Golfer Shoots And Kills Dog For Stealing His Ball: Police

Salil Zaveri fired several times at the animal on the golf course, cops said.

5/11/2021 4:45:00 PM

Salil Zaveri fired several times at the animal on the golf course, cops said.

Salil Zaveri fired several times at the animal on the golf course, cops said.

Authorities identified the man as Salil Zaveri and said the shooting occurred Saturday at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Resort in the north coastal town of Río Grande. Police said he used a 9mm gun to shoot the dog several times.Zaveri was released on $60,000 bond but his passport and driver’s license have been seized. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Zaveri is a sales and marketing consultant and the CEO of Zaveri Consulting, LLC.CBS News’ David Begnaud tweeted about the incident: Read more: HuffPost »

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Whish him a jail sentence, career crash and lifelong remorse for having killed (for a golf ball!) a defenseless dog that only wanted to play. asshole salilzaveri monster psychopath stopguns To kill a dog for a ball,shows the evil soul,it would have been so easy as well to have killed a human being .

Give him the ⚡️ 🪑 CancelStudentDebt What a disgusting animal with a gun So a dogs life is worth no more than a 55 cent golf ball Now that a dog gets killed white folks join in solidarity. Let the same happen to a black person. 'He/she must have deserved it.' 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’d kill him. The motherfucker didn't have any more balls in his bag?

White guy? It’s a dog, which means he’ll likely get more time because he didn’t shoot a black person. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Two police officers shot, suspect dead in San Luis ObispoPolice in San Luis Obispo said two police officers were shot while serving a search warrant and the suspect was killed.

Bloody hell, don't they vet gun owners for mental health issues? Obviously has a very short fuse if a dog nicking his ball sends him into a kill-rage. People will forget to grab their wallet when leaving out the door but won't forget that gun. Why would you see the need to golf with a gun? Total ban from the sport

His response to my text asking if he was having a good day. Let’s all send him a text! Why would anyone do this? This is a sad day for humans 😔 Why the hell is he carrying a gun on the golf course I always take my glock to golf resorts. You never know when you might have to pop a cap. This is just plain stupid. What the hell is wrong with our society?

Special place in hell for him – in the meantime, prison. That’s one horrible human being.

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A dangerous person for the society. Some jailtime, mandatory time helping in a dog shelter, and psychological therapy. Geez, what does he do if his kid spills his milk or his wife doesn’t have dinner ready on time? Killing a living being for a game...?! He should be given alive to a pack of starving wolves.

WTF is wrong with people? DISGUSTING! Deport him. arrest him for murder

7 Dead, Including Gunman, In Shooting At Birthday Party In Colorado SpringsAuthorities said a suspect entered a birthday party and shot several victims before shooting and killing himself. It's a democrat run state, this should be expected. Democrats voted specifically for more violence and lawlessness in their states. His name was DennisMullane Colorado's worst shooting since March 22nd. So 7 weeks ago. This is not American exceptionalism, it's just.... American.

6 people killed in Colorado birthday party shootingSix adults were killed early Sunday morning when a suspect opened fire at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, police said. The suspect, who was allegedly the boyfriend of one of the victims, took his own life, according to police. So this was a gay mass shooter? That's a first, isn't it? Thanks again GOP just for the record ‘merica: was he one of those “good guys with a gun” or one of the bad guys even though he probably had no beard or turban?

6 people were killed at a Colorado Springs birthday party. The suspected shooter is also deadSix people were killed in a shooting at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, Colorado, police say. The suspected shooter is also dead. Who had trailer park as the next location in Mass Shooter Bingo? YourAnonNewsESP Residente actualidadrt dw_espanol rtve france24 rt france24_es Pacifistacol CNNEE BarackObama JoeBiden ONU_es Declaracion BBCWorld ArchivaColombia SOSCOLOMBIA aseguralaevidencia CaliEnAlertaRoja This gun violence is becoming so routine it is imperceptible unless you or the people you care about are the victim(s).

If you can not control the gun they will keep on killing the people. FDA approved? 💊 maybe the guy just experienced some antidepressant side effects.. BlackBoxWarnings 🔫☠️