Good Samaritan Jumps Into Bay To Save Baby Ejected from Car After Bridge Crash

Good Samaritan Jumps Into Bay To Save Baby Ejected from Car After Bridge Crash

5/10/2021 12:38:00 AM

Good Samaritan Jumps Into Bay To Save Baby Ejected from Car After Bridge Crash

The “hero” label is thrown around very casually in the social media era, but in this case, you can’t say it enough. A tragic car accident on a bridge in Maryland left a car dangling over the guardr…

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I am terrified of heights myself. And bridges. And I can't swim. Would I have jumped? Without a second thought. I've got enough blubber to keep me warm and hopefully afloat. Heck, I almost drowned once rescuing a blind fawn from a lake. A child? Even if it meant dying, I'd try.

Good Samaritan speaks out after jumping 25 feet to save girl in Maryland bayAfter he was involved in a five-car collision with his daughter, Jonathan Bauer jumped from a bridge to save another girl who had fallen into the water. THANK YOU SIR.. God bless you forever I'm proud to say I'm among the people benefiting from trading, I got another $5,300 from an investment of $850 all thanks to Mabel_FX111. Contact her now. You aren't sending money to anyone so don't be scared.

Good Samaritan recounts saving toddler in Maryland bayJonathan Bauer and his 13-year-old daughter Ava were involved in a harrowing five-car collision on a Maryland bridge. After making sure his daughter was OK, Bauer jumped 25 feet from the bridge to save another girl who had been thrown into the water from a pickup truck. Bauer spoke out about the experience on Friday and said he was “grateful” everything lined up just right. NBC’s Ali Vitali reports for Weekend TODAY. alivitali A real hero! A blessing to him and his family! alivitali This man is a true hero! I used to live in OC and know that bridge the's a miracle he and the baby survived! God bless him 🌹✝️😊

Good Samaritan speaks out for first time after saving toddler who was ejected into Maryland bayJonathan Bauer, the good Samaritan who saved a 2-year-old girl by jumping 25 feet off a bridge into a Maryland bay last Sunday, is speaking out for the first time about the incident. Awesome ❤️ I know that bridge. People drive like assholes on it. Thank goodness for Jonathan 'Jack' (he'll go with it, surely) Bauer. That bridge and the other one in mid-OCMD are supposedly popular for jumpers. Frigging locals watch the traffic online to see 'excitement.'

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