention of this. WHY ARE YOU NOT REPORTING THE NEWS CNN? Why did Mueller provide cover for Epstein when he was FBI director

Nothing suspicious about that. Fake News earned it! Photos of the delegates with their extended right arms saluting the Dear Leader would not play well with the public. That’s when they’re going to drink the secret koolaid and blast off into outer space. The delegates don't want to be seen in public. Another day of GOPCorruptionOverCountry .

🤣🤣🤣🤣 TrumpIsLosing

GOP: Trump renomination vote to be held in privateIf the GOP decision stands, it will mark the first party nominating convention in modern history to be closed to reporters. Everyday , in this covid world, is a day where something happens that has never happened. And, by the way, nobody trusts you anyways. TrumpKillsUs Go figure

Republican National Convention Says Press Not Welcome, Blames COVID-19The renomination of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president will happen behind closed doors in Charlotte, NC. God help us. Good. We don't want to see that shit. Why should the nomination be any different than the way the Administration operated, unless it was done at Mar-a-Lago on the 14th green.

Joe: ‘Donald Trump will lead to the end of the party of Abraham Lincoln’“This is not complicated, Republicans,” JoeNBC says. “You have a president that’s on the wrong side of every issue on the coronavirus … You’ve got a president who is on the wrong side of race.” JoeNBC You could go one for a while JoeNBC. realDonaldTrump is on the wrong side of the economy, protecting the victims of the pandemic, empathy, voting rights, etc. In short he is on the wrong side of American society. He is on the side of fascism, anarchy and white supremacy. JoeNBC And Joe was in the wrong side of a dead young intern 😐 JoeNBC MSNBC is a seditious, traitorous network. morningjoe is the worst of a shitty bunch.

Paris Couture Fashion Week Looks Nothing Like It Used ToBoat rides livestreamed on TikTok, digital presentations, and fashion inspiration for special—socially-distanced—occasions.

Paris Couture Fashion Week Looks Nothing Like It Used ToBoat rides livestreamed on TikTok, digital presentations, and fashion inspiration for special—socially-distanced—occasions. I do not know why but I feel so terrible in sight. Truely those innovation minds appeal us but just a trick and people can help To China

Paris Couture Fashion Week Looks Nothing Like It Used ToBoat rides livestreamed on TikTok, digital presentations, and fashion inspiration for special—socially-distanced—occasions.