Vol 56 Issue 26, Technology, School

Vol 56 Issue 26, Technology

Google Alert For Old Classmate Pays Off Big Time With Story Of Double Homicide

All the latest local coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.

7/2/2020 8:58:00 PM

Google Alert For Old Classmate Pays Off Big Time With Story Of Double Homicide

All the latest local coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.

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Coronavirus update: Latest news from around the world

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Lol The Senator looked at the alien quizzically, 'Well, tv/internet presents us w/ things that make us mad, on social media we try to make others feel our pain, back and forth, thinking we're waging a righteous battle while the owners get richer.' Something within 'Gort' stirred... To everyone involved in making that picture and pairing it with that story: take a bow.

The headline is good, but the photo makes it. Saw that MFM myfavoritemurder Well that got dark quick 🙁 who the fuck sets Google alerts for old classmates 🤷‍♂️ nosey bastards👃 That smile though Sad!! More elbow room at the next reunion. I did not get it BEFORE and AFTER I clicked the link, damn Nothing like some schadenfreude to get one through a pandemic induced lockdown.

that is the dream

Google raises price of YouTube TV, its cable-like bundle, to $65 a monthThe latest bump shows streaming services struggling to compete with cable prices despite being touted as a lower-cost solution. You know, for the price of subbing to all these streaming services and 'cutting the cable' it would actually save money if I just had satellite or cable. Good luck no one will use

U.S. senator to change anti-child porn bill over Google, Facebook encryption concerns: draftU.S. legislation aimed at stopping online child sexual abuse material is likely to be amended to address concerns of platforms like Google and Facebook that the proposed law goes too far to weaken privacy protections for ordinary users, according to a draft of the bill seen by Reuters. That would be Senator Lindsay Graham 🇺🇸 If you can actually stop pedophiles from being able to hide what they're doing, Inviolating, molesting, raping, sodomizing innocent INFANTS of Gods children.....Heres my privacy. You can have it! Some things are absolutely worth it! Remove the Hooks &Lures from sacred waters Sir! LindseyGrahamSC Oh Linds! 😂 You don’t look well. I think shit’s catching up to you. uselessballsac This is gonna be great!

Why Apple, Google, and 91 other companies are now voicing support for the Equal Rights Amendment“The signatories say that they are all deeply committed to the principles of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion—and to the ERA as a means of advancing those goals.”

EU throws new rule book at Google, tech giants in competition searchExasperated by its failure to loosen Google's market grip, despite more than $8 billion in fines, the European Union is lining up new rules to level the playing field for rivals. 'tech industry is expected to lobby hard to water down the EU rules' aka why they are clinging to Huawei.

UK body wants tougher checks for Google, Facebook ad reignThe UK government must introduce new measures to check the dominance of tech giants Google and Facebook in digital advertising and help make space for other players, Britain's competition watchdog said on Wednesday. If you want to design roll-up banner, banner ads, billboard, Facebook cover. Then, please contact here:- WednesdayWisdom Canada; CanadaDay Bobby Bonilla; Jada; wednesdaymorning WednesdayWisdom Mets July1st New Month; WednesdayMotivation

Google postpones U.S. office reopening to September as virus cases spikeAlphabet Inc's Google said late on Tuesday it was delaying the reopening of its U.S. offices by around two months because of a surge in the number of coronavirus cases in some states. Good Google The spike is due to more testing not more ill people. Vote in stupid Presidents... ... win COVID19 prizes!