Good news! Poverty drops to historic low after Biden relief

There has been a 45% drop in the country’s poverty rate and the poverty rate among children has dropped by 61%, largely due to the expansion of the child tax credit in President Biden’s Covid-19 relief bill, according to the New York Times.

7/30/2021 3:01:00 PM

There has been a 45% drop in the country’s poverty rate and the poverty rate among children has dropped by 61%, largely due to the expansion of the child tax credit in President Biden’s Covid-19 relief bill, according to the New York Times.

Trillions of dollars of coronavirus relief programs are expected to lift nearly 20 million Americans out of poverty. According to The New York Times, there has been a 45 percent drop in the country’s poverty rate. The poverty rate among children has dropped by 61 percent, largely due to the expansion of the child tax credit via Biden’s Covid-19 relief bill. Rep. Rosa DeLauro and The Nation’s Joan Walsh join MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss this historic drop in the poverty rate.

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So in one month, we have a quantified metric? Oh bullshit! Let’s see. The GOP will suddenly become debt hawks. The truth is they hate when money goes to people who will never become big donors and kick something back to them. Bull 💩 Ya really think it went to the kids? Waiting to hear the GQP give us the down side of falling child poverty.

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Not political when its about taking care of children. lies. I live in the impoverished birmingham ghetto. people still asking for cigarettes. Fuck I’m liberal but a one time payment ain’t gonna cure poverty this report seems like bullshit. And I’ve also seen locally east most patents are blowing that money on and it isn’t curing poverty either

good I aint seen shiiiiii 💰 👀 Paying the parents to be inexpensive daycare providers is an excellent use of public money. Could have used that myself after Dad died in 1979. thank goodness someone in washington gives a care about poor people. Check with 55+ low wage workers, whose wages haven’t changed, making our income DROP in essence.

Yea I think that’s more due to Trump than Biden!! That's where I like seeing some of OUR taxes go. Doing a good thing for Americans and their families.

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Sending billions out to the population will reduce poverty until the inflation it causes puts them right back to where they were before the checks. Dog will just chase it's tail until the dollar implodes. Say goodbye to the US of A. It's gone. Almost like giving people money to stay home actually reduces poverty after all, unfortunately that's not a sustainable means of reducing poverty. Short term gain, long term loss. Terrible economic policy.

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