Goodbye, Columbus? Here's what Indigenous Peoples' Day means to Native Americans

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A growing movement recasts the second Monday in October as a day to appreciate the history of Indigenous communities. That visibility, Native Americans say, can help us see what else needs to change.

The idea was first proposed by Indigenous peoples at a United Nations conference in 1977 held to address discrimination against Natives. But South Dakota became the first state to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples day in 1989, officially celebrating it the following year.

. More than 100 cities celebrate the day, with many of them having altogether dropped the holiday honoring Columbus to replace it with Indigenous Peoples' Day.What might seem to some like a simple name change can lead to real social progress for Indigenous Americans, said Van Heuvelen. The day was first founded as a way to appreciate the mistreatment of Italian Americans, and Congress eventually"Italian American culture is important, and I think there are other times and places to recognize that. But I think it's also important to also recognize the history of Columbus Day itself," said Baca.


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They committed genocide against each other tribe against tribe

Nothing like seeing a bunch of white people dressed like native Americans in a parade.

You prefer celebrating Native American history of misogyny, rape culture, slave taking and trading, anti-gay, barbarism and cannibalism? Should blacks celebrate today with Reservation Juneteenth flags and fists raised - for enslaving them? Inconvenient truths of history.

Which indigenous ppl exactly? They were slaughtering each other and taking territory just like the Africans, Asians and Europeans. Why do we play make believe about this? Is it cause we feel bad they lost? It's like a mom patronizing the losing child after siblings play a game.

Happy Columbus Day!

Why didn’t you highlight Leif Eriksson Day yesterday!?! Racists.

A made up whiny liberal “holiday”.

Yea, Goodbye, Columbus, but, we'll take the discerning insight, the sagacity,the material wealth, the foresight, the democratic ideals, the medical miracles,the machines of productivity,the systems of education, and the miracle capitalism that Western Civilisation has shown to us

Let's have Indigenous and Native people avenged, healed and restored from all they have suffered from colonialism, economic theft, racial violence and persecution and pod and poc all they instituted, generated and created as a result please? Thank you Reality reset.

What does NPR think about the reports of cannibalism by the Carib tribesmen when Columbus arrived?

Bogus holiday

AFTunion ColumbusDay , Randi ColumbusDay

They were.also.savages. they would.tortures captives for up to.3 days. Always raiding towns. They would.cut.mens the in their mouths and burn them

Columbus Day.

Native Americans were Stone Age people with very limited contributions to the civilization. Why do we have to celebrate them ? Is this just a victimhood mentality that makes us cheer for the losers ?

This is not a real holiday


And nothing changes but hey at least we named a day for them in an empty gesture

Anthropological studies show that, in general, indigenous societies were even more violent than modern civilized ones. Indigenous life was pretty miserable w/ violence, slavery, no medicine, & no protections or equality for women who had zero defense against rape & oppression.

Happy Columbus Day!

You lost. We won. Be happy you are still here at all.

Sooooo NPR

Get your own holiday, this one is taken.

According to the Census Bureau, Native Americans are only 4% of the U.S. population. What 'history' do they really have? It was the accomplishments of Western Civilization that made this country. But of course, we always have to accommodate the vocal minorities.

How about just, like, not having a pointless holiday and having a pointless day off? Just a thought

With the Seminole Indians giving so much to Ron DeSantis financially he's should start this in Florida Florida should change Columbus Day to indigenous people day if not they should stop giving him money

There's 364 other days in a year pick one.

Come to Oregon and take a tour!

If ya don’t like columbus day protest it by not taking the federal holiday off and work the day!

I'm for an Indigenous peoples day. They must make the first Monday of October Indigenous peoples day. I feel that trying to impose Indigenous peoples day on another established holiday demeans Indigenous peoples and creates unnecessary hostility and bigotry towards them.

Fun fact: European colonists were immigrants just like many Americans. The indigenous people's who opposed the immigrant were the first MAGA

Fun fact: Indigenous people were killing each other well before Europeans arrived.

Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus won. This is all show feathers.

It’s not a growing movement. It’s a thing you guys desperately have been trying to push for ages. And no one gives a shit, so your shitting your pants sad.

'The history of indigenous communities' LOL

won't celebrate savage day. will celebrate columbus day by existing in a european-rooted culture where engines used to roam naked.

IndigenousPeoplesDay 🪶

My 5 year old asked me what holiday today was and I told her Indigenous Peoples Day. And we got into a convo about the first people in NA. May she never view today as Columbus Day.

Those that start a fight, then lose, normally don't celebrate...I mean if you don't want to actually learn history and we just paraphrasing here.🤷‍♂️

👏👏 IndigenousPeoplesDay

'Native Americans' ... named for the Italian Explorer Amerigo Vespucci.


Happy Columbus Day everyone.

Guys, we aren't going back to the ways of the natives. Quite the opposite really. Enough of the empty gestures.

It was more peaceful and prosperous time when you had bumper harvests simply by sacrificing 500 troublemakers from that other tribe

Happy Columbus Day. Stop whining.

I wonder what would happened if the expedition of Columbus did not discover America? I seriously am wondering about this. Still tribes against tribes?

Why? Columbus was an immigrant whereas the Indians were just racist xenophobic bigots.

I vote that we call it 'Doomday'. The date that Native Americans saw tall masts and white skin for the first time as the harbinger of doom to their nations & culture. Doomsday goes good with Halloween to. Kinda like Krampus day and Yule.

My ancestors have been here since 1611. With over 400 continuous years under my belt, I’d say it’s time I start identifying as Native American. Even “indigenous,” if you will.

Colonizer Columbust stole and massacred millions of natives

Should this be a mandatory drinking holiday then?

I'm Native American, it's called Columbus Day.

Indigenous peoples day is rather absurd. All people are indigenous to a piece of land at some point in their history. This is a day celebrating everyone?

I am proud to honor the Native Americans and their heritage

Thank you Columbus for bringing Western civilization to America and making it so I don't have to live in a teepee.

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day!

Needs more information to be accepted

In Maine, that movement is Law.

Yes, yes! Let's celebrate the eviction by war of the Cheyenne by the Lakota! And the Cherokee ownership of black slaves!

Happy Columbus day

I am native-American. Shut up with your divisive nonsense. If it wasn't Columbus, it would have been someone else. Columbus did a great thing. He wasn't perfect. No one is. Honestly, you're a tax payer funded nuisance.

Happy Columbus Day! It's shameful how Columbus has been historically refashioned as being some monster. While we're at it the 'un-PC' salutations, happy 1290 yrs anniversary to the Battle of Tours!

Happy Columbus Day!

I wonder if anyone noticed that the indigenous native is a western USA style indigenous native and not a person who might have been found in the Caribbean islands where Columbus made land fall.

Sounds like something a flat earther would say

Indigenous people got conquered. They let their entire civilization fall to a few white scurvy-riddled flea-infested drunkards in rickety ships. Why would anyone celebrate that? They should be ashamed of themselves.

People are told what to be outraged by like sheep. The same people will be celebrating Thanksgiving next month and not see the irony 😂 ColumbusDay has evolved into a day of Italian American pride and for that I will not bash people celebrating.

I preferred Columbus Day

CONTRARY to what insane liberals believe…. Men will NEVER be able to get pregnant or have periods and….. IndigenousPeoplesDay will ALWAYS be known as ColumbusDay

No one does this. There is no movement. Gay and fake like everything else on npr nowadays. Npr is liberal fundamentalism run by hyper privileged Indian and Jewish extremists who explicitly hate white people or even the idea of “whiteness”.

Happy Columbus day everyone!

I do not appreciate or care about indigenous history. I only care and appreciate White history; the history of the People of Light.

Happy Columbus Day! Celebrating European, Italian, and Catholic exploration/discovery!

happy columbus day from a native american

If people want to celebrate 'indigenous people,' find an open day for a holiday. But that's not enough for the activists. They have to assault yet another icon.

Felice Christoforo Colombo Giorno.

Why can’t we just celebrate the great accomplishments of the European’s conquest of North America? Why celebrate the losers?


Why not pick another day, why eliminate Columbus day. Keep both !

This is Columbus day. Otherwise the country would still be living in teepees and continuous war between tribes.

They were a stone age culture. They never advanced beyond tie a rock to a stick. They never even figured out the wheel. Not much to celebrate there.

Italian Americans did more for the United States than any indigenous people did.They can have their day but leave Columbus alone.

Natives did nothing particularly historical that day.

'The history of indigenous communities'

There's no such thing as 'native'. Only previous.

I’m in

Some in my Indian tribe did dna, and it contained Pacific Islander and Asia markers. Indians haven’t always been here, but who knows if they displaced and decimated a population upon arrival.

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Also shout out to my man’s Cortes and Pizarro.

Happy ColumbusDay2022 !

Cool, do we get to pretend like there’s no centralized form of government, no national currency, no innovations in crop growing, enslave and murder etc., people from other towns, and not be subject to any federal laws in honor of how America was?

Happy Columbus Day!

Indigenous Italians Day? Columbian People's Day? Lighten up and lose the attitude. You cannot pretend that a bunch of 15th century warring tribes had or has any moral superiority.

Happy Columbus Day

Rejoice in the history!

Columbus was a great man, with balls the size of mountains

Only white people call for this. There are no coherent 'indigenous communities' as you believe and they sure as shit don't care about one day of the year.

Happy Columbus Day.

Thank you Columbus for your help bringing civilization across the Atlantic.

So, most folks get a month for awareness, native American folks get 1 day. Hmmmmm

God bless Christopher Columbus

I'm okay with changing Columbus Day. I mean that genocidal maniac never set foot in North America to begin with. He stumbled across the Caribbean in search of Asia.

Stop dehumanizing Italians

Again a bunch of white people fighting for someone else’s cause.

the first human beings to arrive in North America had come over a land bridge from Asia and Siberia approximately 13,000 to 13,500 years ago. These people, the first North Americans, were known as the Clovis people Don't that make 'em 'immigrants'?

Nope. It's Columbus day.

Native Americans migrated from Asia FYI

Italians should have Italian American Day. No one needs to honor a guy who stands for genocide.


Cool. Happy Columbus Day!!

Oh look another pseudo distraction to get your mind off the Terrible job the Joe Biden administration is doing.

Happy Columbus Day

Lol, natives bitching and crying again.

The American globalist handmaid Left gets up every morning beating about the collective head with some new destructive idea. WE The normal Ppl barely have time to work and family to defend out ideas, much less come up w/decent ones on our own. presskwhore

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