GOP Candidate Falsely Accuses Education Conference Of Pushing Critical Race Theory

Wrong CRT.

Donald Trump, Education

12/7/2021 7:25:00 AM

Wrong CRT.

Wrong CRT.

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“CRT”= white kids learning to not be white supremacists and Black and Brown kids being told that they are not to be beaten down by the colonizers ever again. Seems reasonable to me :3 And the repercusions for politicians who make false accusations and claims? Hysteria personified = GOP Culture war has turned into a war for how fast you can convince subsets of the population about moronic lies vs how fast you can convince them out of it.

Back in my day CRT stood for cathode ray tube. Our biggest fear was that it would give us radiation poisoning. First 3 letters tell you that it's going to be the equivalent of gooey, smelly dog diarrhea stuck deep in your sneaker treads. nice

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