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Goldman Sachs sees gold soaring 9% in 2020 as Trump's trade-war and recession fears grip investors

Goldman Sachs sees gold soaring 9% in 2020 as Trump's trade-war and recession fears grip investors


Goldman Sachs sees gold soaring 9% in 2020 as Trump's trade-war and recession fears grip investors

The investment bank pointed to a host of reasons, even Modern Monetary Theory, as factors in its forecast.

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They been saying that for 10years at least 😴🇦🇷

Goldman raises 2020 oil price view on OPEC-led inventory tightness Gold man Sachs raised its oil price forecasts for 2020, citing tighter-than-expec... Perfect RSI reverse sentiment indicator - oil going below 50 in coming months

'We've gone this far': Farmers stick with Trump over trade'We've gone this far, we want to make sure we get a good deal': Farmers stick with President Trump over trade The end of the family farm. ТЕБЕ БУДЕТ НЕ ВЫГОДНО DJT: As soon as we figure out this toilet mess, we'll get on the trade issue. We'll study it strongly, and make sure it flows, and then, in a couple of weeks, it will be so easy to do. But we're studying it strongly and should have something in two weeks, stay tuned. thank you.

ISM Report On Manufacturing Is Not As Bad As Some Seem To ThinkThough several commentators viewed the recent ISM report as a sign of recession, the figures instead suggest stable but slow real growth going into 2020. We all know hundreds of thousands jobs are usually added prior to Thanksgiving / Christmas. The true picture will emerge in January.

Stock market crash guide from Goldman says lower returns for years - Business Insider Gold man Sachs just updated its definitive checklist for predicting stock market crashes — and its conclusion points to years of lower returns for investors

Opinion | Republicans Suppress Their Own VotersFrom WSJopinion: Today’s Republican Party demands fealty to Donald Trump rather than core beliefs and principles, writes WalshFreedom opinion WalshFreedom The Republican fringe-right Congress has become Putin's and Trump's disinformation, lies, and propaganda squad. The majority of Americans see it and understand Congress must act in order to protect the Constitution, rule of law and our country. opinion WalshFreedom Children in cages because of racist realDonaldTrump. opinion WalshFreedom Imagine that, a guy running against Trump with no chance in hell of winning is attacking Trump. And the fake news slobbering all over him as if his words mean anything.

Don't count out a 2020 rate hike: Wells Fargo's Michael SchumacherWells Fargo Securities' Michael Schumacher speculates November's blowout jobs report may signal the economy is stronger than the consensus thinks. trading Can't imagine them hiking rates during a global slowdown. trading Definitely would be a surprise. Some of those loading up on muni bonds and LEVERAGE would be on the wrong side of that bet if this were to happen. trading Good luck with that 😆 Wall St won’t allow it. Gotta keep that illusion going through elections.

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